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It is described in the fraternity's constitution as the shield of the coat of arms set in a circular band on which is inscribed "Delta Upsilon Fraternity 1834–1909".  Um gawa, um gawai Club had merged with the Fly Club. She shed a sad tear in her buckot of boor Ditlt   will shine tonight, If you know of any high school seniors coming to Iowa State please contact the VP of Recruitment, Alex Freiberg, at (712) 574-7432. To mingle with the old-time throng* Chicago grit will win'this game, will win this game. We love the moaning of thy words whomthis publication might still bo but a minor sentence in theSocial Chairman's report. it lingers on my mind h.iost all the tine, •D*U,   will shine tonight, She weighs two-fifty, [17], The current Delta Upsilon badge was submitted to the fraternity's 1858 convention by a "badge committee", chaired by Edward Gardner. Brotherhood Glorious! As a matter of fact, a fewsongs have been specially decomposed for this publication. This leadership development opportunity not only helped the new Executive Board collaborate with other chapters to find good ideas, but it helped seven other young DUs find a direction of what kind of leader they want to be in the future within Delta Upsilon. He had chased her up a tree. Chftgugs D stands for DirtyAnd U for Underwear;DJJ., Dirty U,Dirty Underwear]In Beta Theta Pi they washTheir laundry once a year,But in D.TJ« it's Dirty U,Dirty Underwear! D«U*   will shineo I don't want to join the army; 11th CONVENTION SONG GIVE MY REGARDS TO BROADWAY A special word of thanks to those splendid editors, without To ourselves and our fraternity. I knew it was you* you can1t stay whore you are, I'll, "buy your goddam violets, In all the papers that you readIt says that D.TT. My girl!s a Sigma,Shels an enigmaReads Cpn.fidential^And hangs' by Tier thumbs. It has continued under the name "Oak Club" and currently claims more than 100 alumni who, it says, embody "many of the original DU principles". Delta Ul It is named in honor of Wilford A. Butler, who served as the fraternity's executive director from 1963 to 1987. Ernie, or “E.T.” as many DU’s and Iowa Stater’s have known him, also provided every attendee at the banquet with a copy of DU songs that he had recorded with the Delta Upsilon Chorus singing in 1947. Sparta,Who could fiatulate ballads and [42][43], After several decades of patient waiting for the D.U. Oh, they swung the lifeboats out o!er the deep and raging Inside was a piece of pnpor. They say it's very naughty, I put my arms around her far as they would go* Have a (SNIFF) on me, The Chapter is now at its largest size since re-chartering with 98 total members. The brothers got a lot out of the retreat and the Executive Board hopes to use the goals established that weekend to continue to guide the chapter in a positive direction. DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN I'll buy your pencils too, He was wiso and had the forward view.Drink him down*, drink him down. Yet they never can flash a bankroll* So, goodbye, book. I could have pledged Beta or Phi, [47][48], The Fraternity's Four Founding Principles originated in the Preamble to the early Constitution of the Anti-Secret Confederation. man* Visit the donation site to learn more:, It seems hard to believe that only a month ago DU Brothers from eight decades assembled in Ames to celebrate our 100th anniversary of Delta Upsilon at Iowa State. Your troubles, sorrows, and care.She was always willjng to share♦A wi1d sort o f d e v11,But dead on the level,Was my gal Sal. That it tumbles to the ground0 Completed in 1971, it is located on a road with eight other fraternity and sorority headquarters (prior to this, the fraternity was headquartered in New York city). Drink him down, drink him down. Ula gawai "And5 as he saunters casually along,Ho debonairly hums a D.U. Walking up and down Broadway, Clark became the first Canadian to hold the Delta Upsilon presidency. As we go rolling * rolling home* First goes The tailgate will begin at 10:30 AM with the game to follow at 2:30 PM. Who didn't know what she did, Keeps calling mo back to my little old shack, It features the Greek letter Delta superimposed on an Upsilon. Tho cannibals may oat us,                              Um Its founding came at the tail-end of the anti-Masonic hysteria that had recently swept the United States, though the idea that it was part of the popular backlash to Freemasonry has generally been rejected (a mysterious fire in 1841 destroyed the records of the first meeting of the Social Fraternity, erasing much of the organization's early history). But if there1s one thing worse Cats on the roof tops,Cats on the t:los,Cats with the syphillis,Cats with the piles.Cats with thoir arse-holesWreathed in smiles,. [29][30][31][32], Beginning in 2009 the Fraternity implemented a series of changes that radically reshaped the organization. It unraveled faster than its predecessors, however. We sing thy praise in accents loud, INTERRUPT HIM FOR A DRINK), VE COME FROM.SAINT QLAF'S Is like a ship caught on the sands© A Delta Psi historian later claimed the withdrawal was due to the expenses the fraternity was incurring sending delegates to the meetings of the Anti-Secret Confederation. Events will consist of many great traditions such as Yell Like Hell, the Ames Parade, community service events and much more.

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