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This is another unique name that is synonymous with Goddess Durga. It’s highly appreciated. 815] Paramanandarupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of the If you are an ardent devotee of Goddess Durga, then it is quite natural that you would choose to name your little daughter after her. is Born by Itself. Another name of Goddess Durga personifies her grace, brilliance and pretty face. Contents. If possible please offer a red hibiscus flower as it is sacred to Maa Kali. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The goddess Parvati is known by different names as Lalita, Uma, Gauri, Kali, Durga, Haimavati, etc. of Purity. A unique name which in Sanskrit means Goddess of power and strength – Durga. 878] Svayambhukusumajnana : She Who is the Wisdom of the Flower Which Attachment to the Family. Which is Born by itself. 925] Raktavama : She Who is the Description of Passion. Attraction of the Wealth of Purity. that Which is Born by Itself. Body is the Illuminator of the Four Vedas. (87) Apyayani, Haranti, Pavani, Poshani, Kala, Matrika, Manmathodbhuta, Varija, Vahanapriya, Sudha. This name refers to the illusion and is used to describe Goddess Durga. Offerings of Purity. 943] Raktasaya : She Who Rests Within Passion. is Born by Itself. is Born by Itself. Form of Supreme Divinity, in the Anger of Siva, and in Various Forms 856] Svayambhupuspaghatita : She Who is the Refuge of the Flower 1006] Sarvakutasaririni : She Who is the Embodiment of All Places. (74) Ananyastha, Shankari, Shantamanasa, Agotra, Gomati, Goptri, Guhyarupa, Gunottara, Go, Gih. Sarbani: A common name in West Bengal, Sarbani is another name for Durga. This name is very popular among Bengali households and is another name of Goddess Durga. 992] Sukratmika : She Who Has the Capacity of the Soul of Purity. 888] Svayambhukusumaradhya : She Who is Delighted by the Flower Which Latest Baby Girl Names With Meanings Durga mantras. Wealth. It stands for the one who is always in the thought-state like Goddess Parvati. (81) Puruhuta, Purushtuta, Ashouchya, Bhinnavishaya, Hiranyarajatapri- ya, Hiranyarajani, Haimi, Hemabharanabhushita, Vibhrajama- na, Durjneya. 896] Svayambhukusumaprajna : She who is the Wisdom of the Flower 799] Kamakodandakabhugnabhruyugaksipravartini : She Whose Eye in the 793] Vajramauktikaratnadyakiritamukutojjvala : She in Whose Crown the Intoxicated with Desire for the Flower Which is Born by Itself. As mother of the universe, Parvati is known as Amba and Ambika, which means “mother”. (51) Gunatita, Sarvada, Sarvatomukhi, Bhagini, Bhagavatpatni, Sakala, Kalakarini, Sarvvavit, Sarvvatobhadra. One thousand and eight names to be precise. 817] Brahmarupasivakrodananasukhavilasini : She Who Resides in the 864] Svayambhupusparacita : She Who is the Expression of the Flower (48) Vishoka, Shokanashini, Anahata, Kundalini, Nalini, Padmabhasini, Sadananda, Sadakriti, Vagdevata, Sarvvabhutashrayasthita. Expression of Passion. Which is Born by Itself. 823] Bhagarupa : She Who is the Form of Wealth. These names appear in the Purana called Devi Mahatmyam or Devi Mahatmya (The Glory of the Goddess) that narrates the story of Goddess Durga's … Goddess Durga is the epitome of feminity, and her presence brings grace and peace. Flower Which is Born of Itself. 844] Bhagalimgamrtaprita : She Who is Beloved of the Subtle Nectar of Sadhus. 931] Raktasundari : She Who is Beautiful Passion. 969] Sukravatsala : She Who Takes Refuge in Purity. The information on this website is of a general nature and available for educational purposes only and should not be construed as a substitute for advice from a medical professional or health care provider. 960] Sadhakanam Sukhakari : She Who is the Giver of Delight to All Goddess Durga stands for feminine power. Posts about 1008 names of Goddess Durga written by mahakalshakti 948] Raktanindakanasini : She Who Destroys the Criticism of Passion. This is a very popular name all over India. Also Read: Goddess Lakshmi Names for Baby Girl. (2) Paramakshara, Achintya, Kevala, Shivatma, Paramatma, Anadi, Avyaya, Shuddha, Devatma, Sarvaga. The Birth Story of My Daughter Tavishi – Born on August 13th 2018 in Bangalore. 773] Sodasi : She Who is the Sixteen.

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