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He’s only half the size of Mervington now but not for long! His new breed, named for the state of its origin, was first shown in 1928 and a standard was accepted by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) in 1939. The Californian colouring is white with coloured ears, nose, legs and tail. and 12 lbs. If deprived of the company of their own species, they can become depressed and withdrawn. You will need to take your bunny to the vet regularly for teeth and nail trims. The Californian rabbit was shown to the American Rabbit Breeders Associations for the first time at one of its conventions in 1932 in Pittsburgh, PA. Walter and Agnes are the sweethearts who are always looking to greet anyone who wants to see them, gretta and Lynn were bought from a friend but didn’t get much social interaction… so they’re a work in progress;) but they are WONDERFUL breed of rabbit that many don’t like due to the fear of their adorable pink eyes. Consequently, they don’t thrive if kept in cooler temperatures. The Californian rabbit is easy to spot in a crowd, thanks to the breed’s size and signature coloration.

Remember, a healthy, fit rabbit will usually live longer than one who is fat and idle! Brown-gray agouti: The individual hairs of this color of rabbit are blue at the base (closest to the skin) then medium tan, charcoal, and finally tan at the tip. Although Californian rabbits do get along with guinea pigs, dogs and cats, provided they are all safely socialized, they will be happiest if kept in the company of their own species.

The BRC standard calls for a desired weight of 9.5 pounds (4.3 kg) with a minimum 7.5 pounds (3.4 kg), while ARBA accepts a maximum weight of 10.5 pounds (4.8 kg). Responsible breeders will be committed to maintaining recognized breed standards and raising Californian rabbits that are healthy and well-socialized. He’s 7 pounds, white with black feet, nose and ears. In the UK, other colour variations of blue, chocolate and lilac are accepted.

Himalayan is often shortened to Himi and Californian is often shortened to Cal. First, Himalayan rabbits were crossbred with standard Chinchilla rabbits.

Groom them more frequently during their three-monthly shedding periods. The Californian is a fairly large rabbit, usually weighing around 3.5-4.75kg (7-10lbs). Californian rabbits can live for between 5 and 10 years when kept as pets. Their offspring was then crossed with New Zealand rabbits. All bunnies thrive on companionship. This can leave your bunnies vulnerable to a nasty condition called fly strike (myiasis). Californian rabbits need plenty of room for exercise in order to prevent them from becoming overweight. These hairballs can slow down the gut, causing constipation and other associated health conditions.

However, rabbits and children can get along very well... - read more, Rabbits can be bought from a petshop or breeder or adopted from a rescue centre - the pitfalls of buying baby rabbits and advantages of adopting... - read more, Boyle's Pet Housing is a UK rabbit hutch manufacturer supporting rabbit welfare, Flicka shares her favourite 10 photos from 2013, Personalised artwork by Kelly Anderson raising funds for rabbits in need. Fly strike can be prevented by observing good hutch hygiene and by using a damp cloth to clean any soiled areas of fur that your bunnies can’t reach.

Californians are usually calm, good-natured and friendly making them an excellent choice of pet, especially for those with children. Be sure to provide your Californian bunny with plenty of hay and chew toys to help keep his teeth worn down naturally.

It was recognised by the ARBA in 1939 and in the USA only the black and white variety is accepted for showing. If you decide to welcome a pair of Californian rabbits into your life, it’s a good idea to choose siblings from a litter. Intermediate Bucks – Under 8 months of age, not over 9 pounds. As a quirk of breeding, the Californian bunny’s eyes are a striking pink color just like those of an albino rabbit. If you provide your Californian bunnies with an outside run where they can play on warm, sunny days, there is a chance that they could pick up ticks, fleas or worms. He was quite sick with GI Stasis but thankfully has pulled through and everything is moving normally now. What’s the Californian rabbit’s temperament like? General Description. House Rabbit Society, Viral Hemorrhagic Disease. Here are a few common health conditions that can affect Californian rabbits. Large breeds such as Californians can find grooming themselves awkward, especially if they become overweight. Even though Californian rabbits have short hair, they still need grooming once a week and more frequently when they’re shedding. But what’s so special about this breed of rabbit? In the UK, other colour variations of blue, chocolate and lilac are accepted. Check out the House Rabbit Society’s website for a list of areas in the US where myxomatosis is reportedly present. They advertise rabbits for adoption, sale and stud. One of the reasons that Californian rabbits are popular as pets is that they have a friendly, gentle nature. Himalayan and Californian are two alternate names for pointed white rabbits. How big do they get and how long do they live? Fly strike is caused by the green bottle fly (Lucilia sericata). You have entered an incorrect email address! By providing simple, reliable rabbit information in a library of documents and links, it is designed to be a useful resource for experienced rabbit owners as well as an easy way in for those new to rabbits. Viral hemorrhagic disease (VHD) is a highly contagious disease of rabbits that is caused by a calcivirus.

If you already have Californian rabbits, why not tell us about them? The Californian, also known as the California White, is a breed of domestic rabbit originally developed for the fur and meat industries by George S. West of Lynwood, California, starting in 1923. Californian. Minimum weight 5.5 pounds. The Californian rabbit was originally bred to live in a warm climate.

He’ll be officially mine tomorrow as the 7 day hold is up! If you live in the UK, look at Pets4Homes’ website. As a quirk of breeding, the Californian bunny’s eyes are a striking pink color just like those of an albino rabbit. They were developed, in Pasadena, CA, by Lewis H Salisbury in 1917 and then recognized as a new breed of domesticated rabbit by the ARBA in 1918. The lilac selection was created by blending the chocolate and blue Himalayans. There is no cure for myxomatosis. Just like people, rabbits can become obese if they eat too much and exercise too little. Before allowing your Californian bunnies to play outside, check with your vet that the disease is not prevalent in your area.

She loves to eat and run, she will jump on couch if I ask her to. The feet, including the nails are dark and the colouring runs well up the legs. The points on the legs run upwards towards the rabbit’s body, sometimes making it appear as though the bunny is wearing stockings! Baby Californian rabbits look just like round bundles of silky soft fluff, just begging to be petted! These days, Californian bunnies are still reared for their meat in some countries. Symptoms are usually very quick to appear and include: It is not uncommon for rabbits to die within 48 hours of contracting the disease, sometimes without showing any symptoms at all.

As they were originally bred to provide meat, baby Californian rabbits grow rapidly and tend to lay down plenty of “coverage,” which can easily lead to them becoming overweight.

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Rabbit health and welfare.

When handling your Californian rabbits, be sure to hold them correctly so that they feel safe and comfortable and don’t struggle or become distressed. and 12 lbs. We just took in a bunny as a foster from the ACO. The Californian rabbit, also known as the California White, is sure to draw curious glances from visitors to your home when your bunnies are out nibbling on your lawn or reclining in their hutch! It’s important to remember that all bunnies are prey animals. What Do Wild Rabbits Eat? Rabbits’ teeth grow throughout their lives.

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