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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. 312 items from Super Cycle Magazine (includes out-of-stock items) Sort by: Exclude: Out-of-Stock Adult Date (YYYY or YYYYMM or YYYYMMDD): From To Super Cycle January 1977. Thanks for the comments Stu. 766 items from Cycle Magazine (includes out-of-stock items) Sort by: Exclude: Out-of-Stock Date (YYYY or YYYYMM or YYYYMMDD): From To Cycle January 1950. We use cookies and browser activity to improve your experience and personalize both the content and advertising you see. Cycle Guide tested Honda's gorgeous CB1100R in the Nov. 1981 issue. In the early 1990s, Anderson, Jennings, and Kevin Cameron (and others) founded "Wheelbase," a pioneering on-line subscription-based electronic magazine for motorcycle and car enthusiasts. Since I started reading Cycle Guide in the mid-80’s the thing I remember most was chroming their pick for bike of the year. He is credited with making the magazine successful through the 1970s and popularizing the comparison test format. I guess it all worked out in the end, but I forgot about it. Cycle … We’d gone from monthly to nine issues a year in the last year or two.”. As a magazine-format, space was limited and although road-race and off-road sport reportage was always present, Motor Cycle enjoyed a reputation more as a technically based periodical. “One day Peter Nicolaysen (publisher) came in and said, ‘Well guys, this is the last issue,’ and that was it,” Gingerelli said. Do you want to relive the great history of motorcycling, learn more about the amazing bikes and personalities that helped build the sport or simply find your name in the results section from races long ago? Paul Dean was showing me how they conducted tests and when it came to the 60-0 mph stopping test I was really at the peak of my racing and I guess I turned in a really impressive stopping distance. But the real star to emerge from Cycle Guide was a young west coast road racing champion named Dain Gingerelli. Originally Cycle Guide was intended for the do-it-yourself motorcycle rider and tinkerer, with detailed articles on how to work on your bike. ( Log Out /  During the Ziff-Davis years, Cycle was known for editorial integrity, technical expertise, and humor. “I think it was a bad ending for a lot of the people and that’s what they remembered.”, In the end Thompson said he is proud of what Cycle Guide was able to accomplish, especially given its financial constraints. Cycle was an American motorcycling enthusiast magazine, published from the early 1950s through the early 1990s. We’ve got to get together for lunch at the rib place here in town soon. Super Cycle February 1977. When I was in high school in the late seventies I was a subscriber to Cycle Guide. [3] Clymer owned Cycle until 1966, when he sold the publication to the New York-based publishing company Ziff-Davis Publications, which owned it through the mid-1980s. At some point there was an article written by one of the editors about his experiences in College. Change ), Indianapolis, Indiana In November of ’78 the new look Cycle Guide was introduced. In addition to being a journalist, he was also a successful motorcycle racer, best known for a much celebrated 1977 Daytona Superbike win on a Phil Schilling-tuned Ducati 750 Supersport nicknamed "Old Blue" and "the California Hot Rod." It worked. Cycle News - Archive Issues - 1990's Cycle News - Archive Issues - 2000's This collection includes all of our Cycle News - Archive Issues - 1970's Flipbooks [6] He was also editor-in-chief of Car and Driver Magazine, another Ziff-Davis publication, from 1970-1971. Setright, Ted West, George Larson and young up-and-coming photographers like Patrick Behar, David Dewhurst and Tom Riles. Below are a few FREE sample issues from each decade to show you what you can expect. Page 1 of 52 | Next. December 1950, Publication Date: And lastly, Cycle Guide gained a reputation for naming definitive winners in head-to-head tests. Magazines before generally presented one voice when giving the opinion of a motorcycle. I remember that article. Petersen sold Cycle to Floyd Clymer in July 1953. In the Archives of Cyclenews, select the edition you wish to view. In 1978 Cycle Guide’s owner George Dougherty, brought in Car and Driver’s executive editor Steve Thompson to do a complete overhaul of the magazine. (317) 852-6390 For example when Paul Dean (former Cycle Guide editor) was hired at Cycle World, we, at the time I was writing for him, went to Laredo (Texas, at the Uniroyal 5-mile test track) with the then new GSXR750 and captured six or 12, I don’t remember, FIM world speed records. Under Thompson’s guidance, and with the addition of some new editors, Cycle Guide took off and reached a circulation of 200,000 in February of 1981. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. And of course I eventually learned to race at Blackhawk Raceway 15 minutes away. Hachette Filipacchi closed Cycle in the early 1990s, much to the chagrin of its many fans. Gingerelli said it was that re-tooled Cycle Guide that came out in November of 1978 that really got him keyed up about the magazine. I’d forgotten about the chromed Motorcycles of the Year. 2017 © Rider Files, Cycle World » Tools for Fools, Cont’d—By Steve Thompson, AMA Racing Vintage National Dirt Track Championship Series will kick off during Bike Week. Among contributors was cartoonist Tom Medley, best known for Stroker McGurk; he would create an equivalent character, Flat Out Snodgrass, for Cycle. February 1950, Publication Date: Oh and Ed, you’re talking about Art Friedman. The roster of talented editors was deep for the number four motorcycle magazine. Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. The magazine was launched in 1967 by Kable News Company, one of the nation’s leading magazine distribution companies. They used full-page photos of motorcycles at speed from unique angles for the background of their contents page. Copyright 2020 CycleNews. It presented its articles in a block, in other words you didn’t have to go to the back of the magazine to finish an article. For nearly 50 years, Cycle News has covered the sport of motorcycling with a weekly magazine. At that time, the two magazines were consolidated under one publisher and advertising staff. It was as close as you could get to a four-stroke Formula One bike at the time. Through the ‘70s circulation actually began to drop. Jennings, a self-educated engineer and journalist, worked on and off as a technical and contributing editor for two decades after his editorship. Dean Adams of Superbike described it as "essentially what we know now as a web site, produced before the majority of the world was aware the Internet existed." Cycle February 1950. ( Log Out /  Also multiple editors gave their own mini-reviews of a motorcycle being tested and they could disagree with one another. Thompson said he felt that the magazine was very close to being killed and his hiring was a last-ditch effort by Dougherty to save the magazine. During its heyday, in the 1970s and 1980s, it had a circulation of more than 500,000 and was headquartered in Westlake Village, California, near the canyon roads of the Santa Monica Mountains, where Cycle's editors frequently road tested and photographed test bikes. All rights reserved. Home Cycle News Magazine Archives For nearly 50 years, Cycle News has covered the sport of motorcycling with a weekly magazine. Cycle News - Archive Issues - 1990's Cycle News - Archive Issues - 2000's This collection includes all of our Cycle News - Archive Issues - 1970's Flipbooks “I think the owner thought bicycle magazines were the future and they had just started one and I think he was just stretched too thin. Addeddate 2015-02-23 04:13:33 Google-id i8_7wR77B1UC Identifier bub_gb_i8_7wR77B1UC Identifier-ark ark:/13960/t5k96fz17 Ocr ABBYY FineReader 9.0 Pages 1703

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