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Share confidential news tips with The Post, U.S. undertook cyber operation against Iran as part of effort to secure the 2020 election, Hospitals being hit in coordinated, targeted ransomware attack from Russian-speaking criminals, Overstating the foreign threat to elections poses its own risks, U.S. officials and experts say, U.S. sanctions Russian lab that built what experts say is potentially the world’s deadliest hacking tool, Russia remains more potent threat of election interference despite administration focus on Iran, U.S. government concludes Iran was behind threatening emails sent to Democrats, U.S. agencies mount major effort to prevent Russian interference in the election even though Trump downplays threat, U.S. charges Russian intelligence officers in several high-profile cyberattacks, White House was warned Giuliani was target of Russian intelligence operation to feed misinformation to Trump, Microsoft seeks to disrupt Russian criminal botnet it fears could seek to sow confusion in the presidential election, Society of American Business Editors and Writers enterprise award 2009, for the story "Banking Regulator Played Advocate over Enforcer", Daily Californian Alumni Association Alumna of the Year, 2017, Pulitzer Prize for reporting on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, 2018. A senior CISA official said much the same thing with respect to 2016. ity/cybercom-targets-iran-election-interference/2020/11/03/aa0c9790-1e11-11eb-ba21-f2f001f0554b_story.html?tid=ss_tw, US ran cyberoperation against Iran to secure election, officials say. The action came in response to the IRGC contractors' gambit two weeks ago to send threatening emails to American voters while posing as Proud Boys Trump supporters. Telizhenko worked for the Ukrainian prosecutor general’s office in Kyiv before moving to Washington in 2015 and getting a job at the Ukraine embassy. The software giant won a court order to seize servers used by TrickBot, a network of infected computers that could have been used to lock up systems crucial to delivering election results. Nakashima began her journalism career at The Hartford Courant and The Quincy Patriot Ledger, before joining The Washington Post as a reporter in 1995. Follow. Later that year, he began discussions with Giuliani. While Bill Clinton's rise is a story of obstacles overcome, Gore's ascendance seems the opposite: the son of political aristocracy reared by loving and demanding parents who groomed him as a princeling to reach the top. She joined The … Family Background, Parents & Marriage : Education : Career, Salary & Net… Read More »Juliet Eilperin Wikipedia ( Washington Post )

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