mewtwo costume diy

The only thing left is hair gel and to never open your eyes. Please. Read our Cookie Policy. Subscribe to our mailing list and get happy stuff and updates to your email inbox. To make this Mew Pokemon costume I bought four yards of pink fleece and small pieces of white, blue and black felt. - Hard foam (from Home Depot) The making of my Mewtwo cosplay. He says he is one of the cutest Pokemon out there! I cut the fabric to fit around the entire width and length of the foam pipe insulation. I placed it on a piece of foam and cut it that shape and stuffed it inside the tail so that it would have a real stiff appearance. Another great Pikachu costume that is great for Halloween parties or for trick or treating with the kids. There are no shortages of Ash Ketchum costumes and it’s also great for a last-minute Halloween costume because this costume is so easy to pull off. His paws were really fun to make. I will try to list most/all of the materials here: I also needed two yards of ½” thick foam pillow stuffing, an old bike helmet and two hangers. If you have any questions about how any of the parts were made, feel free to ask me! by Danielle Marie. The construction process of my Mewtwo Pokémon costume. I also got two yards of ½” thick foam, a bag of pillow stuffing, pink mesh, elastic and a 60” long piece of foam pipe insulation from the hardware store. She used a McCalls MewTwo pattern and light purple and dark purple fleece. No products found. The bottom can be made with cardboard, and the part that goes over your face can be cut out of paper. Find out more in our Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. The most popular color? With so many ways to wear the outfit, all you really need is a red shirt, white bottoms, a black belt, and a large white circle, and you'll be the star of the show. Try one of the fun costumes below, or create your own inspired… This Pokemon costume is so cool and was so much fun for me to make I loved it! It's that time of year again. Then I added the cones to the top. ... Another favorite, this costume is definitely top-tier in terms of creativity. - Airtex foam (from JoAnnes)  The most popular color? The items that I still needed where about a yard of ½” foam for the head , ½ yard of white felt and a piece of red yellow and black felt, black spray paint and a pair of green gloves. Watch this video tutorial to create this awesome DIY Jigglypuff costume using a sweatshirt and some creating painting skills. My daughter loved it and still uses it to play in. Share it with us! on Introduction. Watch this video tutorial to create a Trainer costume or 12 other great DIY Halloween costumes for adults.

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