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Finally, unstep mast and screw step in place. Take down the sails, if sailing under severe conditions. Next, step mast onto unattached mast step (be sure to hold mast at all times) and attach stays. Follow directions on can be sure to paint centerboard as well as bottom. Opinions of 25' Penn Yan and 25' Trojan, 12. The jib sheet cam action cam cleat on track is adjustable fore and aft positions it so that the tension on the foot and leech of the sail is about equal. Should the boat capsize while sailing, there are a number of steps that should be taken to insure the safety of the boat and crew.

The Company strongly urges this Card be returned promptly.

Seems to apply to all. Sixth, lock your boom back into place by letting the boom go forward and tighten up halyard. Adobe Reader is necessary for viewing the DS manuals. Tie a figure eight knot in the end of the mainsheet so you won't lose it.

Some pages dated 1972. GOOSENECK: A metal device that secures the boom to the mast. CAUTION: It is very important that you do not tighten the stays too much as this can cause damage to the hull. You will need a medium sized screwdriver a pair of pliers, a small roll of tape to cover cottar pins. Capsizing Procedure Stepping the Mast Tanzer 22 - Owner's Guide. Fourth, roll the boom either way as you or your crew lets off slowly on the halyard. CLEAT: A fitting to which ropes are made fast. Tighten the blade pivot bolt or wedge blade in down position.

The sail will roll on the boom. To Attach Rudder On the stern of the boat are two gudgeons into which are inserted the pintles on the rudder. COTTERPIN: A straight or circular split metal pin used to hold a clevis pin in place. Safety Information BLOCK: Pulley consisting of a frame in which is set one or more sheaves or rollers. You may contact me at: Thanks in advance! PINTLES: Pins on the forward side of a boat's rudder designed to rest in and pivot on the gudgeons secured to the transom.

A small wire will be found in a hole at the slotted end of the spreader. *Watch these pendants for wear and replace when necessary by removing the centerboard bolt and lowering the centerboard out of the trunk.

After all stays are attached, take the slack out of the rigging by tightening all stays taut, but no more than hand tight. To put them in correct relation to the wind by means of sheets. S2 Grand Slam 6.7 - Owner's Manual and Class Rules. 1986.

First remove the block in the middle of the boom. 28 pages. Undated. Numbers are permanently molded into the transom on all models. 1. The following is a list of standard equipment which comes with your boat. Pearson 365 - Owner's Guide and Protection Plan. GUNWALE: The upper edge of a boat's side, where it meets the deck. Preventive Maintenance

Fiberglass Repairs although fiberglass is a relatively simple material to work with, we urge that you familiarize yourself with the proper procedures in order to insure good results. O'Day Manual for DS1 Download the original 1966 O'Day Corporation Rigging Instructions ds1man-oday.pdf complete with technicolor photographs.

By this the rudder is moved as desired.

There are several specific aspects of the Act new customers should understand. Tighten the luff of the sail by pulling down on the line attached to the gooseneck and then cleat it to the downhaul cleat. 5. Ropes are run over these rollers. In the latter case, remove mast and then mast step.

43 pages.

Boating Safety Act A new Federal Boating Safety Act was passed in 1971 to further encourage safety in boating O'Day endorses the general nature of this Act and certifies that it reasonably complies with requirements of the Act.

8 & 9. 6. Before you step the mast tie a figure 8 knot in the end of each halyard to prevent them from getting out of reach, and then pull the shackles on the other end of the halyards to the foot of the mast. Cal 20 - Owner's Manual. To Hoist or Raise Mainsail LEECH: The after edge of a sail.

See fig. See fig. To raise the mainsail, insert battens and then starting near the gooseneck, feed the foot of the sail, clew first into the slot on the boom. (Mostly not specific to the O'Day 25.) We recommend a pad or transom plates which will prevent engine loss and scarring of fiberglass. The other block attaches to an eye at the base of the mast. Wanted: Owner's Manual for O'Day Mariner, 5. *(As of August, 1975 a 10 1/2" piece of shock cord has been added to keep the forward c/b pendant tight while the c/b is down). We recommend that if you wish to be protected from an injury resulting from lightning, that you have your O'Day sailboat grounded by an authorized O'Day dealer or other reputable boat yard in the manner recommended by the American Boat and Yacht Council of New York, New York. The Day Sailer cockpit is totally sealed and as long as it remains intact, no leaking should occur except possibly through inspection bailing hand hole covers in the cockpit floor or centerboard bolt. Bail out any water in cockpit. The jib halyard is then attached to the head of the jib just as the mainsail was. 38 pages. Box of rigging containing main halyard jib halyard headstay, sidestays outhaul line, downhaul line, mainsheet spliced to single block with becket for mainsheet, jib sheet, boom vang assembly only less plate. Second, release the main halyard but keep it under tension. Undated. GGA REF: BPODY-025-1976-BW-AD-2 (staging), Seafarer - Owner's Guide. We recommend that you get assistance in stepping the mast until you are familiar with the stepping procedure.

SPAR: A mast, a boom, etc. Open ends of cotter pins after they are in place and tape. O'Day must describe the defect, evaluate the hazards involved, and state the action it is taking to eliminate the defect.

Missing 1 diagram. They're being. SELF RESCUING: A feature which enables the crew to right and sail away a boat which has capsized.

FS: 25' O'Day '77 Pocket Cruiser Sailboat, 9. Draw the foot of the sail out along the boom until the foot is tight. This enables spray or rainwater to be siphoned out while underway or at mooring with boat at rest. Teak can be either oiled or varnished. Steve Munter E. 2803 Winger Road Under all circumstances, whether or not your boat is grounded, when lightning is present in your boating area, contact with the mast, the stays, and other metallic objects should be avoided. Attach the block to bail on the boom. 143 pages.

Centerboard Be sure the base of the mast is properly seated on mast step. FOOT: The lower edge of a sail. On the top of the centerboard there are two adjustment pendants, one running forward which exits at the forward end of the trunk and is used to raise the centerboard, and the second which exits on top of the forward end of the trunk and is used to lower the centerboard.

The tension on the foot and luff of the mainsail should be such that there are no stress lines or wrinkles in the sail. Tanzer 14, 16, and Overnighter - Owner's Guide. A "tabernacle" is a great help as it permits easy one person stepping. SLACK: The opposite of taut. STARBOARD: The right side of a boat, facing forward. CAUTION: Be sure all lock nuts are securely tightened by pliers or a wrench and then taped to prevent loosening. Endeavor 40 - Owner's manual. Apply more tension as the wind increases, which will move the draft forward and decrease heeling moment, etc. Undated, but no earlier than 1970. GUDGEON: A metal socket attached to the transom to receive the pintle of the rudder. 1975-1977. Undated. General 3,850 lbs. The first three letters are our manufacturing serial number, the next letter represents the boat model code letter the first four numbers are the sail or class number and the last four digits represent the model year and the month the boat was built. Your boat is equipped with an automatic bailer located in the transom well. The position of this cleat on the mast may be changed by loosening the two screws, moving cleat, and then tightening screws again. A boom with boom vang plate only. Mainsheet Recommended horsepower for engine is included in O'Day's catalog and should be complied with for safety and warranty reasons. TRUNK: A centerboard housing. O'Day Manual for DS1Download the original 1966 O'Day Corporation Rigging Instructions  ds1man-oday.pdf complete with technicolor photographs. Should your O'Day sailboat be struck by lightning or make contact with electrical power lines, substantial injury may result to the occupants. Bottom Paint recommended in both fresh and salt water. PORT: The left side of a vessel facing forward. Glossary

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