essay on being late army

Each unit is also tasked missions. Being a professional really means doing what it takes to allow my peers and co-workers to know me as reliable, respectful and competent. Another part of professionalism is appearance. We’ve all been subject to powers beyond our control - talking tedious traffic jams and utterly disruptive train strikes But never plan to be late because you think your stuff is more important than other's, that's simply rude and inconsiderate. I think the army is like a long chain. It is important to be on time for work because it shows that you are dedicated in the things that you do and it can help you in moving up in your field of work. This offense in the eyes of the army can be found in article 87 of the uniform code of military justice. This paper is going to briefly explain each of the three parts, with emphasis on ‘time’. I desire to be a great soldier and I desire to excel inside military. Taking a... StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes. If I was not at the formation, or meeting, or wherever this information was presented I did not recieve it. Being in the military means a person will follow the orders of those appointed over them and are willing to risk their lives for the United States of America. Being in the military requires dedication, unwavering perseverance, and simply the ability to follow orders. Being UA in the military violates article 86 of the UCMJ. Margaret Thatcher’s Achievements as Prime Minister in the Years 1979-1990 Were Limited. The Economies of Less Developed Countries Essay, Market Entry Strategy Selection in China Essay, Responsibility in the Army for a Solider Essay. I would continue on with my day, clueless to the message. Each piece of the sentence seems arbitrary, even self-explanatory, but for some it is difficult of to execute. Some of the most important maxims of army life include, being punctual, always prepared and of course, being able to manage your time in an effective manner. It's almost guaranteed to stunt your career as it's often taken into account when it comes to deciding who to promote or to hire and even who to count as a real friend. If someone were to read the middle of the novel, without reading anything prior to that, then they would probably make the assumption that he went to a great college, continued on to grad school, gained work experience, and applied himself to make his way up in society. Essay about Case 8-3 Isol -Global Value Chain Logistics Case Analysis, Understand Different Approaches to the Use of Counselling Skills, Essay on Compare and Contrast Two Mental Illnesses. The Importance of Communications and Being on time by PFC Jenkins The importance of not being late shows that you have not discipline and respect for being a solider in the army. Another part of professionalism is appearance. Think of it this way: Being late for 30 minutes while having 10 people waiting for you actually means 30 times 10, which is 300. Steps to take to avoid or prevent tardiness. So it can be said that every aspect of a soldiers life, both in garrison, and in the theater of battle should resemble each other. The appropriate uniform for the occasion, cleanliness and maintaing customs and courtesies. Soldier’s books are handed out, calendars are easily accessible and not to forget Outlook and all the possibilities there. It would seem juvenile to some that going to the wrong place, regardless if in the required attire, even 15 minutes early! First let us learn the definition of “Unauthorized Absence” (or “AWOL” in the Air Force/Army). I would like to be promoted and awarded medals and praise. ...In today's army, being on time can be a paramount activity. 5 April 2013 He doesn’t think into things too much and is actually very blunt.

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