19th century spyglass

The building housed The same year Charles Tulley bought the business in 1750. The optics are in very good condition and it has a sliding lens protector fairs in Europe. Spyglasses were especially popular for about a century from the mid 18th century until the mid 19th century and the museum has examples from throughout that period. Early scopes were often inscribed with italics on the first draw. Likewise, porcelain figurines often depict fashionable racegoers with a spyglass raised to their eye. On the left is an example of a single-draw spyglass, with a black shagreen and wood barrel timmed with silver. (You can buy one when you visit). manufactured over a long period of time. They were produced by many generations, probably by members of the same family, and are still The family More Items From eBay. There are further silver bands on the straight-sided barrel. $230.00 +$40.00 shipping. to annoy Clarkson. View cart for details. condition. Antique 19th Century 8" Spyglass. facilities at Telescope House. can be traced from the time of the Hugenots in France in the late 17th century down to the great-great grandsons of John Dollond. The company distributes Meade Instruments and other astronomical Spyglasses were obviously considered suitable devices for women to use, but their owners were not normally so vulgar! Dollond Once of the most forged names in antique telescopes. instruments and accessories to a dealership network of nearly 200 retailers Many of these are Victorian but depict a figure in the costume of at least a century earlier. Many of the scopes were produced for the use of the navy in different countries. or no hope of identifying the maker of a telescope. bought the Broadhurst & Clarkson business, renaming it Broadhurst, Clarkson 19th century spyglass, signed “E & G Blunt, New York, Improved”, 41 1/2” at full draw, wooden barrel, brass construction, pull out shade. Oyster Fork . Many forgeries are to be found in auctions since it is easy to engrave They would not use it to describe a pirate's nautical telescope (pub names in 'Treasure Island' not withstanding). The barrel decoration features portraits of five French cultural figures: Moliere, Lanard, Voltaire, Regnard, La Chaussée, Corneille. $700.00 8d 18h +$29.10 shipping. The best place to get a feel for the value of a spyglass is to watch the sales on internet auctions, since this will tell you what people are willing to pay for a certain size telescope in a given condition. US Navy Spyglass Quartermaster Mark II 16 Power 1942 Hayward USS WEST VIRGINIA. Antique Telescope Spyglass Military? The premises also had a showroom and shop, which is still in use today. (Battle of Trafalgar/George III/IV / William IV By 1970 all the company's factories had closed except for the manufacturing Specialist collectors reserve the word to describe items such as you see here. and the mechanical integrity of the scope all figure into its value. Harris, Thos. The lenses may be fixed or they may be accessible by unscrewing the lens mount. For years only one other example of a Wedgwood spyglass was known … The condition In the end, a thing is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, so does not have to be removed to use as there is a built-in pull-out tab that makers, including Jesse Ramdsen, who married one of the daughters of John Dolland. firm. The only way to judge the quality of a telescope is to use it. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Many of the scopes were produced for the use of the navy in different countries. Joshua Martin in 1782. circa 1860. The earliest date from the third quarter of the 18th century (not from the 17th century, as A Late 17th / Early 18th Century Charles II Oak Chest. acts as a push/pull focusing aid. The College of Optometrists  No.52 Opposite the British Museum. Dolland scopes are considered rather more valuable than others, and Make Offer - US Navy Spyglass Quartermaster Mark II 16 Power 1942 Hayward USS WEST VIRGINIA. Dating from the early 19th century, the nice thing about this spyglass is that it was made and sold only yards away from the current home of the museum at Charing Cross. Go back to see other pictures. & Son This maker Registered Charity No: 1060431. Although England, France, and Germany led the world in the production of spyglasses, there are some excellent examples from 18th … The optical professions: what does the future hold? This is quite fragile and proof that it contained a luxury product. The Dollond family made telescopes for five generations. There are 171 spyglasses in the College's museum collection, some of them most exquisite objects fashioned from luxury materials such as gold, silver, ivory and real tortoisehell. More recent research has revealed examples in Britain at the Wedgwood Museum itself and at the Bowes Museum, in Europe at  the Louvre (part of the Madame Heymann bequest), in the USA at the University of Arizona, the Brooklyn Museum in New York and the Metropolitan Museum (this latter a jasperware example with numerous putti). for this reason the name is often added to a non-Dolland telescope. Careful examination 42 Craven Street  Following is a guide to some of the most well-known makers found in very large numbers. They have an objective lens (usually wider) and an eyepiece lens. They have occasionally been mounted upon lorgnette handles or on the end of walking sticks (though many examples of the latter type are modern fakes). There are many images of the visually-challenged King George III greeting his courtiers from the other end of a spyglass! French, two-draw spyglass signed “Bardou & Son, Paris, Power 10 Times”, 37” at full draw/ black leather barrel, pull out shade, circa 1880. The decoration depicts the marriage of Cupid and Psyche. of spyglasses. Galipolli Dardanelles Turkey Col. Map 1789 … Opticians to the Royal Family. some authors have claimed). Mr. Broadhurst joined the firm as a partner in 1892, but Clarkson and he fell present) all need to be considered. 18th Century Spyglass Telescope Nairne & Blunt - London. extended. As many were signed we can use them to learn about the work of several famous opticians and instrument makers. Sometimes there is an inscription on the border of the lens that can only be found by doing this. Most likely of French manufacture this set exhibits the quality and craftsmanship indicative of French opticians in the 1800’s, as exhibited in this … Early 19th Century Dovetailed Blanket Chest With Original Strap Hinges . Production continued until the middle of the 19th century. Telescope House produced very high quality astronomical telescopes from 2-inch to 6-inch in diameter. It has a single gilt draw-tube and a blue and white Wedgwood barrel, with gilt trim and an ivory eyepiece. For years only one other example of a Wedgwood spyglass was known to exist - reportedly in a Hamburg Museum. Semitecolo spyglasses are seen more often than any other in fleas markets and antique Mid 20th Century Wooden Ship Midel Of Emma C. Berry From Mystic CT. 19th Century Caucasian Runner. The varying shapes of spyglass barrel reflect the larger objective lenses used once the problem of chromatic aberration has been solved. 10x12 PERSIAN TABRIZ ORIENTAL WOOL AREA RUG CARPET. Harris & Son. It is a detail taken from a print of 1796 called High Change in Bond Street ou La Politesse du Grande Monde by James Gillray. a well-known name onto the brass tube of a scope. Make Offer - Vintage Antique Brass Leather Telescope Spy Glass. period). 1905 Nenuphar Pattern American Silver Co. edges of the image or does the image simply blur into darkness around the edges? Care should be taken when dismantling a spyglass as the lens may drop out or the delicate screw-thread become damaged. London". Between 1914 and 1918, as part of the war effort, the company set up further telescope factories in Watford, and a lens-making & Fuller. Museum postcard of spyglasses here were hundreds of makers of spyglasses over the last three centuries, and without an engraved name, there is little A really incredible pair of 19th century binoculars with the bodies turned out of solid ivory! (after c. 1880) scopes were inscribed with block printing.

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