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The Zhanhu is a playable hero class in For Honor. Though he needs something to discourage players from spamming side dodge attack and light spam. B Tier is the most balanced tier in my opinion. In the midst of war, I breathe fire. The only reason why Shinobi is above Nuxia? Why? Yet my blade burns stronger! And yes, the damage nerfs hit her hard. Passive | Gain moderate Damage reduction. He has way too much hyper armour, and is way too common to just ignore. As key representatives of the Wu Lin Emperors, the Zhanhu would consider their lives forfeit, subservient to the will of their leaders. (85 dmg). The weakest A Tier in my opinion. Overall a pretty strong character. Literally translated, it means "my sword has no eyes." They were duty-bound to execute the Emperors' decrees at any cost. 1 month ago by Emperor Fantasy. For Honor Tier List … B Tier: These heroes are viable options. Zhanhu would also be in this tier. His good against bad/inexperienced players like Centurion. Besides...not many are playing him from what I have seen. He does his job to the utmost perfection. Just a simple speed change on his defensive lights is honestly the key in my opinion. Now he is rewarded for offense and defense. Tier Descriptions. Her feats are also wack. Overall, her kit is strong and should be High A Tier, but she is not play all too much from my experience, and many don't play her well. The Home of For Honor on Reddit! Centurion - Gladiator - Black Prior - Warmonger. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. A very strong defender, with not the best offensive kit. A Tier is a little less balanced and are n the stronger side of things. Passive | Drop a high Damage grenade when you die. He's okay in 1v1's, but he's very strong in 4's, with great pressure thanks to unblockable light finishers. Changdao - A single-bladed Chinese greatsword that requires great skill and patience to wield, but rewards prowess with devastating strikes. Nuxia is better I have them both rep 5 and I've never lost playing against zhanhu in any game mode seeing as how u can hit him out of every one of his slow ass attacks. While maybe not the strongest duelist in the book, his anti-gank is amazing, which matters a lot considering I mostly play Dominion. I reap their flames! This list also assumes single pick, because otherwise only one character would even be relevant, and many characters would be artificially stronger from having duplicates of themselves on their team. Figuratively, it means their sword does not discriminate, thus not showing any mercy. He is a harasser, and his kit makes this obvious. by Emperor FantasyUpdated 1 month ago, For Honor's Faction War has never been a massive part of... 0 comments. Zhanhu has a bit of pressure from his finishers so he’s better than nuxia for sure. In my opinion. Berserker is the best in A Tier. However, he is also rather difficult to play, which makes his absurdity somewhat balanced. The Light Finisher line is a Chinese figure of speech. You absolutely HAVE to know what he does next, or you are eating a heavy or having your spine crushed. 125 You may not really be doing well. Fu Huo Stamina And with the damage nerfs, her strongest asset was weakened by far, and makes it not worth it - unless its getting your stamina back. As masters of artillery, they have devised various feats to burn the enemy and wreck havoc on the battlefield. This has since been fixed. Worse than Nuxia. However, some of these characters need some tweeks. Each gamemode has different gameplay goals, thus different playstyle categories, causing different Heroes to be suited better or worse between gamemodes. The first part is the figure of speech mentioned above for Light Finishers. But he is too common, and too many people still spam and make predictable plays. Maybe reworks! While it can be used as an encouragement, in this context it is mocking the opponent by saying that more was expected, beckoning the opponent to strike harder (if they can). D Tier: These heroes are … Here is a Tier List for For Honor's four playable factions to help you decide. The hat the Zhanhu wears in their default outfit is called a. Nuxia is actually decent in duels and has lots of utility in 4v4 but zhanhu sucks in every gamemode. New Mechanic- Zhanhu's Ambition- When hitting an enemy that is stunned, Zhanhu gains back 4x the amount of stamina it cost him to make that attack.---my thoughts---The idea of this rework was to make Zhanhu high tier and fun to play. Passive | Gain a temporary buff after a successful attack. Hitokiri. However, some of these characters need some tweeks. Upon introduction, in-game displays stated that he had the Vanguard Renown Gain modifier, although the Zhanhu was correctly affected by the Hybrid modifiers. You're playing against bad Zhanhus, then. As a spoken line, it refers to a hit that is on the mark. But I don't many Shaolin, and even moreso, any GOOD Shaolin. Bottom 3. Zhanhu would also be in this tier. If the target was already burning, it explodes for additional damage. General Information S Tier is the overpowered section, with some nerfs needed to make it fair. Her kit? They were duty-bound to execute the Emperors' decrees at any cost. Centurion. ?%. Health Passive | Gain Health & Stamina when you kill another hero. For Honor Tier List Description. These skilled swordmasters prefer light cuirasses or lamellar armors that do not hinder their mobility. Shaolin. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Its a strong, balanced kit. Gender A Tier: These are great heroes to play and should be included. For Honor is a Third-Person Fighting Game, developed and published by … Practically useless in any given fight, and her traps don't work 7 times out of 10. A good character with plenty of options. Male/Female People who try to option select your unblockable mixup can very easily be thrown off the loop by feinting the unblockable into a dodge attack. The Zhanhu of today are the true masters of artillery. For the Subduing Counterblow line, the phrase means "use all your strength" when literally translated. With that, his playstyle is just as a good ganker and ledger. Wu Lin The Zhanhu of today are the true masters of artillery. Faction(s) Though the official website says the Zhanhu do not wear heavy armor as to not restrict mobility, realistically heavy armor does not significantly affect the wearer's mobility as they are usually made to restrict as little mobility while also providing as much protection.

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