pontiac fiero swap

Leon Thurston from Leons Garage Adventures continues working on his very powerful Pontiac Fiero. All of the hardware offered on our pages has been installed and is performing well in our own cars. Click "what it takes" below the desired engine conversion picture and description. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. It will bolt directly up to your Fiero … This engine has weight-saving aluminum heads. We’re figuring the total turnkey cost to commission your own LS Fiero at around $20k including labor. This is one of the easier engine conversions, as there are many pre-made components that allow the installation of this supercharged engine into the Fiero. This Engine will fit with some minor modifications. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request. NOTE 1: A popular swap for the Fiero 2.8L engine is a 3.4L engine from a '93-95 Camaro or Firebird. Against doctor’s orders, this Fiero owner decided to visit the quarter-mile track to… Read More »Pontiac Fiero with 621 Horsepower V8. Pontiac was never able to get this kind of mileage from a Fiero. A bespoke engine and transmission mount and accessory drive setup are required, but they’re part of the kit and all the heavy lifting is already done. Total bill for parts (not including the engine) is somewhere in the neighborhood of $5,500 once everything gets added up. This engine block is aluminum, with cast heads. The transmission is the stock 5-speed Getrag Fiero unit, so who knows how long it will be before that goes away (V8 Archie offers a conversion kit that utilizes the 6-speed box out of the Pontiac G6 as an upgrade), but it should be fun while it lasts…. The performance increase achieved with this conversion is substantial over most other engine swaps. I'll wait for DKOV's 6 speed HD tansmission to come out before I start collecting parts.-----1988 Fiero GT T-Tops - IRM rockers soooooon. We offer shirts on Spreadshirt and Amazon. Throttle cable connection (using stock Fiero V6 throttle cable) Spark Plugs. This engine requires simple modifications that are beyond the scope of this manual. The engine will feature a Holley Sniper intake and Terminator EFI, 102 mm throttle body, upgraded camshaft, two Turbosmart wastegates, and large turbocharger. Fiero Leon Thurston from Leons Garage Adventures is building a Pontiac Fiero with a turbocharged LS3 V8. 205HP & 240Ft Lb Torque - non-supercharged240HP & 270Ft Lb Torque - supercharged. These are the same heads used on the LS6 engine. This engine will bolt up directly to the Fiero transmission. Other popular swaps are the Chevrolet Small Block V8 and the Cadillac 4.9L V8. © 2017 Power Automedia. It will bolt directly up to your Fiero 4-speed and 5-speed transmissions. It is a significant upgrade over the stock Fiero Engine, probably one of the best upgrades to your Fiero. Formerly the editor of OverRev and Race Pages magazines, Huizenga set out on his own in 2009 to become a freelance writer and editor. (325 cu. MAN, I want to do this swap... but the lack of a garage (and welding experience) keep me from starting. 1999 Infiniti I30t Turbo (336 HP at the ground) Replacement of the stock Fiero Engine with a 3800 Supercharged Engine is one of the highest levels of engine upgrade that you can perform to your Fiero. This engine is a very logical replacement for the factory Fiero engine. This Engine is a high-performance upgrade.

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