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Application Procedure (E38 ECM) To apply the enhancement to your PCM please use the following procedure. Virtual Torque is a system that calculates how much Torque the engine is making at a given operating condition.

The first in the line was the P01, which was used through about 2003, with the best models denoted as an 0411, usually pronounced. PARTS INCLUDED: E38 ECM w/ PROGRAMMING. PAY ATTENTION, for whatever reason, TRUCK and CAMARO have two pins swapped on gas pedal, D and F

Requires an EFI 58x™ SBC Conversion.

The AWD Trailblazer SS transfer case has no shift functions or any module controls. These modules are the more desirable versions of the preceding P01 due to a processor upgrade performed by GM. :D I know it has been done in a pickup truck(E38) and there were a few ECM/OS/module issues that I am not sure I can work through with the E67 versus the E38. The Shop that did the Tranny Swap could not convert the PCM, now it's up to us. The GM T42 4L80e TCM (Transmission Control Module) is coupled with an E38 or E40 ECM when using a newer style 58x computer with a older transmission in your LS based swap.

harness. For my H0160 in the ECM, the "drivetrain type" is Not Defined. Should be similar for 4.8L 6.2L applications.

Upgrading fuel injectors to something with a higher flow rate is a must in most performance applications. ), BLOCKS A PSI ECM is a great addition to your PSI Harness as they are tuned specifically for your set up!

The challenge every good tuner has - and one we constantly work to overcome when teaching our students how to tune, is the variety of changes that these ECMs have experienced over the years.

Just finished a LS3/4L80E swap into a 68 Chevelle.

:( The truck will come with a E67 ECM.

NEEDED. I put a 6L80e (with its T43) behind an E38 ECM with an OS designed to work with a 4L60e/T42. If requirements are for 4 oxygen How is this all going? Therefore, the GEN 5 computer knows how much Torque it is making, how much Torque the limit is, and with driver demand tables how much Torque it should be targeting.

One of the primary differences between the GM GEN 3 and 4 ECMs are how they estimate airflow using VE Tables. 11, Connector Color: E40s are strictly found in 2005 and 2006 LS powered cars.

In the early years of this computer, they did control a few LS2 engines, but they are primarily used for LS3s, LSAs, LS9s, and V8 truck and SUV engines. Truck is a Stock 5.3L 2008 Silverado, Procharger with a 4L80E Trans. Therefore, GM had to come up with a way to calculate it.

Removed Vats and took out the rear ox sensors and all purge items. The problem went away after loading the correct OS into the ECM (one designed for the 6L80e). I loaded a 2013 corvette tune and a 2008-09 Express van tune.

BLOCKS Hi guys, Need some help, looking for a tune file out of any car that has an E38 ECU, T42 TCM and with a 4L80E Transmission.

PAY ATTENTION, for whatever reason, TRUCK and

For example, if the Maximum Torque Limit 1st gear Table says that at 2,000 RPM the engine cannot exceed 243 foot-pounds of Torque, but the computer calculates that the engine is making more Torque than that, the computer will take measures to bring the Torque down to the 243 foot-pound limit. Yes the T43/E38 pair tend to be very fussy when you least expect it.

Thank you. The importance of matching the TCM to the ECM As a general guideline you will want to match the ECU to the TCM.The easiest way to describe it is if you have a 6L80E that came out of a 2009 silverado you would want to match it up with a 2009 engine calibration E38 ECU part number 12625455. Have a Customer Truck that he bought out of state.

Below is an example of a GEN 4 VVE Table, represented using air in grams/sec/sec, temperature corrected to Kelvin, as well as multiple camshaft angles.

If you are familiar with a typical GEN 4 computer and how its Torque management functions, you will quickly notice stark differences in the E78. Need some help on 09 5.3 / 6L80e and e38, transmission from 6L80e to 4L80e wiring schematic diagram, If this is your first visit, be sure to I am kinda waiting for someone else to do it first.

Soon GM is coming out with a Gen IV 5.3L(LH8 ) equipped Canyon/Colorado. Copyright © 2020 EFI Connection, LLC. Both GEN 4s and GEN 5s utilize a system called 'Virtual Torque.'. scott28. Based on that number, the computer knows how long to open the fuel injectors to achieve the desired air/ fuel ratio.

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BLOCKS HIGHLIGHTED LIKE THIS, ARE WIRES THAT ARE NEEDED, AND GO TO EXTERNAL CONNECTION FOR STAND ALONE I have also highlighted the 6 wires used to connect to the gas pedal.

These modules first originated in trucks and SUVs, but you will also find them in 2003 to 2005 Corvettes, as well as 2004 GTOs. Car starts and runs great, but when putting it in reverse or any gear besides park or neutral, it will idle up 300 rpm higher than programed for about 6-8 seconds than the idle it is programed to.

Because of their widespread use for so many years, odds are you will spend much of the time working with E38s. I'm not sure if any of the platforms that run an E67 and have the correct communication options to work with the G8 modules. By looking at the Driver Demand Tables, the ECM can map the amount of Torque at a given RPM or Vehicle Speed. Just finished a LS3/4L80E swap into a 68 Chevelle. GM is really doing that? WIRES THAT ARE NOT HIGHLIGHTED REMAIN UN If the GEN 5 computer you are dealing with is older than 2017, then it is an E92. This is a much more robust system which was required when the engines evolved to include features such as variable camshaft controls. Should be similar for 4.8L 6.2L applications. Latest Fairmont Microsquirt 2 V3 tune running fuel and spark reading off the stock crank trigger. See the illustration below for an example of the supercharger controls in the E67. The E67 computer was introduced In 2009 with supercharged 6.2 liter LSA in Cadillac CTS-Vs and LS9s powering the Corvette ZR1s. The TrailBlazer platform uses it too and the 24239927 TCM OS is the factory 08 TrailBlazer OS for 4L70E.

I am jumping ahead, there are still no '08 E67/T43 setups that would work I don't think right?

While the E38 has these tabs and settings, they are not used in its applications.

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Does the 4WD have a lo 4 setting?

Even with its limited applications, the E78 had significant implications for what was to come. For the most part, things worked fine, but there was one big bug- the engine would go into reduced power mode every now and then.

If I can find the link I'll post it.

When prompted, save the file under a new name something like "XYZ_2bar.bin". The ECM just needs to send RPM and load info to the TCM so I don't think the e38 cares between the 90e and the 80e.

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