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In the evening, we brought out all our forces for the amusement of our distinguished guests. Bodleian Library collection has numerous broadside printings of Jim Along Josie” in the British Isles from the 1840’s to 1860’s. ARTIST: From Slavery Dance Songs (on-line), CATEGORY: Fiddle and Instrumental Tunes DATE: 1838. A josey might be a slang word for a joseph. I cant hear the difference between Dm and Bb? Does Phil Collins ' song Take Me Home , reference mental illness? "The Journal of an African Cruiser," by An Officer of the U.S. Navy, http://www.pdmusic.org/minstrel.html> Click here, The Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music, Creoles Of Color from Louisiana immigrated to Mexico, "Haul Away, Joe"-Digital Tradition version. And on the other side of Mississippi, as you know. 24): "Jim Along Josey" was another sweeping success in the burnt-cork tradition. The song itself is followed by a lively ‘dance’ in which the comic actor had a chance to ‘do his stuff.’ The popularity of the song was doubtless due in large measure to the catchy tune of the chorus. The melody uses only 5 notes of the pentatonic scale. Langley, etc., May 1845, p. 483) [N.B. The dancing would go on for a long time because the caller would remember as many verses as he could and also would make up (improvise) new verses to chant. 18 Non-Traditional Yet Perfect Wedding Songs . Josephs were worn as late as the 1860’s (reference to one by George Elliot). Way down yonder, in de forks o' de creek. The sentence "the bullfrog died with the whooping cough" appears in a number of African American slavery and immediate post-slavery folk songs. What song has a really long phone ringing in it. WITH A JOSEY ON: A joseph is a riding cloak for a woman, and the sort of attire that well might appear in a minstrel show. In the title "Jim Along Josey" the word- Josey, is used as a name (could be a man's or woman's name) The word "Josey" is an African-American dance step and also a minstrel slang for a type … RECORDING INFO: Lawrence Older, Adirondack logger, ballad singer and fiddler, back in 1964 and released the recording, with excellent notes written by Pete McElligott, as Folk-Legacy FSA-15; Pete Seeger, "Jim Along Josie" (on PeteSeeger3, PeteSeegerCD03); OTHER NAMES: “Hey Jim Along Josie,” "Jim along Josy" “Hey Jim Along”, RELATED TO: The “Limber Jim/ Buckeye Jim” group which is related to “Seven Up,” “Shiloh” and the large “Liza Jane” family has floating lyrics with “Jim Along Josey.” Floating lyrics from Cotton-Eyed Joe,” “Fire on the Mountain” and “Granny will Your Dog Bite”, SOURCES: Randolph 575, "Jim Along Josie;" Warner 180, "Get Along Josie;" Spaeth-Weep More, pp. A fiddle (violin) and other instruments would play the music for the dancing. The Minstrel Version- Based on the Harper 1838 version which entered the folk process and eventually changed the number of verses from 4 verses to two verses. Here comes the Jim along Josie Hey jim along, jim along Josie Hey jim along, jim along Jo Hey jim along, jim along Josie Hey jim along, jim The through meant I suppose to the tune of "Hey Jim a 'long, Jim a 'long Josey,"- our regimental "sick call." The bullfrog died with the whooping cough. Here is a recurring verse found in many songs: A different song was written in 1849. FINAL NOTES: "Jim Along Josey" is one of the early minstrel songs and has had a profound effect on the lyrics and popularity of many American songs. Breakdown and minstrel song; widely known both here and abroad; Written by Edward Harper about 1838. Drum Jim Along Jim Along Josie Drum Jim Along Jim Along Joe. Then Othello played monkey, and gave a series of recitations. Is guitar easy learn without a teacher just by yourself? Dan Zanes - Jim Along Josie Lyrics. From "The Journal of an African Cruiser," by An Officer of the U.S. Navy, in The United States Democratic review, Volume 16, Issue 83 (J.& H.G. Yes we can! Unfortunately, these books rarely mention the song's African American origin. Submit a Song; About Us; … "Josey" was also used as a name of this dance step. Anything is great Please help. Join hands with partners, return to place and make an arch. For the game, see the Journal of American Folk Lore (XXIV, 295 ff): "Play Parties and Games of the Middle West". De old cow died in de middle o' next week. The "whooping cough" is probably a reference to a disease called tuberculosis. Compare the “Jim Along Josie” lyrics with Limber Jim/Buckeye Jim. It was written by Edward Harper, who sang it in his drama, The Free ****** of New York, about 1838 (E.L. Rice: Monarchs of Minstrelsy, p 24). "Jim Along Josie" is a song that began as a b lackface minstrel song in which African Americans and enslaved people are mocked and demoralized.

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