gaggia classic pro opv

I wouldn’t call this having a fake price, it will just have been a decision they made, I’d assume, based on the quantity of the old stock that they still had available, while only having a very limited stock of the new model initially. Don’t be fooled. I’m quite happy to replace gearboxes, and rebuild cylinder heads, so wasn’t fazed by the idea of replacing the sealing ring between the portafilter and boiler, but totally shocked by the palava they built into doing so. I have had my original Classic for at least 15 years and it has served me well, occasionally needing to source a new wand of handle but my husband’s regular maintenance and descaling efforts (we live in a hard water area) has kept it fabulously fit for purpose. Build the perfect coffee bar and make sure it stays that way with a state of the art water filtration system. The home barista market consists of people who see coffee as a hobby, and are happy to invest a considerable amount of time and money into upgrading their skills and their equipment, to gain a continual improvement in the quality of the coffee they’re able to make. I'll echo other comments, the mrshades kit is great. Was I impressed with the coffee? Are you able to sell them here? You might want to see what you can do without tinkering, although that being said if you do, please update how it goes. Interesting re the RI9403/18 model. This new machine costs more to build, therefore it costs more to buy. Galvanized steel does have a protective coating against rust, it’s dipped in zinc and that coating will protect it from the elements which allows rust to develop. I’ve been reading as many reviews as I can – this will be my first espresso machine and I want to learn as much as I can in the meantime; however, one thing keeps cropping up and is niggling away. If you can get a machine from a soft water area (as I did) there’s a lot less chance that the machine will be suffering from any limescale issues. The manufacturer appoints official distributors in each country, folk are free to bypass the official distribution channel, and if they do so usually they can get the product cheaper, but they need to keep in mind that there are drawbacks. Looking forward to my new arrival , Thanks Colleen, that’s very nice of you :-). The non adjustable OPV is in there for 'safety'. Speaking of size, the 2015 classic featured a larger (200ml vs 130ml), stainless steel boiler. In order to keep the company going, and keep his team in jobs, Raj formed Caffe Shop Ltd, bought the business including the Gaggia shops, and continued to run Gaggia Direct via the new company, as the sole UK distributor for Gaggia Milano. It heats up in about 45 seconds, there’s a lower profile drip tray available, its easier to see the water level in the tank, and personally I think just the rounding off of the front of the standard drip tray makes the new classic slightly more aesthetically pleasing. Texture milk for a velvety microfoam perfect for latte art with the new commercial steam wand. Whilst I appreciate that you say this is not a sponsored review for Gaggia Direct or Caffe Shop, I must point out that it comes across as such. Backflushing. The original Gaggia classic was made in Italy, had the the 3 way solenoid valve, all brass group and full sized 58mm portafilter, and really was built to last, proven by the fact that there are still so many of the pre 2009 original classics still going strong, it really was a stonking machine for the money. If you open a case with Amazon to return, they’ll sort it. You got the classic and the Baratza encore for £50. The best service with the best selection of products. The only negative I can see with the Lux is that they’ve made it more as an all rounder rather than an espresso specialist grinder. Got really stuck into it – I’ve just bought a second hand Gaggia Classic for £50 (including the baratza encore grinder!) Other than this, I’ve always seen the Classic as a prosumer home barista Espresso machine. The only issue at this point is that the other parts of the machine including the group and the portafilter, won’t be up to the desired temp and the flowing Espresso with the first couple of shots would be cooled down as a result. The MC2 has stepless adjustment via a worm dial, which means you can make super fine grind adjustments, which is perfect for espresso, but not great as an all rounder grinder that will be used for various brew methods. Info and talk for Gaggia owners and people interested in Gaggia espresso makers including the Gaggia Classic. Required fields are marked *. I have seen only 1 other thread months ago saying that the new Pro does not have a adjustable OPV. I know it may seem strange to put the conclusion of a post at the beginning, but I thought this may be helpful for anyone who just wanted to quickly find out what I thought, overall, of the new Gaggia Classic 2018/19, and that is, that in my humble opinion, it is not just as good, but even better, than the highly acclaimed original Gaggia classic. No doubt in time I’ll look to upgrade to a more capable grinder but if it’s not really up to the job with the Gaggia Classic in the first place I wonder if I’d be wasting the best part of £400? Learn how your comment data is processed. This came to a head with the 2015 model, which had push buttons instead of rocker switches, a mechanical valve instead of the 3 way solenoid valve, a couple of plastic bits that were previously metal, lower power, and a panarello steam wand that was much more difficult to modify. I spoke Raj Beadle, the owner of Caffe Shop Ltd, Gaggia distributor in the UK (he was the MD of Gaggia UK until the Phillips takeover), to see if I could get a loan unit for a week or so to work on a user review, and unfortunately they had completely sold out of all the UK stock of this machine. Thanks for your kind comment - and I'm happy to help if/when/as I can. To get at it, you have to remove the top of the machine 2 screws), disconnect and label the wiring (lots of it! Feel free to message me here too. The only thing to note is that I did often find it difficult to tell what the level was by looking at the tank, probably due to the lighting in our kitchen. They’re almost the exact same machine, but with a coloured body. until 2009 when Phillips took over Gaggia & things began to change. The drip tray on the new classic has a rounded off front edge, which I think is a slightly nicer look. Join the Gaggia North America community and enjoy exclusive benefits. But when purchasing an electrical appliance such as an Espresso machine, we really need to think about who the after-sales support and service will be handled by, and what kind of experience we’re likely to have when it comes to it. The engineer I met there, who had a look at my 2003 classic for me (which I’ll come to shortly), told me he’d been with them since 1989 – and his level of experience with these machines were clear when he knew just from the sound that my steam knob was making when being turned, that the steam valve needed replacing. Great blog, very informative. The front edge of the drip tray is rounded off which I think is a good thing, it’s only a small touch but I think it makes the machine look slightly more modern. What do you think? The issues you had with flow rate – this simply sounds like too fine a grind, if the grind is too fine you’ll choke the machine, same is true of any espresso machine. I've been a classic owner for close to six months now and have been going back and forth about ordering your PID kit. Flippin ‘eck that was a deal! In my opinion, the 2015 model better suits the domestic market. It has a proper boiler, not a thermocoil or thermoblock. MrShades I'd like to get your #1 spring kit. Click here to check if the 2015 is still on offer. Brew expert espresso with the commercial-style 58 mm portafilter and the included commercial single and double shot baskets. THE HOME OF GAGGIA CLASSIC MODS. The E92 offers an powerful, yet delicate, low-speed grinder for minimal heat transfer and all the tools a barista might need. Yes, I thought it may come across as such, given that it’s such a positive glowing review, that’s why I added the disclaimer to assure readers that it’s not a sponsored post of any kind. Thanks Christopher Let me know what you think about the new Classic. In my experience, all steam tips are usable, some are just a bit more work than others. I have an old Gaggia that I purchased in 1994. Have you got your new classic? So all you need to do in order to help bring the other parts up to temp is to run some hot water through the group with the portafilter inserted. Cool to see the MrShades join Reddit himself! But after 2009, things began to change, they “messed” with a machine that most users agree didn’t need to be messed with. Not only does it work great but he even helped me with some dumb issues that I had that were my own fault and he had listed in the directions to lookout for. It does froth milk well, providing you don’t wait quite long enough for it to tell you it’s ready to do so. I have seen only 1 other thread months ago saying that the new Pro does not have a adjustable OPV. Your thoughts would be very much appreciated! Keeps telling me to "cool down" or something.... agh! The drip tray on the Europiccola is almost non existent, and any water dripping from the steam wand has a tendency to drip down under the drip tray and make it float – so I do appreciate the drip tray on the classic. If you’re buying based on price, and you find a deal better than Gaggia Direct, I’d just recommend that you spend 5 minutes checking trust pilot reviews, Google & Facebook reviews, you may well save yourself some potential aggravation. Re pricing, as I said in the review, I do believe that the price will drop in time – and I do expect to see it eventually at around £300. Gaggia create a descaler which is made specifically for their domestic machines, so It’s worthwhile using this – or at least contacting them to ask if the descaler you’re planning on using is compatible, and isn’t going to cause any damage. My 2003 classic will probably go strong for years now – especially given that from now on it’ll probably only get occasional use.

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