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Country: Kenya Oh, and PNC’s stock price has done well, too: It’s up 30 points since Demchak became president in 2012. And Fuller’s regular trips to explore foodie scenes in other cities provide a pipeline for new flavors and techniques to hit town. The Madhvani family, having built one of the most successful enterprises in Uganda, lost everything in the 1970s when dictator Idi Amin forced all Asian Ugandans out of the country. In 2014, Moore returned to CMU as the new dean of the School of Computer Science, where he’s overseeing the education of the next generation of tech whiz kids. Role: Chief executive It's that time of year again – CampdenFB's annual Top Family Business Leaders list. She has since invested in a state-of-the-art brewing facility to stay ahead in the Puerto Rican beer market and drive international expansion. And although he officially retired from his CEO role in 2013, he seems to be even busier today. Country: France Alexandre Ricard However, by late 2013, Horbal could no longer continue investing additional capital in Seegrid. Robert Unanue She is tipped to one day succeed her father Bernard as head of Louis Vuitton’s parent, the €28 billion-a-year conglomerate LVMH. Role: Chairman Isidro sits at the helm of Filipino powerhouse DMCI Holdings, and is one of eight siblings who holds senior positions in the company started by their father. Age: 59 Lorenzo Zambrano Finally, in its second amended complaint, Horbal alleged that Giant Eagle tortiously interfered with Anthony Horbal's consulting and management services agreement with Seegrid. NOMINATED FOR ONE TO WATCH. Now based in Brazil, Pescarmona was in London in late 2013 extolling the virtue of clean energy in the country – an area where his family’s sustainable energy firm is leading the way. Revenues: €109.5 million (*2013) Company: Madhvani Group ◆, Doyle has represented Pittsburgh and portions of the southeastern suburbs for more than two decades, and he remains the region’s pipeline to U.S. government; lately, he’s also been a key part of the Democratic city-county-federal triumvirate with Peduto and Fitzgerald. The terminal itself also has been revamped, with the addition of a mothers’ nursing lounge and other improvements. Diana Nelson became chairwoman of international hospitality group Carlson in May 2013, succeeding her mother, Marilyn Carlson Nelson. Seegrid achieved some success, but failed to sustain the revenue necessary to continue operations without regular infusions of capital. 1551. Company: Pernod Ricard Founded by his father, Michael Ibru, its interests include shipping, agriculture, aviation, banking, oil and gas. Role: Chairman and chief executive Role: Managing director He’s already making dynamic moves, exciting staff with a $1 million early-stage investment fund for faculty projects and mobilizing partnerships with a multimillion-dollar project to analyze health care data with CMU and UPMC. The complaint alleged the following. It maintains that, because Horbal has been fully recompensed for compensatory damages, it cannot now proceed on a "naked claim for punitive damages." Majid and Badr Jafar He oversees the vitally important county departments, including the Health Department (where he managed to attract top talent Karen Hacker) and Human Services (run by widely respected Marc Cherna), as well as the Airport Authority (where Christina Cassotis, No. André Gerdau Johannpeter Nonetheless, by order dated February 6, 2015, the trial court noted that Horbal had waived its procedural objection to Giant Eagle's preliminary objections on the basis of collateral estoppel and scheduled a hearing on the issue. Still, UPMC’s quality care (repeatedly ranked among the nation’s best on the U.S. News & World Report honor roll) and myriad good deeds (such as giving $100 million to The Pittsburgh Promise scholarship program) often are overshadowed by some of its business practices. He has invested heavily in the chain, bringing the number of screens to over 3,000, as well as moving into India and the US. Horbal filed an amended complaint on October 28, 2014, before the matter was stayed. His faith in the country’s business outlook is likely helped by the proliferation of social media following the Arab Spring – beneficial for his mobile technology business, OTVentures. Role: Chief executive NOMINATED FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Peter and Steven Lowy Horbal and Giant Eagle were both investors in an automated guided vehicle company, Seegrid Corporation ("Seegrid"). On November 17, 2014, Horbal instituted a complaint in adversary action in the Bankruptcy Court on behalf of itself and other creditors and non-controlling shareholders seeking subordination of Giant Eagle's claims against Seegrid. Pa.R.A.P. 2016). Under the Bankruptcy Code, in order to be confirmed, a plan must be "proposed in good faith and not by any means forbidden by law." NOMINATED FOR CORPORATE GOVERNANCE. Revenues: €4.4 billion (*2013) NOMINATED FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Company: Doğan Holding Peter and Steven Lowy took the helm of shopping centre business Westfield in 2011, having served as joint managing directors since 1997 – although Peter has indicated he will soon step down. Revenues: €1 billion+ ◆, Despite widespread voter unhappiness with the state legislature, in 2014 the Costa-led Democrats were unable to dislodge the Republicans from the state Senate, which they’ve controlled for more than 20 years. The new millennium has been tough for Cemex. ◆, When Karet took the helm of the grocery firm that feeds much of the region from her father, David Shapira, in 2012, she hit the aisles running. Still, Costa — who represents a good portion of eastern Allegheny County, including parts of the East End — is an important figure, in no small part because he’s a member of his politically wired family, which includes brothers Guy (Peduto’s operations manager and former city Public Works Director) and Paul (state representative for District 34), as well as cousin Dom (a Pittsburgh Police veteran and former chief, now a state rep for District 21). Age: 44 NOMINATED FOR GROWTH. Through history, fabled titans of industry and finance shaped Pittsburgh. The Promise has drawn criticism of late for failing to reach enough minority students — many of those students, unfortunately, have GPAs that do not hit the mark required for the program — but blaming Ghubril’s organization for a lack of student achievement is unfair. Horbal maintained that Giant Eagle, as Seegrid's controlling shareholder, breached its fiduciary duties to the other minority shareholders. Giuseppe and Marco Lavazza NOMINATED FOR ONE TO WATCH. Today it is one of the world’s best-known coffee brands. Adrian was appointed as executive director in March 2007 and took up an additional position as joint general manager in March 2012. On July 8, 2015, this Court quashed the appeal as interlocutory. Age: 50 In addition, Horbal contended that Giant Eagle tortiously interfered with Anthony Horbal's consulting and management services agreement with Seegrid. Revenues: €13 billion (2012) Role: President and chief executive Role: David, Group managing director; Anne, Director Pa.R.A.P. Claims of this nature are subject to Delaware law. Amna BinHendi Company: Ford NOMINATED FOR ONE TO WATCH. Company: L.L. Shawn Gorman  Her creative influence hasn’t ended there, in November she helped LVMH launch an international fashion award. Revenues: €1.3 billion (2012) Isidro Consunji NOMINATED FOR STEWARDSHIP. Giant Eagle (US: / ˈ dʒ aɪ n. ɪ ɡ əl /) is an American supermarket chain with stores in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, and Maryland.The company was founded in 1918 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and incorporated on August 31, 1931. Role: Chief executive § 1129(a)(3), Seegrid proposed the plan in good faith, and that the plan was the product of arm's length negotiation with Giant Eagle. Pa.R.A.P. Revenues: €1.2 billion (*2012) Role: Managing director Servs., LLC. Jeff (left) and Zev Weiss may have retained management control of the greeting card firm founded by their great-grandfather Jacob Sapirstein, but this year they took the company, listed in 1952, fully private again. It argued that the trial court's partial overruling of its preliminary objections presented a controlling question of law as to which there was substantial ground for difference of opinion and that an immediate appeal from the order would materially advance the ultimate termination of the matter. ◆, A forward-looking thinker, Russo is flexing her muscle with a new venture capital fund while pushing the 1,400-member trade organization beyond its comfort zone, most recently with FortyX80. Company: Orascom Delphine Arnault In this vein, we have noted: Instantly, we emphasize that collateral estoppel pertains to issue preclusion, and that it applies to bar a new cause of action if the factual or legal predicate underlying those claims has previously been determined by a court of concurrent jurisdiction. NOMINATED FOR ONE TO WATCH. For now, husband Henry will continue their longtime philanthropic mission; in recent years, he’s been the energy behind Envision Downtown and Carnegie Mellon University’s BrainHub, gifting $5 million for the multidisciplinary project aimed at fostering better understanding of the human brain. Revenues: €440 million+ Galen Weston Jr David Norman and his wife Anne, granddaughter of the company’s founder, are recognised as thrifty and modest in their native New Zealand, despite heading a retail giant that includes 690 stores throughout Australasia. Finally, he oversaw Peoples’ purchase of Equitable Gas in 2013 — a rare service-provider transition that wasn’t hell on customers. © 2001-2020 Company: Dantata Organization . Camalia Valdés Recognized as one of the most active seed-stage investors in the country, IW has invested $65 million in startups to date. It’s a wise move, but really, it’s the only one that Holmberg has — to a large extent, UPMC, as the bigger system, still calls the shots, leaving Holmberg dependent on help from government regulators. His mission in that role was to widen the group’s target markets and to develop communications. Settlement and Release Agreement, 11/10/16, ¶ 5. NOMINATED FOR GROWTH. Age: 35 Fast-forward to today, and they’re helming The Heinz Endowments, the City of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University and Giant Eagle, respectively. The second-generation head of industrial and retail conglomerate Y K Almoayyed & Sons started out in the business’s interior design division, before moving on to head the automotive segment. Horbal subsequently withdrew its complaint for equitable subordination. Role: Chairwoman Age: Jeff, 50; Zev, 47 § 1129(a)(3). Few organizations are having a larger impact on the lives of young people, and the Promise helps to differentiate both the city and region. In 2009 Mohammed Alshaya was presented with an honorary CBE for developing British-Arabic business relations. The Bankruptcy Court evaluates the totality of the circumstances, and has "considerable judicial discretion in finding good faith, with the most important feature being an inquiry into the fundamental fairness of the plan." Creating your profile on CaseMine allows you to build your network with fellow lawyers and prospective clients. Country: Mexico

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