fivem inventory icons

Redid G36K icon. Added a bunch of new guns (too many to list). Oof.. yeah, definitely agree just something I haven't gotten around to/kind of forgotten. ~ 3/24/2019 ~ Added SMG-12. Blocked  - The idea is blocked. Added P225 and P220. Added KSVK. Added Ashot. Added ResMod weapons (SABR, Phoenix .500 & Anubis .45). Added Prototype Vector. Redid VP70 (and added akimbo) icon. ~ 3/20/2019 ~ ~ 1/22/2019 ~ ~ 9/12/2019 ~ ~ 2/6/2020 ~ Added missing Gingerbread Shotgun icon. Added KE7. Initial release.||. Added Abzats 12G. ~ 1/15/2020 ~ Corrected image resolution on MP40 icon. All our products are legal and our brand is listed! ~ 4/5/2020 ~ or where can i get them etc. Added Bandit Rifle and TF2 Minigun. 58P icons. Redid CZ 75 Auto (and added akimbo) icon. ~ 2/1/2020 ~ Redid MSBS icon. ~ 2/8/2019 ~ Added Bren Ten and IDW. ~ 6/29/2019 ~ ~ 10/24/2019 ~ Please feel free to continue commenting and voting, as we may reconsider in the future. Added ACR-C, MDR-C and Scarborough Fair. How would you go about implementing this idea? Added USP, Lee-Enfield and several april fools weapons. Redid ST AR-15 icon. ~ 12/7/2019 ~ Redid Contender and Type 89 icons. ~ 3/26/2020 ~ Added M6G Magnum and Glock 19. Added Vladof Rifle. Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? Redid AUG A3 9mm XS icon. Added Mossberg Centerfire. Progress  - The idea is currently being implemented. Added Steyr Elite. Added >:3's icons. ~ 4/3/2020 ~ Added N4 Diplomat. ~ 3/5/2019 ~ Added Guerilla .308. Redid MPX icon. Added TF2 Rocket Launcher. Added Micro Desert Eagle and the Vanilla Mod Pack weapons. Added ST AR-15. ~ 1/28/2020 ~ 3,545,000+ Free vector icons in SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS format or as ICON FONT. Added Hornet .300 from VMP Volume 2. (List each in new line) None. Redid Q Honey Badger icons. ~ 12/28/2018 ~ Redid K31 icon. ~ 10/11/2020 ~ ~ 9/25/2020 ~ ~ 1/23/2020 ~ ~ 1/13/2020 ~ ~ 1/18/2019 ~ ~ 4/14/2020 ~ ~ 10/10/2019 ~ Redid Browning HP icon. ~ 3/10/2019 ~ Redid Galil ACE 7.62 icon. Added Samurai Edge. Added Derringer. Added SMG-45. Redid IDW icons. Added several april fools weapons. ~ 4/8/2020 ~ Added [i]force[/i] parameter on AK-74, AK-47, AK-101, AK-9 and Degle to load icons properly. ~ 6/26/2019 ~ ~ 1/24/2020 ~ Required fields are marked *. Added Moonraker Laser and MG36. Open  - The idea is now open for comments and votes. Added TF2 Revolver. ~ 5/25/2019 ~ Added Doomstick. ~ 1/25/2019 ~ Added kden's Remington RSASS icon. Redid MDR, Maxim 9 and Welrod icons. Redid FD338, FNP-45, G36K, Merkel Drilling, SAI GRY and PTRS-41 icons. Added XM214-A Minigun from Serious Sam Character Pack. Added BOSG 12.2. Replaces the default black-&-white inventory icons of add-on weapons with colored ones to resemble FedNet icons. ~ 10/26/2019 ~ Rejected  - The idea has been rejected. Add more icons/.png's for items in the inventory What are the advantages? ~ 1/28/2019 ~ An addon inventory must be configured in the database before using it. Redid TT-33, OTs-14-4A Groza and Mk14 EBR icons. ~ 6/12/2019 ~ Added GiTS:SACFAO M4A1. 2016-2019 © Roleplayworks - All Rights Reserved Added AK-12. Thanks! Thousands of free icons in the largest database of free vector icons! Added akimbo icon for VMP's Crosskill Classic. Added S&W Model 27. Added Saritch .308. Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? Redid Type 38 icon. Long Term  - The idea has been marked as 'long term'. ~ 6/27/2019 ~ Then send it to yourself, or a friend, with a link to retrieve it at any time. ~ 6/16/2019 ~ Added L22A2. And it's just to improve the quality of the servers. Redid PLR-16 and Vepr-12 icons. ~ 2/27/2019 ~ ~ 6/17/2020 ~ ~ 4/4/2019 ~ Will be easier to drag things to (USE), (GIVE), or (DROP). Redid R5 icon. Added Q Honey Badger Primary. Added TKPD Storm. FiveM is a game service, uses **game files** of GTA V however little to no GTA Online files. Redid Abzats and Bastard icons. Added Mamba 5.56 from VMP. Redid AEK-971 and Marlin M1894 icons. Closed  - The idea has been closed for other reasons. ~ 2/20/2019 ~ ~ 1/13/2019 ~ ~ 2/19/2020 ~ Empty cart. Redid Honey Badger icon again. Fixed typo on Wunderwaffe DG-2 file name. ~ 8/29/2019 ~

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