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He looked a decade older. “I realized I didn’t want to live that life,” he recalled. “ADX is a mental place, truthfully,” he said. She brushed him off, but he wouldn’t let it go. He had $9 in his pocket and no clue how to function in the free world. The next day, he went to a Walmart and realized how much the world had changed in the years he’d been away. Tuttamore’s brother and family are helping him out, and he’s reconnected with his 22-year-old son. Hallucinations, panique, dépression, certains développent un épisode psychotique ou catatonique, soigné à coups de molécules. That went on for years. The BOP already has plans for a new supermax facility in Thomson, Illinois, though there are currently no public discussions about closing ADX. That freedom went away in 2005, the year Tuttamore arrived, when two men were murdered in separate incidents, including one in an alleged Mexican Mafia hit. “I tied stuff around my neck, real tight, I tied a rope around my neck that I tore from my smock. “I just hide out in my house all day,” he said. Il s’agenouille ensuite sur le seuil afin qu’on entrave ses chevilles et qu’on lui fixe une « chaîne de ventre ». The police arrived minutes later to make the arrest. “I think you’ve done as much as you could do in that facility. In October 2009 the Washington Lawyers Committee, a non-profit in D.C., received a letter from a mentally ill ADX inmate pleading for help. Still, this haunted house takes horror to an element beyond Halloween mischief or Hollywood spectacle. He credits his wife Lisa, a woman he’s known since childhood, for saving him from going back to prison. That would blow the water down the pipes just far enough that the pipes were empty between you and your neighbor’s cell. Aro has offered assistance to others in various ways, including paying for transitional housing to keep one from being homeless. Retrouvez ici les informations au fil de la journée et... Pour associer votre compte PassMedia avec votre compte Paris Match en toute sécurité, validez votre email : la Fraternité aryenne, un gang de suprémacistes blancs, Selfie-Mérogis : les détenus racontent la prison, Election présidentielle : les Etats-Unis face à l'Histoire, Attentat de Vienne : l'assaillant condamné en 2019 pour avoir voulu rejoindre l'Etat islamique, Côte d'Ivoire : Le président sortant Alassane Ouattara réélu avec 94,27% des voix, Reconfinement : Cafouillage gouvernemental sur le couvre-feu à Paris, Hollande, Macron et... Julien Doré : Montebourg se lâche. Some engaged in self-harm at ADX just to be hospitalized so they could have contact with doctors, nurses, and non-prison staff. A spokesperson said the BOP couldn't comment on Bundy’s case or others due to privacy restrictions, but the official policy is that released inmates are provided “suitable clothing,” transportation, and “funds to use until he or she begins to receive funds.”. “There was a particular area in the disciplinary housing unit at the ADX that people at that time called the SHU,” Aro, who is based in Denver, said. Currence estimated that he’d asked the Bureau of Prisons for psychiatric treatment and therapy at least 100 times, but felt he never got much more than a brief conversation through a cell door with a shrink who acted more like a cop. Comment Report abuse. Real angry.”. They would pass the time playing chess, each man with his own set purchased from the commissary, calling out moves through the pipes. You feel it. ADX Florence, qui a coûté 60 millions de dollars, ouvre ses portes en 1994. A deposition taken by former ADX inmate Richie Hill in 2013. A Bonnier Corporation Company. Like, I just did almost 19 years in federal prison. Those who do well can be rewarded with funds on their commissary accounts, a big incentive since ADX prisoners are not allowed to earn money by working at a prison job. The white inmates could get them to bring in contraband, but the black inmates could never do that. The moment came during a deposition for a class-action lawsuit against the Bureau of Prisons, which had been going on since 2012 and came to involve 18 other inmates with severe mental illnesses. Then all of a sudden — BANG BANG BANG! Another former ADX inmate, Ismail Royer, said he witnessed two attempted murders in the step-down program that were “just the most brutal things I’ve ever seen in prison.” Royer, who was convicted of helping friends reach a militant training camp in Kashmir after 9/11, was released in 2016. He developed a painful lump on one of his testicles that went untreated for months. (Powers is now in a high-security mental health unit in Pennsylvania; he’s scheduled for release in 2022.). Florence is a culmination of our nation's fiercest threats -- but fortunately, they won't be penetrating those concrete barriers anytime soon. The institution is unofficially known as ADX Florence, or the "Alcatraz of the Rockies". She still wants answers about how and why Currence was let loose from supermax. “I love mountains,” Levasseur said. (Several letters I sent to current ADX inmates went unanswered, and the BOP would not confirm they were delivered.). A 2014 audit of BOP data found five cases of direct inmate releases from ADX, while a 2017 report by the DOJ’s inspector general found none, though investigators noted that they looked at a small sample size. Une soixantaine d’établissements Supermax fonctionnent aujourd’hui aux Etats-Unis, certains Etats isolant ainsi 5 % de leur population carcérale, et jusqu’à 12 % dans le Mississippi… sans que le niveau de violence dans les prisons générales en soit véritablement affecté. They were highly dysfunctional and many of them profoundly mentally ill.”, He met a man named John Jay Powers who “essentially destroyed his own body” over years. She no longer smokes in the park. They eventually contacted Aro’s high-powered corporate firm, Arnold & Porter, which takes on pro bono litigation, to help sue the BOP for violating the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition on “cruel and unusual punishment.”, Currence would come to take on a key role in the case as both a plaintiff and witness. By the time Currence had his deposition taken in 2016, ADX had already been cajoled through litigation into improving conditions for mentally ill prisoners. “I went there as a violent person, but leaving there I was 10 times more violent,” he said. Tout le monde marche au-dessus de moi. But the guards moved us apart, and not long after that they deemed me unfit for the program, saying that I had “failed to adjust.” So they sent me back to solitary after only six months in the program. He rides a bike around town because he’s afraid of driving. (Photo via Cunningham v. BOP). Les grilles et les 1 400 portes en acier, télécommandées électroniquement, s’ouvrent et se ferment à mesure que le cortège progresse. …I know that I've got those risk factors there, that if I don't get serious counseling or whatever, that I'm susceptible to go home — and I'm an extremist. Les habitants de Florence, enthousiasmés par la perspective de 800 emplois permanents et d’un millier de jobs temporaires, se cotisent pour acheter (160 000 dollars) les 240 hectares de terrain nécessaires à sa construction.

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