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All rights reserved. The vision of the company is definitely to allow people to understand their capabilities, and how far they can go.”, With us are Huda’s sisters, Mona and Alya Kattan, who both have stakes and executive positions in the company- Global President, and Chief Instagram Officer, respectively. The couple moved to Dubai in 2006, and welcomed their first child, Nour Gisele, in 2011. Mona told that “falling for him wasn’t falling at all. placement: 'Below Article Thumbnails 2nd', Related: Huda Beauty's Mona Kattan And Apparel Group's Sima Ved To Headline Dtec Forum, Powered By Entrepreneur Middle East, The Kattan sisters on building the Huda Beauty megabrand out of Dubai (and no, they aren't done with their ambitions just yet), Image credit: It was like walking into a house and suddenly realizing you are home” regarding her fiance. window._taboola = window._taboola || []; Huda told Vogue Arabia: “I always felt different and it was because I was Middle Eastern. When needed, I was the king of the castle, because protecting the home is important, but it took me a long time to realize that being an alpha female was not what I needed to be. Huda’s mom, Susu Al Qazzaz, hailed from one of the wealthiest families in Baghdad, and she was supposed to marry a person from a family with a similar status. Mona Kattan along with fiance Dominic Nowell-Barnes. “When I got my first job at 14, I spent money on fragrances, and during my whole time at university, I used to do side jobs, promoting or modeling, and all my money was spent on expensive perfumes, so I have this attachment to fragrance, because it makes me feel good,” Mona explains. Spending an hour with the three Kattan sisters, all three of whom come across as kind, thoughtful, and sincere, it is evident that the family support has been crucial for the Huda Beauty brand to grow in its influence and ubiquity at such a fast pace. [1][2][3][4] On December 13, 2018, it was announced that the series had been renewed for a second season. Her sister Huda is married to Christopher Goncalo. And then, they have to question themselves, like, ‘Why do I actually care?,’ and that is such a hard conversation to have with yourself.”, Huda Kattan, founder of Huda Beauty.Source: Entrepreneur Middle East, In opening up on this topic, Huda proves that she is a part of the millennial generation that is prioritizing purpose over profits- according to Deloitte’s 2018 Millennial Survey, 80% of millennials believe businesses should make a positive impact on society and the environment. Mona Kattan’s net worth is expected to be high. Mona Kattan and Huda Kattan are the creators of Huda beauty LLC. Huda Boss follows "Huda Kattan, the 34-year-old beauty blogger turned CEO of beauty brand Huda Beauty, as she shares the good — and the bad — of what it takes to run a family-owned company. “They were not paying us the right way, they were not ordering right quantities, so we were always out of stock, and we were literally dying as a brand, because of our distributor. The team has grown exponentially too, according to the company, in December 2017, it had 115 employees globally, and that figure has doubled now. Kattan met her now-husband, Chris Goncalo, at the University of Michigan-Dearborn where she studied finance. Huda is committed to her marriage with her husband, and he was part of the reason why she decided to get cosmetic surgery. “There were not many press who featured us back then, they were all like, ‘You’re a blogger,’ because, at the time, no one knew what bloggers would become. References. As of now, she is engaged to Dominic Nowell-Barnes. But, as a mother to a young girl growing up in an age of social media, she hopes to “first and foremost” teach her daughter this crucial lesson of positive self-identity. It was a weird time for us, to be honest, because it was one of the very first times that an influencer was releasing a product, but Sephora MENA had a great General Manager who was like, ‘Let’s do it,’ but then Sephora US said no, Sephora Europe ignored us, and they kept on saying no for years, which is crazy, because now we are like the number two brand in Sephora Europe.”, Building a beauty brand from scratch with only four people -the three sisters and Huda’s assistant- and without proper infrastructure was a challenging endeavor, Huda recalls. Talking about Mona Kattan’s relationship status, she is engaged to Dominic Nowell-Barnes. #10: The Beauty Aficionado has Diversified Beyond Makeup. I think he thought I was going to leave him and go back to work, but I stood by him every single day. Photography Domen / Van de Velde, #8: Huda is a Vocal Advocate for Self-Love, Although Kattan is known for expertly touting full glam more often than not, the Arab influencer is an inspiring champion of acceptance and self-love. target_type: 'mix' “I got pregnant, and could not take as many makeup jobs, but then a Sheikha from Abu Dhabi called me and was willing to pay for what I would normally charge for a week, and it was then that I realized that there was something in it, in my blog. He got a perforated ulcer and was in the hospital for two weeks. Jeremy Johnson, the co-owner of Too Faced Cosmetics. It’s scary.”, Up until now, Huda has used a makeup brush as an empowerment tool to guide women on how to paint their own stories of betterment on their own faces. When we finally managed to save enough money, my husband joined us, and we were able to get rid of our distributor.”, In 2015, Christopher Goncalo, Huda’s husband, joined the company as its Chief Operating Officer, and he created a proper distribution channel that enabled the company to finally fund their cosmetics. As stated earlier, Mona Kattan grew up along with four siblings; Huda Kattan, Alya Kattan, Halide Kattan, and Khalid Kattan. “It’s really hard to actually say, ‘I don’t love myself enough,’ but it’s such an important conversation to have, because you can only get over those things when you start talking about them. However, she hasn’t shared any information related to her brother Khalid Kattan. Premise. Also Read: Huda Kattan On Her Meteoric Rise in the Beauty World: “We Don’t Sell Products, We Sell Emotions”, #7: Estée Lauder is the Entrepreneur’s Business Inspiration, In her May 2019 cover star interview with Vogue Arabia, Kattan cites the American makeup mogul as her role model on her long quest to transform not only the cosmetics industry, but also the world. Her father is a retired Prof. Industrial Engineering. _taboola.push({ They have a daughter together named Nour Giselle. In February 2020, Huda posted a video on her YouTube channel in which Chris dressed, and applied makeup on her. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy | User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Although Kattan trained to be a makeup artist in Hollywood, her first experience with beauty products came through her sister Alya, who is ten years her senior, she revealed to Minthe. She continued: “I did my nose and my boobs together, when we launched the brand, because I has breast-fed and felt ashamed to show them to my husband. As for her sister, Huda Kattan’s net worth is estimated at $610 million. The bullying contributed to Huda’s interest in using beauty cosmetics because she wanted to restore confidence in herself. Husband to beauty entrepreneur and social media star Huda Kattan. Mona is Huda’s business partner, while Alya is her social media manager. Her sisters are called Alya, Mona and Halida. Executive producers were expected to include Pam Healey, Lisa Shannon, John Paparazzo, Esther Frank, Huda Kattan, and Mona Kattan. “The heartbeat of the company is definitely that transformational idea, the idea that you can transform, and be beautiful. Where And What Are They Doing Now? Her sibling’s Halide is a medical practitioner. She began blogging in 2010, and reached worldwide mainstream fame within the past couple of years thanks to her viral beauty hacks, tips and cult products. It’s actually a bit hard, to be honest. The couple moved to Dubai in 2006, and welcomed their first child, Nour Gisele, shortly after. Frequently speaking out on the importance of recognizing one’s own true beauty, Kattan revealed in a recent interview with Elle magazine that she too struggled with self-confidence for a long time.

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