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Ok. It’s not mint but I’d call it an 8.75 out of 10. Introducing… Holly Humberstone: A different kind of guitar star whose impressive debut was borne of the pandemic, Jason Richardson on his new Cutlass signature and the joys of working with Ernie Ball Music Man, How Joe Bonamassa dealt with the pressures of recording Royal Tea at Abbey Road, Review: SoloDallas The Schaffer Replica Storm, Vintage Bench Test: 1963 Gibson SG Special, The Big Listen: Elvis Costello – Hey Clockface, Review: Phil Robinson Advanced Circuitry Silicon Phuzz, Four new electric and acoustic amplifiers: October 2020, 10 new electric and acoustic guitars: October 2020, 13 new pedals and effects units: October 2020, The best electric guitars to buy in 2020: 15 best guitars for metal, How to play chords like Paul Simon Part 2, How to play country guitar Part 5 – Putting it all together. Norman’s ‘one that got away’ just happens to be an instrument that was used to change the course of popular culture. Harris also rented guitars to the be used in the movie industry,[2] including the films Bound for Glory, The Last Waltz, Back to the Future, and This Is Spinal Tap[2], Norman's Rare Guitars is frequented by many A-list musicians: Joe Bonamassa, Post Malone, Slash, T-Bone Burnett, Mike Campbell, Richie Sambora, Joe Walsh, and the now deceased Eddie Van Halen and Tom Petty. “Chris Guest was a customer of mine for a number of years,” Harris reveals. Norman Harris’ store resides in the corner of a nondescript strip mall sandwiched between Ventura Boulevard and the freeway. On any given day, you can walk into Norm’s and see some of your favorite musicians and artists rocking out. Now I know. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around that Martin from the 1800's. Funny, they're all beautiful and I enjoy seeing, but there were only two or three guitars there that I would really like to own, money issues aside. Norman Harris (born 1949) is a vintage guitar dealer and he operates a store called Norman's Rare Guitars in Tarzana, California. “He gave one magazine interview that had the greatest line ever, he said ‘Spinal Tap is great because we play loud. When we arrive, the sky is still bruised from a weekend storm that saw years of drought conditions in Southern Californian alleviated in a matter of hours. There’s more people that play guitar than play violin. Happening later today, Wednesday, 4 November at 4pm CST. After a request from the The Gretsch Company, which offered a drum set named “Broadkaster”, Fender decided to shave off all of the Broadcaster logos from the remaining guitars in the following year. People were using flatwound strings back in the day and it allowed people to have a very low action. He kind of wanted to set it up that Nigel Tufnel was a guitar collector. His birth flower is Marigold and birthstone is Opal and Tourmaline. After a period spent trading guitars out of his home, by early 1975, the first incarnation of Norman’s Rare Guitars was open in nearby Reseda. Inside we find shelter and guitars. The only acoustic guitar to make it on our list of the most expensive guitars in the world, had to be something special, and boy is it special! “Originally I was a Hammond organ player,” Norman recalls. Very clean, straight, 100 percent, just a very nice example and it happens to be a great instrument as well.”. Does it work as a coherent whole? Norman’s Rare Guitars does expert appraisals from just a visual appraisal, to dis-assembling the instrument to check pickups, wiring, pot dates, neck dates, etc. Looking to replicate the unmistakeable crunch of /Back In Black/? His store has become a destination and he has become a celebrity through his Youtube channel which has more than 300,000 subscribers. © 2019 NORM'S RARE GUITARS. “It’s definitely hampering business and it’s really unfortunate,” he admits. In the 1960s Harris was a Hammond Organ player who played in bands touring in the Miami, Florida area. The SG Special took over from the single- and double-cutaway Les Paul Special models in 1961. And of those, my current reissue versions are just fine. In part two of our look at the chord shapes and sequences which define Paul Simon’s sound, we focus on his early years as a solo artist. In the meantime, my plan B became my plan A.”. [2] While playing with the band Harris purchased a vintage Fender Jazz Bass. why do we need 7 million "genres" of music? Norman started off in a small location in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. It really is an amazing piece of art.”. BIG WEEK AT NORMAN’S RARE GUITARS. Norman recently turned 68 years old and he says that this has put him in “a different mindspace”. The whole time I was there, I kept wondering what he didn't have out. How cool, thanks Norm! I’m not for killing elephants, I’m not for any of that kind of stuff. Could Guitar Center actually go bankrupt and be forced to shutter? Join Highway 101 and travel about 15 miles north west you’ll find yourself in Tarzana, a neighbourhood in the San Fernando Valley established on the site of a ranch formerly owned by novelist Edgar Rice Burroughs and named after his most famous creation, the jungle hero Tarzan. With 50 years in the business and one of the world’s leading guitar collections, Norman Harris is the proprietor of a destination guitar store in Tarzana, California, which is frequented by A-list musicians and vintage obsessives alike. In the 1970s Harris was playing in a band with Bobby Caldwell called Katmandu (Miami band), and the band toured in Los Angeles. You need what you feel good on, and what sounds good to your ear.”. All Rights Reserved. I'm sure there are lots of "Norm's moments" folks can share. Mark Agnesi was born in Ohio, United States on Monday, October 11, 1982. I had trouble believing I was sitting next to him. “He was kind of a folkie – actually A Mighty Wind is closer to what Chris Guest is than This Is Spinal Tap! We weren’t making a lot of money playing and I figured I could subsidise my income by buying and selling instruments. We take a look at the chord shapes and sequences which define his sound. [5][6], The store has 300,000 subscribers on both Instagram and YouTube, and 80,000 on Facebook.

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