how many pvc feeders per chicken

then you’ll probably want to invest in an automatic chicken feeder. A step-by-step tutorial from the My Pet Chicken Blog. With an old PVC pipe and 90 degrees elbow, you can create a simple yet effective feeder for your chicken. You can use your 10ft Drain Pipe for up to four feeders (2.5ft each), but you’ll want to purchase each of the other products for each feeder. Hanging will also protect the food from debris making them healthier for the chickens. You will only need 3 or 5-gallon plastic bucket with lid and drill like five holes at the bottom. Larger flocks will require more sophisticated equipment, but we’ll get to that later. Larger flocks will require more sophisticated equipment, but we’ll get to that later. This will depend primarily on the type of feeder. Cap should be two inches wider than the pipe. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to hang this feeder for it to work, but hanging it will minimize waste since your chickens love to toss their feed around. Take a bucket that has a lid and a metallic handle so that it can hold up the weight. Drill two holes on the bucket and use glue to attach the elbow. One of the caps you purchased will sit on top of the feeder for when you’re not filling it up, but the other can be used to make sure your ladies aren’t wasting their feed. With metallic handle bucket, you can hang up the feeder. Close the lid to retain the chicken from perching up. Chickens are notorious for leaving their feed anywhere but the feeder, so make sure you build or buy one that discourages this as much as possible. Mine cost approximately $12.00 to build and was finished in 20 minutes. Fill up the jug with foodstuff and hung it in your chicken coop. A good rule of thumb is 12 to 16 birds per feeder in an established flock. It’ll also minimize any contamination opportunities, as it’ll be harder for your chickens to jump up onto the top and poop into the feed. If you’ve read our Chicken Waterer Guide you’ll know you can make a DIY Chicken Waterer in a pinch with a super simple list of products. The cap will protect it from vermin and rain. It has a “T” shaped, and it can be used for both watering and feeding. These can be great for larger flocks as you can purchase large troughs or multiple and place them side by side. Space them so that the washers align one above the other. Some of the tools you will need include hot glue and rivet gun, drill, 70mm Hole Saw, ruler, maker and a knife. Wow genial ideas, muchísimas gracias ustedes son geniales. Take the vinegar jug, and cut 3inch holes at the bottom where the food will be spilling into the food container. If you’re not much of a DIY Diva (a DIYva?) You will take 5 pipes and cut them into two “3” long pieces. The weighted mechanism falls down and closes off the feed for any pesky rodent, which means you’ll no longer need to use rat poison! If you have any tips and tricks, comment below or email us at It’s open to interpretation because that’s how DIY should be! If you opt to use regular galvanized or plastic hanging feeders, then one per 6 chickens is fine. (see photo above), Drill two holes through the stud at measured increments that mirror the holes in the pipe. ( photo below). It’s our recommended way to build a feeder, especially if you have a smaller flock. Below we’ve provided a handy guide you can print/download to help in your DIYing! That’s it! Cut off the top of the jug and drill it into the bottom of the dish. If you want a 10ft high feeder, you won’t need the hacksaw. For your DIY PVC Chicken Feeder you will need: 10ft PVC Drain Pipe ($9.23) 3in 45-Degree PVC Elbow Fitting ($3.22) Well, other than filling the top with Mile Four’s best feed obviously. Take PVC cap and screw on one end a Y fitting, make two holes in the lid using a nail and a hammer. There are no longer piles of wasted grain on the floor, which makes me, my chickens and my feed budget happy. When considering an Automatic Chicken Feeder as opposed to your DIY Feeder, you’ll want to ensure you have one big enough (or multiple feeders) for your flock. If you’re not too worried about waste and pests, you can purchase a chicken trough feeder. Feeding chickens can make your yard messy and it is essential to find the best way to feed them. Unlike waterers, however, you’ll need to take into account the amount of food that chickens waste when they eat. Use plywood since it is resilient to bacteria and other fungi. A PVC pipe or irrigation tubing, cut to the length that will fit your chosen location. After much research, contemplating dozens of designs and several iterations of my own, I am now happy with my PVC  feeder. With an old PVC pipe and 90 degrees elbow, you can create a simple yet effective feeder for your chicken. If the dish is too close to the bottom of the pipe, the feed will not flow out into the dish. Drill some holes at the jug’s top where the chain will pass through. This is a long tube that is filled with feed. However, choose a container that you feel it will be enough for your chicks that they can feed on throughout the day. All comments are moderated before being published, 1620 Central Ave NESuite 155AMinneapolis, MN 55413. Take your chicken nipple and with the help of a plier, push them through the grommet holes. However, as a precaution always keep an eye out that all your flock members are getting enough food. Cut your 10ft PVC Pipe to the length you want the feeder. For your DIY PVC Chicken Feeder you will need: This DIY feeder will only set you back $20.79! Here’s an optional step-by-step to make that happen: Affix the half-cap to the bottom of the feeder so it is covering half of the end, Adjust the height of the feeder to make sure your chickens can still eat from the feeder, Cut more off the cap for smaller chickens if they’re still having trouble eating. You will take 5 pipes and cut them into two “3” long pieces. This way, you will only be putting food twice a day. This DIY watering system will keep bacteria and dirt from getting to the water and you will only have to refill like once a week through it will  depend on the number of chicken you have. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to If you trust the pipe to fit together and never come apart, you won’t need the cement, and depending on how you’re affixing the feeder to the coop, you’ll only need one of the strap/bungee cords. Also remember to get some silicone and hot glue, few rivets, and a transparent plastic sheet. More so, it will not only help keep the compound clean but will also cut of cost as it will reduce wastage of the food. You will not have to purchase anything if you have specific materials in your home. To assemble the plywood you can use either nails or glue. ** Safest Chicken Feeder ** How many feeders do you need? Make use of a small plastic container that you already have in your home. Feeding the chickens is a chore that everyone wants to do less often.

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