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Do the same in reverse, started with the 3rd Inversion moving toward the Root Position. Once you can play the scale using the 4 way close, then drop the second note and go through the scale again. To help you master drop 2 chords I have written out three comping studies that exclusively use drop 2 chords. First of all, you need to find a section of a jazz standard that would be suitable for drop 2 harmonisation. For example, if you find a stepwise melody over F Major chord. The Drop 2 piano chord voicing will become your friend very quickly if you just give yourself a fair amount of time acquainting yourself with it. <> It sounds great! %PDF-1.3 After practicing this you should then be comfortable with the voicing shapes and ready to add the interesting drop 2 textures into your playing, Watch The Full 27 Minute Tutorial Sign In or Join Now, UK & Europe: +44 808 196 2012 Once you have found a suitable application, make note of the chord and then play the four way close for the whole scale. "��먖�ʺ�&��E���!�� �p���N�����|���C� �2Jr� ��\D�w�++�fe�����e��f��������N�����6����V[0Xʤ�C0=�%!��0��A�� @5?��8!

Cmaj7 – Chord 1. Drop 2 Piano Voicings.pdf.

Join PianoGroove Pro to access all downloads and learning resources. Required fields are marked *. %�쏢 Explore, experiment, and have a ball with it all! Keep in mind that when the top note of the voicing is the melody note, you have a perfect match!

Half-dimished Drop II Voicings & Strings 2-5 Note also that B-7(b5)=D-6=G9(no root)=Db(b9/b13) (no root) RECOMMENDED EXERCISES: 1) Take a chord voicing & inversion on strings 1-4 & play all the chord types (Maj7, Dom7 ...) Repeat for every inversion. Keep it up! The Drop 2 Chord Voicing creates a more textured and sophisticated sound that the Four Way Close and can be heard extensively in the recordings of Bill Evans, Barry Harris and many others. Download theory supplements, midi files, chord changes and full note-for-note transcriptions of every lesson. Drop 2 Voicings are similar to the Four Way Close but instead of doubling the melody note an octave down in your left, instead we ‘drop’ the second note from the top and play this in out left hand. In this case, it happens to be G.  Move the G one octave lower, which results in it being the lowest member of the voicing: It becomes a two-hand piano chord voicing. A favorite among pro piano stylists is the Drop 2 piano chord voicing. B Voicing of Gdom7. Lesson 61: Drop 2 Voicing PDF. A Voicing vs Drop 2 voicing of Gdom7. Sign In. Like Someone In Love is one of the great jazz standards.

In this lesson I am going to explain what drop 2 voicings are, how to construct them and then how to practice drop 2 voicings so that you are familiar with them in all 12 keys. Below are the A & B voicings of chord 5 and their respective drop 2 voicings. However, when used in conjunction with other Drop 2 positions, it really sounds rather impressive. In the last lesson we introduced the 4 Way Close which is a simpler version of drop 2 and will help you understand the construction and application of the drop 2 voicings covered in this lesson. Each of these comping studies is arranged in order of difficultly. Compare the original Cma7 basic chord structure with this Drop 2 chord voicing and listen!

5 0 obj I definitely love this website.

From learning these studies, you will see how drop 2’s can be … It is a very easy voicing to understand and implement. x��[[�e5.n�n(��q\����^�~�M����T�>0>P�ŹȠ��7�O�/�ε�V��>S� Lesson 61: Drop 2 Voicing mp3 sing along. The tune is written in the key of Eb Major and follows a 32 measure A1 – B1 – A2 – B2 form. We’ll also talk about how you can spot opportunities to harmonise the melodies of Jazz Standards using drop 2 voicings and also look at ways that these voicings can be used to create movement over static harmonies and melodies.

One nice thing about working with a chord voicing is that, no matter what order you play the notes in, a strong melody ensues. Then turn these chord positions into Drop 2 chord voicings and listen to what you get. Your email address will not be published.

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