kong vs istio

For this demo, we will be focusing on the Kong service on the left. Once you’re in the right directory, we need to label the namespace that will host our application. Here are the necessary steps to follow along: (If you have Istio and Kubernetes set up and ready to go, jump to Part 2).

Ever dot in the first image represents a service call. to lightly protect this service. If you’re just joining us at part 2, you do not have to follow the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) steps that we used in part 1. While Service Mesh technology has been around prior to Kubernetes, the proliferation of microservices that are built on Kubernetes has contributed to the growing interest in Service Mesh solutions. On the frontend, client-side developers can see what elements are pulled back from web servers, in what order, and examine them. All of these solutions are open source. Try it out by running: To recap, we successfully installed Istio with strict mTLS, deployed an application on the mesh, and secured the mesh using Kong with one YAML file. Let’s export that to an environment variable so we can easily reference it in the remaining steps: Congratulations, you now have a service-mesh up and running with a way to access it securely! With Istio, this is as simple as using tagging in a configuration file. By: We will use the rate-limiting plugin to lightly protect this service.

Think about service mesh like a routing and tracking service for a package shipped in the mail: it keeps track of the routing rules and dynamically directs the traffic and package route to accelerate delivery and ensure receipt. You should not be using port-forward for regular operations in a production system. However, you do need Istio installed in a similar fashion that enforces mutual TLS authentication between all clients and servers. For a managed experience of consuming Istio at scale, stay tuned for when we announce our Managed Istio solution, as part of our Kubernetes managed apps!
If you are ready to start using IBM Cloud today, sign up here. Accelerate your journey into microservices. We will use this to create the Kubernetes cluster. Istio has separated its data and control planes by using a sidecar loaded proxy which caches information so that it does not need to go back to the control plane for every call. Istio (and other service meshes) handle east/west traffic, i.e., traffic between services in your data center. Learn more about Istio—open technology that provides a way for developers to seamlessly connect, manage, and secure networks of different microservices. The Envoy sidecar proxies are what handles the communication between all services. This profile installs an Istio sidecar on all newly deployed workloads. Using declarative config provides several key benefits to reduce complexity, increase automation and enhance system performance. Gain visibility and empower teams to provide security, governance and compliance. If you don’t have one, you can sign up here and receive free credits with a validity of 12 months. For local development, Minikube is a popular option if you have enough RAM to allocate to the Minikube virtual machine. Therefore, it is important to only use this on a fresh Kubernetes cluster where all workloads will be Istio-enabled. The following command will create a project with a project_id of “kong-istio-demo-project”. Common use cases to take advantage of Service Mesh today . While this demo will not cover Istio’s permissive mode, you can read more about it. and receive free credits with a validity of 12 months. With all your services up and running, you successfully installed a service mesh on a Kubernetes cluster.

That has programmers and administrators working at the wrong level of abstraction, reimplementing the same security rules over and over for every service. If you want to learn more about Kong and all its various features, check out the documentation page here. In this article, you’ll see how easy it is to expose an application publicly using Kubernetes Services. Another policy to keep services up is a rate limit, which will stop excess traffic from clogging a service and prevent denial of service attacks. The following command will append the Istio client to your existing PATH: As you can see in the screenshot above, the Istio directory’s bin has been added to my path. In this example, we’ve traced the product page. Increasingly, these containerized applications are Kubernetes-based, as it has become the de-facto standard for container orchestration. What the example does not show is what happens inside the data center—how callback=parselLotamaAudiences calls four other web services and which ones respond more slowly. Istio is quickly becoming the standard for service mesh on Kubernetes. My favorite feature is the graphs that allow me to visualize the topology of the service mesh.

The two work in combination in three ways: configuration, monitoring, and management.

Kong Inc., has released Kong 1.0., the latest generally available (GA) version of their flagship API gateway. Read more: Kubernetes Service Discovery: A Practiccal Guide.
In order to identify and troubleshoot incidents, you need distributed monitoring and tracing. It allows you to connect, secure, and monitor your microservices. Because the interface for Istio is essentially the same as Kubernetes, managing it takes almost no additional work.

Istio is a Kubernetes-native solution that was initially released by Lyft, and a large number of major technology companies have chosen to back it as their service mesh of choice. You’ll also learn how to troubleshoot a couple of common scenarios that may encounter. Comparison of Kubernetes Ingress, Istio Gateway and API Gateway. So, for example, beta users can route to a ‘canary’ pod with the latest and greatest build, while regular users go to the stable production build. You can enforce this policy across the entire cluster by creating a small text file and directing Istio to use it as a new policy. To do so, you have to use kubectl apply to install all the Istio Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) defined in the istio-1.2.4/install/kubernetes/helm/istio-init/files directory. Istio injects additional containers into the pod to add security, management, and monitoring. Or else the default configuration will not inject a sidecar into the pods of your namespace. That is, with Istio, it will take less effort to manage a wider group of services. My favorite feature is the graphs that allow me to visualize the topology of the service mesh.

To test the rate-limiting plugin, you can run a simple bash script like: To recap, we successfully installed Istio with strict mTLS, deployed an application on the mesh, and secured the mesh using Kong with one YAML file. This profile installs an Istio sidecar on all newly deployed workloads. You can find prebuilt plugins, to build your own. However, replacing one service mesh with another is complex, particularly when you want to standardize on the service mesh as a solution to scale across all your services. If your service mesh already manages L7 traffic, can you use it for managing north/south traffic? A service mesh instruments the services and directs communications traffic according to a predefined configuration. Kong DB-less with declarative configuration.

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