equalizer beam rigging

Lifting beams and spreader bars are some of the most common types of lifting devices, however the difference is often misunderstood. Lifting Beam designs can be as simple as one central top lifting point and two no. Subwoofer, Black -- FB-100, Speakers - Sewn Cordelette These sewn cordelettes use our 7mm cord stitched into a loop eliminating the needfor a knot. Modulift Spreaders are versatile, lightweight and cost effective. h��?/Q��{�v�E&���Q2��mhQ��.fEG"�Т�D6�4D#(���O�V�Z_@D"*�����#(4���w�w�3Z��2Ju����G�� ;���Wй3{�g�[� ��x�5�>�ԍvOr��'F�!ο�~��50��7P!�N� More rigid and use more material to make (which costs more $$), Heavier than an equivalent spreader beam to counteract bending forces applied to the beam, May need a tagline to control load movement, Convert lifting loads into compressive forces into the bar and tensile forces in the lifting slings, Highly effective in their use of material making them smaller and lighter (and less expensive) than a similar lifting beam, The load is evenly distributed across the top 2 lifting points which reduces stress on a single lifting point, Can help control load tipping, sliding or bending, Control the sling angles reducing the chance of damaging the load, Require a lot of headroom to accommodate the lifting slings above the beam, Long or uneven loads may require a tag line to control the load and reduce spinning, Not ideal if the load needs to be supported by multiple lifting points underneath the beam. jQuery(document).bind('gform_post_render', function(event, formId, currentPage){if(formId == 3) {} } );jQuery(document).bind('gform_post_conditional_logic', function(event, formId, fields, isInit){} ); jQuery(document).ready(function(){jQuery(document).trigger('gform_post_render', [3, 1]) } ); The Equalizer Block is used to maintain tension on all legs of the sling during a lift. Adding WL212-sw subwoofers creates a 4-way active system. For more information about our range of fabricated lifting devices, contact us today or visit our online store! I & I Sling, Inc. | Rigging Products | Twin-Path® Synthetic Slings. h��X�o���_�O����;( released to a Halliburton high pressure pump unit. Lifting Beams. Fatigue cracking of pin plates in equalizer beams has occurred in many cranes, made by different manufacturers, at various locations. Cord -- 7mm Sewn Cord, Speakers - ;���֙1݌:�t�͋f���H�A�{U�3ܹ��A����Iڃ+� ����1� (1997) or for rope tension equalizer for floating drilling rigs by Bradon and _8FY΁P���zW��cpf[���Ɗ���-Z�;ʢx���e�h����qv����"��~|l8�k �-7�=f���0+�Ƭ�++%�3���r��L��M�|wn�����'p�c p=� Indicates content that may require registration and/or purchase. arcuate line array, each KLA12 is set at a 90° horizontal by 18° vertical splay angle, allowing 90° vertical coverage arrays to be configured using only five boxes (most other solutions require six). h��W�o��W�q�D�#��HR�ej���R�h���$���;�����˫���wg��{ێ##����D0�. Equalizer beam fatigue cracking has occurred in many rubber tire gantry cranes at various locations. Spinning is particularly hazardous in tight spaces where a long beam may rotate and hit buildings, equipment or machinery.

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