hirth f 33 engine for sale

The Hirth 3702, 84 HP, and 3703, 100 HP engines are three cylinder inline water cooled engines. (Up or down pos. Engine pictured above is equipped with the forward style mount, electric start, and belt drive mounted in the hanging position. installation on a Kolb Firefly, and will soon be working on a Challenger installation. Secondly, if there is a failure in any engine I sell, I want to know about it, and to be the one to find out what failed and why so we can prevent it in the future. Picture #3 Picture #4, Single 34mm slide or optional diaphragm type, Counter clockwise, viewed from output end, Recoil or optional electric start - Note: Electric start only available in conjunction with belt re-drive, Free air Cooled by prop or slip stream (Optional fan cooling available on special order), 35lbs including exhaust sys. Who We Are; What Makes Us Different; Contact Us; Cart; Hirth F-33. Hirth Engines is known around the world for unmatched engineering solutions, industry leading technology and innovation. of torque, this engine packs enough punch to spin up the large props on your backpack parachute, tryke or legal 103 ultralight. The 3203, especially with fuel injection, will use noticeably less fuel. So far in nearly 10 years of selling Hirth engines, the only one that has failed was an oil injection failure (although that may have been an installation error). The F33's are some of the lightest single cylinder engines you'll find anywhere, F33 installed in Ison Air Nison Easy After the war they were no longer allowed to make aircraft engines. Along the way, you will spend a small fortune keeping up with the AD’s and maintenance of the 912, with parts prices that are off the chart and often not readily available. They were created primarily to be a drop in replacement for the 582. The F33 is the only engine I am aware of currently that can make ultralight weight on a Challenger. In many cases the F33 can even make ultralight weight with electric start! Or, if your airframe is compatible with it, you could use the F23 which is 50 HP and considerably lighter. They share the same crankshaft, pistons, and the same bore and stroke. Team Mini-Max, LLC is a aircraft kit manufacturer located Michigan (Niles). Honestly, the only valid reason I can come up with for using a liquid cooled engine on a Challenger or GT Quicksilver would be for better cabin heat. Hirth F33. this is one of the lightest singles you'll find anywhere. The real beauty of this engine is that it puts out an honest 50 HP and weighs in at only 71 lbs complete including the belt redrive! With 25ft. lbs. The Hirth F33 is a single cylinder, 28 HP engine that is uniquely suited to the part 103 ultralight category. Engine Options; GALLERY; FAQs; About Us. We now can have all of the advantages of reed valves without compromising reliability. The 3202 makes an excellent replacement for the 503. Nikasil has several advantages over the old steel sleeve design that Rotax uses. Picture #3 Picture #4, F-33 installed in Trikasoarus It is also a very economical engine. Contact JDT for … To further complicate things, it uses dual exhaust. The F23 is also gaining popularity in the paragliding and powered parachute world. Formerly known as JDT Mini-Max LLC Other Hirth features include 4130 chrome moly crankshafts with a three year factory warranty, viton crank seals and more. The home of 2-Stroke engines. Weighing only 40 lbs including the belt reduction drive it is in most cases the only engine that can actually make weight on a Part 103 ultralight. The 2702 is a great replacement for the 447 in many applications. While it is conveinent, it is a mechanical device that can fail. @ 75% power. But I think a good snow suit would be a much better option when considering all the negative tradeoffs. © 2018 HIRTH ENGINES GMBH. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. Oil injection is also available on all of these engines except the 3002/3003 models. It will install easily in nearly any application that the 503 was used in, and will out perform it with no weight gain. They use the same bolt pattern on the crankcase and can therefore use the same mount, as well as the same radiator system as a 582. The 33 Series air cooled two-stroke engines offer the ultimate power-to-weight ratios available in the 30-horsepower market. Warranty:  The Hirth factory warranty is one year from the date of purchase for the entire engine. Hirth multi-fuel engines are powerful, light, compact, reliable and affordable. From Ultralights to Microlights to Experimental Aircraft... JDT Mini-MAX can get you into the air affordably. You can see those flying on youtube. He was influenced by Edison, the Wright Brothers and Zeppelin, becoming a reputed pilot and decorated fighter ace in World War I. Can be upgraded to 1500R or 1600R. To stay in business they began making two stroke engines for non aircraft purposes. Picture #3, F-33 on BE-LITE Weighing only 40 lbs including the belt reduction drive it is in most cases the only engine that can actually make weight on a Part 103 ultralight. Our limited warranty covers all labor fully and parts at our cost for any failure, not including operator error, abuse, or routine maintenance.

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