equatorial guinea national animal

The shrews and solenodons closely resemble mice while the moles are stout-bodied burrowers. There are many things to know about this unique country. Like the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa, Equatorial Guinea suffers from the "curse of natural wealth". It has an area of 2,000 square kilometers with 105 different mammal species with primates taking a giant share. The species does not meet any of the criteria that would categorise it as risking extinction but it is likely to do so in the future. Equatorial Guinea is the smallest African country to be a member of the United Nations. Archived from the original on 27 April 2007 "Animal Diversity Web". Bat species account for about 20% of all mammals. No reasonable doubt that the last individual has died. Equatorial Guinea is one of the richest countries in Africa. All four species are endangered. Some, like DRC, Mauritania, and former Sudan occupied the size almost enough to fit in entire Western Europe. Species which were the focus of conservation programmes and may have moved into a higher risk category if that programme was discontinued. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. It is a country with per capita income bigger than that of the UK yet a majority of its citizens survive on less than a dollar a day. They are the mammals most fully adapted to aquatic life with a spindle-shaped nearly hairless body, protected by a thick layer of blubber, and forelimbs and tail modified to provide propulsion underwater. The Western powers, who are always so eager to tout democracy as a pretext to get rid of unpleasant regimes, seem to have swallowed a silent conspiracy to keep him on as they benefit from the rich oil exploits. Thanks for subscribing! Another must-read: 12 Interesting Facts About Guinea-Bissau, You can get in touch with us on support@afrikanza.com. Teodoro Obiang, the current president, is one of the longest-serving presidents in Africa. Equatorial Guinea is famed for its pristine beaches. University of … Yet, despite its small size, it holds natural wealth that supersedes those of many large countries. Known only to survive in captivity or as a naturalized populations well outside its previous range. Monte Alen National Park is the largest park and protected area. Freedom House, the respected US think tank, places Equatorial Guinea alongside Burma, North Korea and Somalia on its list of the world's worst regimes, a … This page was last edited on 16 March 2020, at 16:11. Another Must Read: Oil Producing Countries. African Civet. The species is facing a high risk of extinction in the wild. The majority of its small population lives in abject poverty. The Equatorial Guinea national football team, nicknamed Nzalang Nacional, represents Equatorial Guinea in international football and is controlled by the Equatoguinean Football Federation, a member of the Confederation of African Football (CAF).. The flag of Equatorial Guinea was officially adopted on October 12, 1968. They are native to Africa and the Middle East. A silk cotton tree is centered on a silver shield.

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