rbs 15 vs harpoon

But if you need to use missiles, you already know your missile's capabilities and limitations - or should anyway. They could be aerial, surface or underwater drones (or any combination of these types). I think you are confused with chaff. I think this is the choice now RN is facing. Missiles don't have the space for such and need to be as light and efficient as possible for flight range. I’m guessing it could even be launched from a Merlin or Wildcat if we felt like paying for the integration. Raytheon is backing the Tomahawk and the NSM; Lockheed Martin for the LRASM. So not just using your own ship's weapons, but using all assets available to you. Mk.II missiles for Navy mobile land based launchers have also been delivered as part of the offset deal. If you do, anyone can put a radar in your path, keep it turned off and turn it on when they actually hear you or think you are nearby. It's what you do 99.95% of the time when you're out there - building RMP/RAP. Fast supersonic missiles stick out like a sore thumb, fast missiles may struggle to manoeuvre at supersonic speeds even if they do, as already stated they won’t outmanoeuvre at SAM than can pull 30-50g. The job at hand is an anti ship/land attack capability right now for £200m, I was merely proposing that an opportunity possibly exists to get some lasting capability on a T45 against a disposable one on a T23 by choosing a missile we already use. So called Western "stealthy" missiles rely on low altitude skimming to be stealthy, and besides all cruise missile radar cross sections are all under 1m2 anyway, more likely in the range of 0.5m2 to 0.1m2. They can also carry DH-10s. ASROC I believe requires Tactical length cells. Your local airport's SPS-48 radar will easily see a B-2 on landing approach. AFAIK all current anti-ship missiles can only be carried externally by the F-35B, which would affect its RCS and make it easier to detect and shoot down. A long range, long wave length beam will tell you that “something might be over there” but that is a far cry from high resolution targeting required for a SAM to intercept. If they do get them the integration costs maybe too high considering in 2 years a new system would be available. On the other hand, ballistic missile defense and/or high-grade SAM missile for hyper-sonic ASM shall be added. By the way, supersonic missiles are the ones that have heads shaped like artillery shells. Question is, Chinese, North Korean, Iranian, and Syrian (Russian) missiles against said US ships. With the money saved more T26 could be built. I read that old Harpoon missiles can be upgraded to block II+ for half the price of a new missile. The Navy will decide one winner. Newer variants do have anti-ship but that would require another purchase probably using the 200 million, this would also likely upset the French especially as we want subsonic and they want supersonic. All intended to be used from multiple platform types. Thank God that the SAMs in Anti-Ship mode don't detonate and instead are used as really fast telephone poles or you might actually have a point! Warships are designed and built for one reason “war” what does the government think will happen ‘dear enemy, can you wait a few months whilst I take my ships back to port so that I can have time to equip them fully’ Oh, I need a bit more time to test to make sure that it all works, I don’t think so. It signed a deal worth €110 million and Thales Naval Netherlands will modify the Orkan class ships. The marketed speeds of Mach 7-8 etc. If you don't start doing defense until after the missile is in the air and inbound, you are way behind. Nemo. That is why they are used for designs like the TPY-2 and SBX-1 -- to tell ballistic warheads apart from decoys and spent stages next to them at great distances. The elephant in the room with regard to equipment introduction is how significant the MOD judge the rise of the threat level. I’m not wild about Tomahawk for attacking ships, but on balance I think it’s a better use of our money as I think these canister options will be immediately redundant once FCASW comes into service and that £200m is lost, at least by choosing MK41/Tomahawk we get some Mk41 and some Tomahawk; we’re far more likely to be using these to attack land targets and Tomahawk would be a valuable addition to a carrier group to help kick the door in, they just offer a supplementary anti ship capability we’ll probably never use. What do you think Nemo? > – Taking a 2018 US Foreign Military Sales request from Finland as a baseline, four VLS systems to equip four corvettes for $70m, you could possibly add Mk41 to T45 for about a hundred million pounds. To accommodate the new weapon on the Type 23, they will have to be canister-launched and have the same approximate footprint of the Harpoons they replace. On 2/19/2018 at 12:39 PM, Phoenix_jz said: On 2/19/2018 at 4:30 PM, Eisennagel said: How do modern Western Anti-Ship Missiles Compare? If this does not happen and the warhead actually crushes against the air frame or hull you may end up with a dud. Buying new Harpoon BlkII rounds and using existing infrastructure is more sensible. These take up a lot of room through multiple decks. Please note I love to see TLAM as an interim land attack missile, before FCASW comes into reality. Plus another thing, advances in radar technology itself is closing the gap and window for "stealth" as you may call it, these advancements are simultaneous, in power, antenna gain and sensitivity, signal to noise ratio, complex scanning techniques, etc,.

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