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we can write an original essay just for you. Muhammad Ali is known for being "The Greatest" boxer of all time, but unlike other athletes he is remembered for his out of the ring actions as well as his athletic accomplishments. Ali’s voice was uncompromising in its Blackness. This essay has been submitted by a student. When Muhammad Ali was 12 years old, he and a... ...Zack Buzzard Buzzard 1 Born in Louisville as Cassius Clay to a house painter and domestic worker, Ali was immersed in America’s racist nature from birth. 2019 Feb 27 [cited 2020 Nov 4]. After reviewing Muhammad’s, his family member’s, his attorney’s, and the Muslim minister’s interviews and the FBI’s report, the court made the decision to cite Muhammad’s claim as valid, therefore he was not breaking the law because certain exceptions could be made for conscientious objectors. Ali went through many hard trail in his life, and one of them will change the future. "The Greatest" was the self-proclaimed nickname of Ali, but so many people agreed that it stuck. Countless books, articles, documentaries as well as blockbuster films have featured the great boxer. He won his first fight by a split decision and soon... ...Muhammad Ali Portrait credit: John Lair. Muhammad Ali grew up in the segregated south in Kentucky where discrimination played a key role in Muhammad Ali’s childhood. As the Vietnam War was on the rise and segregation filled the nation, Muhammad Ali, a newly renowned boxer, declined being drafted into the U.S. army on account of his Muslim beliefs which resulted in the tragedy of losing all his boxing titles, honor, pride and a five-year jail sentence; this event affected the country heavily; it sparked more controversy over the Vietnam War across America. Muhammad thinks everyone should take pride in their race and culture and not want to mix races so they can salvage their race and culture. As Muhammad aged and his condition got worse he had to stop boxing; he had his last turn in the ring in the year of 1981. Ali is an influential tragic hero for excelling in skill, strength, and courage just like how Odysseus used strength … My parents instilled a sense of pride and confidence in me, and taught me and my brother that we could be the best at anything. One of Muhammad Ali’s most devastating tragedies included his Supreme Court conviction. After Muhammad Ali’s court case was resolved, Muhammad Ali re- jumped into his boxing career with a win against Jerry Quarry. Olympic Gold After 9/11, Muhammad Ali filmed videos with the government in order to assure the country or countries that felt threatened by the U.S. that they supported Muslims. Muhammad Ali, was the first Islamic boxer to win a World Title. Boxing symbolized a twisted manifestation of the American dream, where minorities have to, literally, and fight their way out of poverty. These conflicting views can be seen through a number of historical texts and how they interpret events and areas of Muhammad Ali's life. Soon the public opinion began to change, with many Americans now openly opposing the war. Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Our writers can help you with any type of essay. Muhammad thinks each race should stay and want to be with their own race. Muhammed Ali once said, “Why should they ask me to put on a uniform and go 10,000 miles from [...], The guy is practically a shining star, “A champion is someone who gets up when he can't.” His name, “Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.” was otherwise known as Muhammad Ali. We will occasionally send you account related emails. Muhammad Ali had multiple strong views regarding the races and religions. Through analysing these texts as well as the events in Ali’s life this essay discusses and decides whether Ali truly is a hero or villain. had his bike stolen. In 1960, Ali was picked for the US Olympic boxing team. Born in Louisville as Cassius Clay to a house painter and domestic worker, Ali was immersed in America’s racist nature from birth. people who overcome obstacles in their life in an influential ways to others.Muhammad Ali is considered a modern-day epic hero due to his courage while dealing with discrimination against his faith, his acceptance to challenges, and being a person of action. Basically, African Americans, often referred to as “Negroes” by the white people in a demeaning manor, were not allowed to touch anything white people touched or have anything white people had. The case was then essentially reopened, it was being looked at again for further consideration and under closer observation. In his first amateur bout in 1954, he won the fight by split decision. Two years after Muhammad Ali was born, the couple had another son, Rudolph ("Rudy"). "The Greatest" was the self-proclaimed nickname of Ali, but so many people agreed that it stuck. Married: Many people disproved of this and thought it dishonorable. Introducing Muhammed Ali, another, What was the significance of Muhammad Ali’s response to the war? [...]. 2020 © - All rights reserved. On June 20 of 1967 heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali was convicted of evading the draft.“I am a member of the Muslims and we don’t go to no wars unless they are declared by Allah himself,” Ali told Chicago Daily News sports writer … Muhammad Ali’s influence on the black organisers who formed the backbone of the Civil Rights Movement was distinctly positive and remarkably broad-based. or wrong, I do not know, but he took his punishment for something he believed in, The Stolen Bicycle: Muhammad Ali Becomes a Boxer It shows how black people have been diminished and how their true origins are being erased by the white population. Muhammad Ali was raised in the Baptist church, but yet he became a Muslim. Rated at | Heavyweight | Ali and his older brother Rehman before converting to Islam, were named after their father as Cassius Marcellus Clay. Although not everyone approved of this, it was what Muhammad was going to do and nobody could change that. 21 March 2012 For example, when Muhammad was around twelve years old, he wanted a bicycle, but unfortunately, right after he got one, it was stolen. When Muhammad Ali died in 2016 everyone mourned his death. Over the course of four long years of fighting, with the help of attorneys, Muhammad Ali gained his final triumph; he won his Supreme Court case; sadly, as Muhammad Ali retired from his boxing career, he faced his final tragedy of Parkinson’s Disease. In 1978, Muhammad Ali became the first boxer to ever earn three heavyweight championship titles. Born as Cassius Marcellus Ray Jr., Muhammad Ali has been renown as the world’s greatest boxer. Considered by many to be the greatest boxer ever to step in the squared circle, Ali was blessed with the speed, power and stamina to become the world's heavyweight champion. Some may know him as the People’s Champion, others know him as the Greatest.

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