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They’re just asses! I hope there's an afterlife so I can see you again and tell you that. I’m like Tinkerbell, if I don’t get attention I die,’ she says, laughing.

‘For 48 hours, they knew he was dead, they just couldn’t tell me. Our best wishes for a productive day. Gene is such a child!

I'm from the States. I mean, I would never pay to stay in the home of someone who behaved like Babe and Bondi, Brent and Leroy, Serena and Sturt, or Mikey and Shay—no matter how nice the home was. I look chubby, but the weight loss, it came from my fiance passing away,’ Shay reveals. If he’s watching me, he’d be like: “Go girl!”’ Shay shares. I think they didn't have an additional couple b/c most IHs don't have enough bedrooms and the sleeping on the sofa bit made it awkward to score. - by Ali Cromarty 15 Nov 2017 Babe and Bondi, the outspoken, colourful and fun-loving mother-daughter duo on Instant Hotel, made a splash when they hit our screens last week. Contestants in Instant Hotel. If the Mom and Son had adjusted their pricing for the finale, I would have had more respect for them. Arguably the most memorable of the Instant Hotel bunch are married couple Gene Pierson, 73, and Sharon Salvestrin, 45. If you guessed the URL, then you guessed wrong – oops! I'd much rather stay in the penthouse and line the pockets of nice people, than stay in a jungle oasis and give rotten folks a penny. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Interested fans can book the property on their website or DM them on the locale's Instagram. A Subreddit dedicated to the Australian Reality TV Show. "The thing I love most about the property is the view," Justin told 7plus. Either you jump in the grave with him, or you live.” So I auditioned for Instant Hotel – that was my way of living.’. "There is no place like this in the world, offering both luxury accommodation and complete privacy. A Subreddit dedicated to the Australian Reality TV Show. And I don't understand why Juliet loved the bright pink at J&L's but then made such a big deal about the pink and yellow at Gene and Sharon's. They could use another couple. This couple is from the town of Bellenden Ker, Queensland, per 7plus, and the property featured in Instant Hotel is their Misty Mountain Resort. Yes!!! But it should be classified as a resort or something... they had golf carts ffs!!

On the other hand, I would pay to stay in the places of lovely couples, even if the home weren't that nice. What they should do, to prevent people from not playing nicely in effort to boost their own scores, is what they do on "Four Weddings". I wish someone with more technical prowess than I would make a gay montage of them. ‘I came to a point very early on in my fiance’s passing, where I had to sit down with myself and say: 'Shay, either you stop living, because right now you’re not living.

So, do we know what's happened to booking rates? save hide report. He’s wicked funny though best part of the show, More posts from the InstantHotel community. As someone who finished the series, the last two episodes were kinda bullshit. I hope Debbie and Justin but probably not because of Gene and Sharon, I really can’t stand them. Appearing alongside her close friend Mikey on Instant Hotel, Shay is the embodiment of confidence and self- assuredness. Thank you. It was gorgeous, absolutely!!

Its called fashion sweetie look it up!!! Based on a couple articles I read, Luke quit because he hated the hostility and bickering in season 1. Next post » « Previous post; Tags: House Rules, Instant Hotel, My Kitchen Rules, The X Factor, Today Tonight. True. The rainforest couple hit it smack on the head when they commented that the emotional mother/son comments were manipulation tactics in their own rights. I like Laurence, but the way that Laurence and Juliet couldn't get past "oh hey look our clothes match the walls!" You can book their cave of wonders on Airbnb, where Razz is considered a Superhost (but that should be obvious as soon as you hear her infectious laugh). They were terrible to other people, and terrible in their scoring. Book the 125 Hall Street location for your next adventure down under on the Sydney Hotels Collection site, here. I hope Debbie and Justin but probably not because of Gene and Sharon, I really can’t stand them. No digging. And then she blatantly LIED when called out.

Meet former pop star Gene and his diva wife of Instant Hotel.

A Subreddit dedicated to the Australian Reality TV Show. At the beach shack, there was a predominating Indian theme and the colors made it fun and didn't fight with the rest of the surroundings, I miss the 2 group format though, I liked the different groups mixing for the last eps. We offer a private chef, massages or any other special request.". The show was good fun, even though the designers weren’t professionals. but really? She turned her 100+ day bf's house into a reflection of her style. Mark is an opal miner, but he was sure to say in their intro video, "Razz is the biggest gem I've ever found." :):). Season 2 is definitely rushed. Gene and Sharon think because they have money means they have class...but they don’t!

Mostly just because Gene and Sharon were complete monsters. The judges were wined and dined by only one of the final couples.

and unlikely his less-than-3-months GF designed it just now. Back at home in Sydney, Shay spent 48 hours after her fiance’s death believing he went missing. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Hopefully Debbie's love of dachshunds (or "sausage dogs," as they call them) won't be a dealbreaker for the other contestants. I agree with you 100%!!!! It might have come close to winning the second series but watching the finale, it was quite a relief to not see Gene and Sharon take the prize. The reality star looks amazing!

Instant Hotel's second season hits Netflix on Friday, and as fun as it is to kick back on the couch, take in all those gorgeous homes, and soak up the petty infighting, you might find yourself wishing you could book the Instant Hotel Season 2 properties yourself. Completely insufferable. I can’t stand how they always get everything their way. Misty Mountains Resort is 45 minutes south of Cairns, according to their 7plus bio, and is their holiday home. Do they represent the normal Australian population or did the producers intentionally picked people who are little eccentric to make the show interesting. Please try searching instead. But she says her fiance will always be in her heart. There was nothing they could do.’. "We love and believe in what we have," Sharon told the network. It’s probably worth specifying one thing about those two and their relationship with bidets: in the first episode they say something like “we are Europeans (lol sure) and we do not use toilet paper because we have a bidet”... I’m italian and I can confirm that bidets are widespread in pretty much every home in Italy, more than in any other European country (in central-Northern Europe people sometimes don’t even know what a bidet is). Here's what you need to know about Gene's pop star past, their Bellenden Ker property, and whether they ultimately win the season.

Thanks! I guess his role was superfluous.

You can unsubscribe at any time. I finished it in one evening. I mean, I would never pay to stay in the home of someone who behaved like Babe and Bondi, Brent and Leroy, Serena and Sturt, or Mikey and Shay—no matter how nice the home was. Press J to jump to the feed. r/InstantHotel: A Subreddit dedicated to the Australian Reality TV Show. The Dirt/Gem couple were not the gems that the Rock and Roll couple were from season 1. bummer. I can’t stand it. ‘I know what grief and heartache feel like. Recently, Sharon & Gene feature their home on Instant Hotel, where Instant hotel contestants live. To find what you’re after, please try using the search box or main navigation. The latest of these is the brilliantly kitsch Instant Hotel, a ... 9 Gene & Sharon’s Misty Mountains Resort, Cairns. so I'd have to travel far for either Australian InstantHotel.

0 comments. ‘I want to stay in the spotlight. I wanted to honour him, but now I’m ready to fall in love again,’ Shay explains. We’d be grateful if you could tell them about it. Their homes run the gamut, too, from a small beach house to an underground property literally carved into the rock. But that display of childishness really turned my attitude against Sharon. I am from northern europe and was really confused, as I am not used to bidets at aaall!

If you clicked on a link on someone else’s site, it might be their fault or we may have moved it without knowing someone linked to it. One.

share. It feels like Production slashed their overhead and made a show with half of a season. You can tell us about this by contacting us. The couple were living in Australia together when her fiance, 29, went back home to California. Why!? The couple's house is an incredible, underground cave that was literally dug into the outback. Positive comments about Leroy are not permitted. It was gorgeous, absolutely!! In fact, Shay has her heart set on a dating show. I was in Coles supermarket when I got the call and I just dropped my basket.’. They totally axed Luke Jacobz. They have two daughters together.

Source: Netflix.

It was good getting it out there. This is the property they competed within Instant Hotel season 2. Yeah, production wanted her to be on the show. BUT IT DOESN’T REPLACE TOILET PAPER, YOU PSYCHOS!! The new puzzles website is now live - sign up now and enjoy a 7-day free trial! While she admits the show was a good distraction at first, the full force of mourning hit when filming wrapped. Why a Rock and Roll decor when you're going to be alone with nature?

She's a gorgeous model who has good style and is a sweetheart. best. 100% Upvoted. Find out whether equity release is for you with this guide written by Paul Lewis for our partner Age Partnership.

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