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In Margaret Murray's 1931 book, God of the Witches, she posits that Herne the Hunter is a manifestation of Cernunnos. Shaftesbury, Dorset: Element Books Limited, 1994.

A proud warrior, he could fight back hordes of enemies with unmatched rage.


By Oak, Ash, & Thorn: Modern Celtic Shamanism. As Lord of the Dance He is present in the billions and billions of infinitely small movements that make up the seemingly chaotic Dance of Life, the Dance of Making and Unmaking. Like Her, Cernnunos is a Being or Power that existed before time and before the gods, the Shining Ones.

She is the author of Daily Spellbook for the Good Witch, Wicca Practical Magic and The Daily Spell Journal. In some traditions of Wicca, the cycle of seasons follows the relationship between the Horned God–Cernunnos–and the Goddess. The Cailleach was a mysterious ancient figure in Scottish and Irish lore.
He was later charmed himself by Caer Ibormeith, the woman of his dreams.

Other theories hold that she was a wind or earth goddess that looked after her nomadic tribe. He is connected with male animals, particularly the stag in rut, and this has led him to be associated with fertility and vegetation. Though he wears a human face his energy and his concerns are non-human. Herne and Pan and Every Man His branching antlers symbolize the spreading treetops of the forest as well as his animal nature. Carr-Gomm, Philip & Stephanie. During the fall, the Horned God dies, as the vegetation and land go dormant, and in the spring, at Imbolc, he is resurrected to impregnate the fertile goddess of the land. You can also decorate your altar with his symbols, such as leaves, shed antlers, moss, and fresh clean soil.

‘Pan is a proud celebration of the liberating power of male erotic energy in its purest and most beautiful form.’ (5) He is portrayed as playful and cunning, but He also has a darker, dangerous nature. New York: Simon & Schuster Inc., 1994.

He is Cernnunos: Father, Son, and Wild Spirit. As Master of the Sacrificial Hunt, His is the life that is given in service of new life. Shaftesbury, Dorest, United Kingdom: Element Books Limited, 1991. His wisdom is that the old must pass away to make way for the new. Nuada of the Silver-Hand was the first King of the Tuatha dé Danann, well liked and wise, yet he was forced to give up the throne after he lost his hand.

Major Deities. This is in part due to nineteenth-century paintings of Satan which included large, ram-like horns much like those of Cernunnos.

Depictions of Cernunnos are found in many parts of the British Isles and western Europe. Medb was the Queen of Connacht in the Ulster Cycle, whose passions and ambition put her well above most men in Ireland. Shaftesbury, Dorset, United Kingdom: Element Books Limited, 1995. Matthews, Caitlín and John. With his mighty antlers, Cernunnos is a protector of the forest and master of the hunt.

Cernunnos is a horned god found in Celtic mythology. Beckett says. Join Us Now It was from her that the tribe took its name. The way of Cernnunos is through the One.

Lugh of the Long Arm was a young Irish god who sought revenge for his father’s unjust death.

104, Spring 1994: 12-13, 49.

Naked, phallus erect, He wears a crown of antlers limned in green fire and twined with ivy. Aengus was the chief poet of the Tuatha dé Danann and son of the Dagda. While He is recognized most often through his connection to animals and our own deeply buried, dimly recalled, instinctual animal natures, Cernnunos is also a tree, forest, and vegetation god in his foliate aspect of The Green Man, Guardian of the Green World. He is truly the Life that never, never dies, for even as nothingness he is self-originating.

down in the dark, moist,

The Encyclopædia of Celtic Wisdom. She was portrayed both as a single entity and as three sisters who could issue terrifying prophecy and foretell the deaths of warriors and kings. Mabon celebrates the end of the harvest season and is a time to honor our wild nature and nature spirits. Tales of Brigid were told in every corner of Ireland, and aspects of her lived on in the figure of St. Brigid of Kildare. As an ever-growing archive, our mission is to catalog the world’s mythology on the web for all to enjoy. Here the mind is not supreme. He is a god of vegetation and trees in his aspect as the Green Man, and a god of lust and fertility when connected with Pan, the Greek satyr.

Matthews, Caitlín. Learn Religions uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Entranced, connecting the three worlds Earth, Sea, and Sky, and the worlds behind the worlds, the god and the Great Tree are One, His immense limbs widespread, stretching into distant sky and starry space. Cer-nu-noh-oh-oh-oh-os Anderson, William. Your every need will be catered for. The Celtic Shaman: A Handbook. God(s) Sources/Nature of Association: A: Glen Aven (and River Aven), Banffshire: Athfhinn ‘The very bright one.’ Said to be the wife of the legendary hero Fionn, she is said to have died in the river and gave her name to it. At the Sacred Centre, in the Grove of all Worlds, He sits with legs crossed beneath an ancient Oak. Because of his horns (and the occasional depiction of a large, erect phallus), Cernunnos has often been misinterpreted by fundamentalists as a symbol of Satan. Brigid, the Exalted One, was the Irish goddess of spring, fertility, and life.

Together they are First Mother and First Father, All Mother and All Father who brought the gods into being. The great hero of the Ulster Cycle, Cú Chulainn was a man of great passions whose skills were rarely matched in battle.

Patti Wigington is a pagan author, educator, and licensed clergy.

Greenwood Lord of Life and Death

But, He is much older still. London: The Aquarian Press, 1991.

(5 ) Zell, Morning Glory. Cern-nu-noh-oh-oh-oh-os She reigned over Imbolc, a winter holiday that marked the beginning of the Irish year. She says. Our prehistoric ancestors knew him as a shape-shifting, shamanic god of the Hunt. At the Sacred Centre, in the Grove of all Worlds, He sits with legs crossed beneath an ancient Oak.

At His feet is the great Cauldron from which the Five Rivers Flow. In this form he is called the “All Devourer.” However, Pan, as Protector of the Wilderness and as a god prone to fits of madness and violence, can induce panic or wild fear in those who threaten his domain. Today, many Pagan traditions honor Cernunnos as an aspect of the God, the embodiment of masculine energy and fertility and power. Stewart, R. J. The path to Cernnunos is both through the natural world: seeking out the wild places and a deep understanding of the processes of growth, bounty, decay, rest, and rebirth, and through Otherworld journeys to the Middleworld forest of which he is guardian. ‘Pan.’ Green Egg: A Journal of Awakening Earth Vol. In some traditions, he is seen as a god of death and dying, and takes the time to comfort the dead by singing to them on their way to the spirit world.

In this aspect it is said that he appears as Guardian of the Realm during times of National emergency and crisis. Pan, lusty Satyr god of the Greeks is another aspect of the Horned God. He is connected with male animals, particularly the stag in rut, and this has led him to be associated with fertility and vegetation. Lewes BN7 1DX St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 1995. (3) This image is derived from a carving on the Gunderstrup Cauldron, as well as other sources, however, I would like to note that Celtic scholar John Matthews in his book The Celtic Shaman states that he believes the image on the Gunderstrup cauldron to be that of a Celtic shaman and not the god Cernnunos.

Join Us Now (6). She clashed with King Conchobar of Ulster, grandfather of Cúchulain. Local deities were centered around nature worship, usually a local landscape feature, such as mountains, trees, or rivers. The Way of Merlin: The Prophet, the Goddess, and the Land ¬ Techniques of Transformation from the Merlin Tradition. Please see The Dingle Way and The Kerry Way and Guided Walks for further information. If your tradition calls for you to honor Cernunnos in ritual–especially around the season of the Beltane sabbat–be sure to read John Beckett's article at Patheos, The Cernunnos Ritual.
Through the forest stillness they come, whispering wings and secret glide, rustling leaves, and silent step, the first Ancestors, the Oldest Animals, to gather around Him: Blackbird, Keeper of the Gate; Stag of Seven Tines, Master of Time; Ancient Owl, Crone of the Night; Eagle, Lord of the Air, Eye of the Sun; and Salmon, Oldest of the Old, Wisest of the Wise leaping from the juncture of the Five Springs. Limitless and everlasting His energy permeates Her matter through every aspect of life to the sub-atomic. It is instinct, the innate wisdom of the body that guides us to Him. In addition to being the goddess of winter and old age, she was a trickster who assisted those dwelling in the harsh winters of the north. Because he is found only in Berkshire, and not in the rest of the Windsor Forest area, Herne is considered a "localized" god and could indeed be the Berkshire interpretation of Cernunnos. Famed for his beauty, as well as his powers of poetry and prophecy, the mythic Taliesin was based on a 6th century historical figure of the same name. The way of Cernnunos is the way of the shaman or any person who truly seeks Communion with the Land. In the mean time, stay safe. Cern-nu-noh-oh-oh-oh-os Corrigan, Ian. Cernnunos, as Master of the Wild Hunt, who pursues the souls of evil doers, is not associated with a biblical or even modern morality, but with the protection and continuance of the Land and Nature and the spirits that dwell therein.

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