damariscotta lake water quality 2020

The red lines on the histogram show data from one or more sampling stations for this lake – superimposed on the statewide distribution for the indicator.NOTE: Where data are identical for multiple stations, those station numbers will be superimposed on each other on the histograms and may thus be difficult to differentiate from each other. Damariscotta is a highly developed lake and is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiast. document.write('&\#115;&\#116;&\#101;&\#119;&\#97;&\#114;&\#100;&\#115;@&\#108;&\#97;&\#107;'+''+'&\#101;&\#115;&\#116;&\#101;&\#119;&\#97;&\#114;&\#100;&\#115;&\#77;&\#69;.&\#111;&\#114;&\#103;<\/a>'). ©2018 Midcoast Conservancy | Privacy Policy. Jefferson, Newcastle, Nobleboro, Lincoln, Maine MIDAS 5400. Avoid areas of high concentration such as scum lines along the shoreline in windy conditions. Playground and a large party covered area that you have. These charts display the values of water quality indicators for this lake, compared to the range of values seen across all of Maine’s surveyed lakes . Monitor and protect the Medomak River for water quality and to support the clamming and fishing economies of the river. It is also a popular location for club sponsored bass tournaments. It will likely will not spread from one bay to another, but water chemistry, and nutrient loading in the other bays may lead to presence of nuisance algae and cyanobacteria. For any questions, or if you spot this in Muscongus or Great Bay, please email Patricia at, When reporting any potential issues, please include where. [Rental relief program doubling monthly amount to help struggling Mainers during pandemic]. Every day we work to keep our lakes and rivers clean and reverse decades of damage. UPDATE: On Saturday, August 15th, Midcoast Conservancy staff and volunteers, along with Peter Countway of Bigelow Laboratory, were on the lake to collect water samples for analysis. Area (acres): 4686 Perimeter (miles): 1.8 Mean Depth (feet): 30 Max Depth (feet): 114 Delorme Page: 13 Fishery Type: Coldwater + Warmwater Invasive Aquatic Infestation: Hydrilla Water Quality: Above average … Additional information can be found on the state’s webpage: https://www.maine.gov/dep/water/lakes/cyanobacteria.html, For assistance with finding solutions to any of the above issues, please contact Midcoast Conservancy. A map of lake testing sites can be found here. A really nice beach that is very clean. Yellow diamonds display the mean values for this lake, as averaged across all sampling sites. more. According to the Maine CDC, that worker handled food at the Stillwater... ElderCare Network Network of Lincoln County’s Boothbay Green notified residents and their families by letter Oct. 23, the facility will be closing and the property put on the market Dec. 22. For any questions, or if you spot this in Muscongus or Great Bay, please email Patricia at railsbackmcc@midcoastconservancy.org or Linda Bacon at linda.c.bacon@maine.gov. The cases were found using rapid antigen tests, officials said. Soon, they became internet sensations. Thus it is more likely to be seen in late summer when lakes have warmed. On Saturday, Aug. 15, Dr. Peter Countway, senior research scientist at Bigelow Lab, joined Midcoast Conservancy staff and volunteers for a boat tour to observe and sample for cyanobacteria in the parts of the lake where the bacteria was seen earlier this week.

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