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Also in the email, Nathan makes a disgruntled comment about his parents threatening him with a job in his father's office, which he claims they are "dumb" for wanting him to represent. It was speculated that Nathan was used by Mr. Jefferson to drug girls for his purposes. Additionally, his black hair color, and brown eye color, reflects his fantastic personality. I'm sorry. For his performance, he received the perfect passing rating, in addition to being the Offensive Player of the Week. After Max successfully saves the girl, Nathan slips on Max's torn photo while trying to stand up before grabbing his gun and exiting the girls bathroom. Nathaniel was born in 1715. He has stolen one of Max's selfies and it's now hanging in his dorm, it's unknown why he did this. At Blackwell, Nathan retains the position as one of the main Vortex Club representatives and, by most Blackwell students, a recreational drug dealer. I pay people for that," implying that he is in therapy. Like I'd say anything. He seems to be traumatized by violence. On 04 February 1741, Nathaniel Preston married Sarah Tuck in Exetor, Rockingham, New Hampshire. Nathan is most obviously characterized by his blatant aggression and stress and paranoid behavior, as signified by red. Max is a member of the Vortex Club and sits in the same group on the lawn. Cause of Death Another theory was that Nathan even knew Rachel pretty well. Nik Shriner (ENG)Yasuhiro Mamiya (JPN). During a phone call to Joyce, David can say that he hopes "they never let him out". Also, in the fourth week, they won to San Francisco 49ers. Victoria emails back, also venting about Max and telling Nathan that she will talk to him later via text. Nathan's gun is a gift from an unknown source, presumably his father or Mr. Jefferson. The fact that Nathan became involved as a sort of protégée of Mr. Jefferson and knew about Rachel's posing for him could be why Jefferson also drugged Nathan and took photos of Nathan with Rachel and later killed her (she planned to leave the town anyway and Nathan is too important, killing him far too risky). A picture of a young Nathan with his father Sean Prescott. Blue I'm so, so sorry... My life is hell. After being certified from the school, he joined the Mississippi State University. But Victoria Chase and her snob minions still front like they're honored guests of Blackwell. [12] This is a testament to Nathan's anxiety and quick-to-anger attitude, as well as the previously mentioned danger in relation to his personality. Once on the ground, Nathan pulls out a gun. Photography Project "LiS - Not This Time",, Life Is Strange Spoilercast - Kinda Funny Gamescast Special, Red files with the names of girls written on the spines reside in one of the cabinets. Moreover, he became the NFL Offensive Player Rookie of the Year. This is due to the fact that Nathan listens to whale songs, and also, the deaths of the whales in Arcadia Bay could have been foreshadowing to the death of the Prescott heir. Victoria ChaseHayden JonesMax Caulfield (alternative timeline)Other Vortex Club members An American-Argentine actress and model, Camila Morrone have been involved in modeling and acting since 2012.... Who is Jessica Barden? Nathan is presumed to be the youngest son in the Prescott family and has a record of being violent and acting out, which is implied to be due to the pressures placed upon him by his parents (specifically his father) in order to keep the Prescott reputation intact. Anthony Ramos is a well-known American actor and singer. Killed by Mark Jefferson An English actress and model Mia Goth, a well-known face in the film industry, has started... Who is Michael B. Jordan? On a night out, she attempted to get him drunk in order to steal his money. While talking to students attending the End of the World Party, Max may warn them to stay away from Nathan or alert her if they see him. Nathan and Max seem to be friends since he texts her about hanging out, and according to Victoria's texts, he is worried about Max after she ran off suddenly (to Chloe's house). Gender Depending on previous actions, Max can get a message from Nathan as she is evaluating clues in Chloe's room, saying that they should prepare to die. Dak became influenced in playing football as his mother loved football, and even had a tattoo of football on her arm with no 3 written inside, representing her three sons. Yesterday during class, he put his feet on the desk, started texting and the teacher didn't say jack! That also was considered an explanation for him owning a gun and being under surveillance, regarding what kind of danger he was. I didn't want to hurt anybody. He seems to be smiling and lets himself in so he can comfort her. © 2008 - 2020 INTERESTING.COM, INC. He is convinced that nobody likes him and that his life is hell. — Nathan in "Chrysalis", Nathan Prescott He is associated with selling drugs at Blackwell, and it is consistently implied that he is mentally ill and is in therapy. Florence Pugh is an English actress who has joined the film industry in 2014 and is... Who is Anthony Ramos? He was born to his father Nathaniel Prescott and his mother, Peggy Prescott. Moreover, Dak became the Offensive Player of the Week three times and a Manning Award Player of the Week five times. The Prescotts are also responsible for a new development called "Pan Estates" that is scheduled to be built in Arcadia Bay.[2]. Nathan Joshua Prescott (born August 29, 1995) is a student at Blackwell Academy and is the secondary antagonist throughout Life is Strange. This prompts Nathan to pull out a gun, startling the girl, which leads Nathan to push her into the wall while he holds the gun at waist level. Dak Prescott was born on July 29, 1993, as the name Rayne Dakota Prescott, in Sulphur, Louisiana. This also would explain why the informal language Nathan generally uses in his texts is not present in the text Chloe shares with Max. Similarly, depending on the dialogue chosen, Nathan will say different things. discoveries. Nathan is outwardly aggressive, spoiled, rich, and acts in the manner of an archetypal brat. There are differences between the original and alternative timeline strongly related to color symbolism. Notably, this school file has been modified as per Sean Prescott's command to ignore any of his son's mishaps and instead portray Nathan in a positive light. Login to find your connection. Nathan's camera likely is a Sony NEX 7 (as seen in the diner in "Chaos Theory"). Max may then choose to warn Victoria about him, who will comment that Nathan is her friend and is not what everyone believes him to be.

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