hornady 44 mag xtp for deer hunting

It weighed 196 grains. Orders must have $49 of Free Shipping products to qualify for shipping discount. Anybody use it? Both broadside shots at 50 yds, behind the shoulder, complete pass through, dropped within sight. All of these factory rounds tested provide solid choices for dropping that buck of a lifetime or a doe for the meat pole. Almost forgot, it is a Lyman 429421, an old one made by Ideal. I have pissed off a neighbor when I shot a 2" group @ 100 yards with a 245 gr Keith SWC load with my Ruger SBH 7.5" VS his Winchester M70 308 that was 4"+! Ive seen how effective it is at taking game and just am getting to old to get beat up any more then that. Being from Al-my game is usually smaller than some GBO members. soft cast HP Deer Grenade was notable. I normally shoot 270 Deep Curl or 280 LFN out of my rifles... thought the shorter bullet would fit the magazines better...and perhaps the little Ruger may like them as well. We're sorry, midwayusa.com requires JavaScript and it appears to be disabled. When I’m loading Hornady’s XTP I always refer to their reloading manual. My dad uses a Marlin 1894 in.44 mag. HP that’s great for whitetail. i use reloads in my marlin 44 and use a 240 grain flat nose solid bullet. but none of the deer dressed over 120#. For more information go to - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. It knocked him sideways into a tree about 3 ft. from him, but he landed on his feet abd I had to shoot him again to kill him. This runs a tad over 1100 fps out of my 6.5 inch barrel Ruger. Most handgun bullets are designed to perform at a single factory-specified velocity where the XTP bullet is designed to offer controlled expansion over a range of velocities. Correction: 1450 FPS. Shot my favorite mod 29 Smith loose and had it reworked 3 different times over the years. JavaScript is disabled. Almost 60 years old, it’s still a favorite for whitetail. Like small deer or dry does for the meat. its loaded pretty hot, hot enough that its only 4 inches low at 200 yards (target tested). may not be your cup of tea. Hornady custom-grade ammunition from the factory. The differences between an 1800 fps 200g and a 1600 fps 240 g are not that great. Most any expandable bullet will tackle deer and I tend to lean toward the 240-grainers. I would shoot a hard cast with a flat point if I went under 240 again but doubt it will happen again. HP offering that shot great too. Worked fine. of 296, depending upon the gun. I also loaded up some 300 grain XTP's for bear. The key to its innovation and performance is the patented elastomer Flex Tip ® technology of the FTX ® and MonoFlex ® bullets. Every fall an army of orange-clad hunters take to the field hoping to tag America’s most popular big game animal. None have made it more than 30 yards. Accuracy, range, recoil, etc. Their 240-gr. Perfect mushroom, last time I will use the lighter bullets. I killed 4 deer with the Taurus and 210 grain bullets last year. Do not use reduced loads less than10 percent on either 296 or H110 and do not use cast bullets in the auto rifles or pistols. When cranked up to MZ loader speeds it is way good. offers even more versatility when handloaded. I would work on an accurate load with cast 240+ grain bullet going 1100 +/- mv and call it good. Never have had a problem taking deer or hogs with them, but do tend to use the 268gr SWC the most the last few years cause of the accuracy in my SBH. We found the bullet in it . My new rifle is a CVA Hunter with a 1 ;20 twist, I went to my local gun shop to get some 240 gr. If you enjoy a minor earth tremor at every shot, the .44 Mag. Whitetail hunters have a wide variety of factory .44 Mag. Once the XTPs were introduced we went to the 240s and stayed there. Winchester also has a 240-gr. Great ammo. My handgun load and rifle load has settled on the 180gr Sierra JHC over a Speer #8 Manual charge of H110/WW296. Copyright © 2000-2020 24hourcampfire.com, Inc. All Rights Reserved. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. For more info: www.americanhandgunner.com/product-index. is Enter To Win A Altor 9mm & .380 Pistol Package. This is the ONLY bullet that shoots accurate groups in my Marlin 44 MAG. I shot the SST's in my Savage model 220 20 ga. and hold a nice 4 inch group at 200 yards. Handloading the .44 Mag. Have never had a pass through. and Nosler are effective on whitetail. I wouldn't be afraid to use them. Designed for hunting, self-defense and law enforcement applications, the XTP ® bullet demonstrates the kind of accuracy that led many competitive shooters to adopt it. I suggested we go look where we last saw him, and there he was dead. The XTP is a good bullet for the money. Last year I shot 2 big does with the FTX 225 out of my 77/44. I was lucky, as the SRH shot both the 240 and 300 equally well. looking right at me so I shot her in the chest and the bullet traveled the full length of her body and was under the hide on the backside of one rear leg , she went about 20 yds. We had a good size buck shot with a 240 XTP at 55 yards broadside behind the shoulder and it didn't fully penetrate. Handloading the .44 Mag. DoubleTap provides a host of .44 Mag. What Loyd said. I never recovered one. beveled hollowpoint shot exceptionally well. Anybody have any advice on 240g vs 200g bullets in 44 mag handloads for deer hunting? Has anyone used the 200gr. ill load a 250 to 1100 fps. Lots of people use them in states that only allow shotgun slugs and pistol rounds for deer. First for plinking a 250 cast at 800 fps for general hunting, deer ect. They were designed from the beginning to expand reliably at a variety of handgun velocities and deliver deep, terminal penetration with every shot. Both have worked well for me on deer. Designed for hunting, self-defense and law enforcement applications, the XTP ® bullet demonstrates the kind of accuracy that led many competitive shooters to adopt it. A forum community dedicated to the great outdoors and hunting enthusiasts. I never tried the 200 gr. And the American Eagle 240-gr. to be honest its rare anymore that i shoot any handgun even the linebaughs at speeds over 1100 fps. Or should a heavier bullet be used? The .44 Mag. I've toppled many deer with Hornady's 200 grain hollow tip. Bullets from Sierra, Hornady I seem to recall having read an article once in which the writer opined that best practice was to stay somewhere around the “standard” bullet weight for revolver loads intended for hunting, that by doing so, one would achieve the best combination of speed, penetration and accuracy. Bottom line the 210's killed deer with one shot, I am just not comfortable after recovering a bullet from a small deer. And the Hornady factory loads shoot accurate enough that I don't even hand load for it anymore. I hunted for many years with a Ruger Super Redhawk. .44 Mag. I have used the leverevolution in 140 gr, .357 Mag out of my H&R on several deer, 2 of which were 250 lbish bucks. As I much prefer exit wounds, I like cast bullets for most any game, particularly for hogs and/or larger big game! Reloading and shooting/hunting with the the 44 Mag in S&W 29s/Ruger Super Blackhawks and Win M94 and Ruger Carbine rifles I have a little bit of experince. All of these with a healthy dose of 296 or H110 and a magnum large pistol primer. Cast bullets are also effective and many hunters prefer them. Killed the deer just fine, but I wouldn't want to hit one in the shoulder with the 200 after that experience. Purchase A PDF Download Of The American Handgunner Nov/Dec 2014 Issue Now! By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies. running thru a sage field with one shot with he Ruger Carbine/180 XTP load. Shot several deer with the 444 marlin, bullets performs great. All Palmetto Reloading Gear/Accessories! One of the reasons the .44 Mag. bullets. I drive it with 23 or 24 gr. Great bullet. I have use it in 240 gr in 44 and 158gr in 357mag on a lot of deer and hogs with good results fla deer are a lot smaller than ny deer. Their 240-gr. I'm with the whichever is more accurate from your gun crowd. Every round of Hornady Custom ammunition is hand inspected before packaging to ensure the highest levels of quality control. But honestly, most ammo performs well out of the Model 83. My normal deer load was a 240 grain XTP over a stout charge of H110. Hornady 44 mag 300 gr. I thought that I should try their 180 gr. Last one was a small button head facing me. I only use the FTX 225 gr out of my .44 H&R single shot.

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