how to make chlorine

That’s electricity, of course, and this electrochemical process is called electrolysis. To do this process you will need just a few simple tools and two ingredients. Theoretically, making chlorine is quite simple. All you need is water, salt, two conducting electrodes and electrons. > Read and learn more, Latest info on chlorine and its importance in our daily lives, Find out more about the European Chemical Industry Council, 3 different chlorine production processes, the European chlorine industry, its issues and key figures. A 9 volt battery or higher would be preferred. Learn how to make Chlorine gas (Cl2) and turn that into HCL (hydrochloric acid) or a bleach product. Some wire and two different sized glass or other non-reactive containers that can be capped off and some water and salt or salt water from the ocean. OK, in practice it is a bit more complicated and chlorine production plants are high-tech electrochemical facilities. That’s electricity, of course, and this electrochemical process is called electrolysis. The tools you will need are a battery. Theoretically, making chlorine is quite simple. But basically, the process remains the same: you start with brine (a solution of salt in water) and you send an electric current through it. They are built with state-of-the –art technology for maximum safety and environmental protection. How do you make chlorine? The products you will get are chlorine (gas), caustic soda and hydrogen - all basic but extremely useful chemicals that are used in hundreds of chemical and pharmaceutical processes. All you need is water, salt, two conducting electrodes and electrons.

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