how to get sea time for captains license

The Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies (MITAGS). You need 360 days of sea time on any waters, with 90 on the Great Lakes if you wish to operate boats there, too. If you are not taking the Coast Guard exams and if you have been sworn by an authorized official, you may wish to submit your application by mail or electronically. It is not a function of where you live or where you will sail. Hi Captain Rob, My name is Elton the 66 year old owner of a small 35 ft. Kingscraft houseboat. MITAGS is a vocational training center for aspiring captains and other maritime professionals looking to expand their careers. If your time was spent on friends’ or family members’ boats, then you must provide a sea service form signed by the owner of the boat you intend to claim time on. Renewing your license is easy. You can learn more by watching our video on documenting your sea time . It is very likely you will receive 2 or 3 emails a day, often within minutes, as the application moves through the various approvals. It is a calculation of theoretical displacement if the complete available interior volume of a ship were filled with material of density 1 (i.e., water). Other times, it may be due to an honest mistake. Don’t have an account yet? I have contacted the NMC and they told me to call the station to get an Abstract of Operations report. So my message here is to not necessarily accept the delivered MMC as if it were carved in stone. So…start with your Certificate of Discharge and if you don’t have that, then contact the Office of Personnel to see if you can get the requisite documents. If your medical form is accepted, you will be issued a separate medical form which is to be kept with your Merchant Mariner Credential. In the chart the lowest weight rating is 17 tons. The TWIC will be addressed below. Remember: 90 days must be within A 100-ton license requires 180 days aboard boats over 51 gross tons or 360 days aboard boats over 34 gross tons. But it doesn’t end there. Another reason you might need a captain’s license is for insurance purposes. The table below is a guide to determining for what rating one may qualify. We met collectively with a Coast Guard officer to explore the options for us all getting licensed; however, the wind was taken out of our sails so to speak when he told us that since most of us were not 18, we were not entitled to take the written exam. You may find some useful information in that document. vessel. Proof of ownership of the boat that you’re claiming days of sea time on must accompany your application. • One “day” is considered a minimum of 4 hours underway in Your local Coast Guard REC will provide you with forms for military time. 692 Maritime Boulevard Seattle, WA 98134 Alternatively, you can search for USCG National Maritime Center with your favorite search engine. © Copyright 2019. This is because as a licensed Captain, you may have access to vital and strategic marine facilities. Generally, military sea time will be creditable at a rate of 60 percent credit per each qualifying day of military service served on board a military vessel. Photo ID will be necessary as well. I am not familiar with the licensing requirements in foreign venues like the Philippines. The same is true if you are additionally requesting an endorsement for Sail, Auxiliary Sail, or Commercial Assistance Towing. Later, I learned that what the officer SHOULD have said is that if we had just waited (a few months) until we turned 18, we could have taken the exams. You can learn more by watching our video on documenting your sea time. It is generally in the form of a letter attesting to your compliance and passing a test within 12 months of the date of the letter. Ninety of those days must have occurred within the last three years.

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