corsair k55 how to turn on lights

Press and Hold the FN key and Press Numbers 1-6 to select preset colors. The Keyboard is divided into 3 Lighting parts, Left, Middle, Right- Left - is Keys G1-G6 to F4,5,R,F,V, and Space-bar which is 1/3 divided for the LEFT COLOR, and 2/3 MIDDLE COLOR. How to change color on a Corsair k55 RGB keyboard - YouTube - Middle - is Keys F5, 6, T, G, B, and the 2/3 of Space-bar, to, The Middle ends at F12, Backspace, / and | Key, Enter, Shift, CTRL. Those keys can be assigned to perform K55 RGB features 3-zone RGB backlighting and comes with 12 preconfi gured lighting … MACRO FUNCTIONS BACKLIGHTING MODES K55 RGB gaming keyboard has dedicated G1-G6 macro keys.

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