rene herse barlow pass review

But, to my surprise, G-One was only 1,5% less comfy than Cazadero in that scenario (which again suggests that maybe big knobs are not the best thing when you want to deal with high-frequency vibrations). They are for anyone who can fit them, who wants a faster, more comfortable ride. Typical we'll see tires seal up just fine after a week or two, so I imagine you received a particularly thin set.'. Rene Herse tyres are named after the passes in the Cascade Mountains that have inspired them. So every millimetre of vertical movement passed from your tyre to your rim to your hubs, up through the frame to your saddle, pedals and handlebar, is robbing you of speed. So I reduced the wider Barlow Pass tires’ pressure to the 50 psi range. You can definitely hear the tire buzzing a lot and you can feel that this tire is slowing you down (especially compared to something like Barlow Pass from Rene Herse). But this could change because I got a pair of Rene Herse Barlow Pass tires which are well known for its suppleness. Don't find a lot of tires in that 45-55mm range. Simply because when I installed it on a wide carbon rim 24 mm it measured 40 mm. When I compared Soma Cazadero 42c tire with Panaracer GravelKing SK 42c tire I found out that a supple tire can be more than 13% more comfortable. Tell us what the product is for and who it's aimed at. Signs of premature wear are increased visibility of the crosshatching in the sidewall itself where the microfibres have broken. Your subscription will help us to do more. I also like this tire because it is very easy to mount tubeless on any rim that I used. You know that energy- and speed-sapping feeling when riding off-road, hitting a section of farm track that a tractor has driven over? © 2008–present unless otherwise stated. These are designed to make you faster, and they do exactly that without compromising ride quality. It's good. Correspondence will be entered into, if only to restate the above. Despite the knobs, it is very fast and quiet tire but at the same time, much more grippy on wet or muddy conditions. > Buyer's Guide: 16 of the best gravel and adventure tyres. How does the price compare to that of similar products in the market, including ones recently tested on What you may lose in going a few psi higher to reduce pedal-induced bounce, you get back in lightness and feel. I'd love to give these tyres 5/5, I really would, but taking price into account, at £67 and unlikely to be discounted, the BJPs are one of the most expensive clincher tyres you can buy and that holds them back half a star. Would you consider buying the product? Of course, people have been riding much, much faster and further on narrower tyres for a century – 2018's Paris-Roubaix was won by Peter Sagan on 28mm tubulars. After the Stampede Pass review, I was taken to task by readers for running them too hard, at around 85 psi. Yes, there are faster tires out there but you will have to sacrifice the comfort (G-One bite) or overall grip (Barlow Pass). Up to this point, Soma Cazadero were my benchmark in terms of tire suppleness. OK, it is not time to introduce the potentially new comfort king: Rene Herse Barlow Pass 38c tire. Compared against the Hairsine Ratio at an average of 1.91g lost per pound spent to save weight, choosing the Compass Bon Jon Pass Extralight over the Schwalbe G-One Speed was 'worth' £157 of savings elsewhere. OK, it is time to introduce the benchmark setup… I am currently testing the top of the line Canyon Grail SLX 8.0 ETAP bike and I decided to use it as a bike for this tire comparison. At the usable pressures, they are very comfortable. Your email address will not be published. Post navigation. Expect for comfort. 8. Tell us how the product performed overall when used for its designed purpose. Compass says: "The Bon Jon Pass is our Goldilocks tire: at 700C x 35 mm, it fits bikes that have extra clearance around the Stampede Pass (32 mm), but not enough space for a Barlow Pass (38mm). It is another attempt to deflect the focus from real measures that could help rider safety. That 300g you're saving over a pair of Schwalbes equates to half a water bottle. Back in February I reviewed the Compass 38mm Barlow Pass in the standard casing, and was blown away. If you don’t want to subscribe, please turn your ad blocker off. I had to do all of this because the sidewalls of Barlow Pass Endurance are quite stiff as opposed to supple sidewalls of Cazadero. The more supple tire the more comfortable you will be on a bumpy road. Friday Photo . At £67 each these aren't cheap, but it's not outrageous for a top-end tyre (you can certainly pay more) – especially for the performance. Suffice to say, as ever, even a considerable faff at setup is more than recompensed by every single second of subsequent supple, fast, comfortable, grippy, puncture-free rolling, for many thousands of miles of smiles. Cazadero is super easy and Barlow Pass is super hard to do so. Log in. At the time I noted the BJPs as being my target tyre for my Merida Ride 5000, and now I've tried them I feel validated in spades. But nevertheless, there were still measurable differences. Quiet and properly fast. But subjectively, Cazadero felt even comfier. This tire, as a reference tire, I tested both in tubed and tubeless setup just to see if I can measure any difference between those two scenarios. And yes, even though I have bought Barlow Pass with Endurance casing (because I intend to use them on a daily basis and need extra puncture protection), this tire feels comfy. In their own words, 'It's quite possible that the pair you got could have slightly too thin of rubber. Disclosure: Compass Bicycles provided review samples for this article, but offered no other form of compensation in exchange for editorial coverage. It is semi-slick tire so of course there is no competition in terms of grip when compared to Soma Cazadero. Even when you grab it you can feel that the sidewalls are very soft and flexible which promises a lot of comfort when riding. The Compass Bon Jon Pass TC Extralight is the lightest and narrowest of its tyres that can be set up tubeless. Our mission is to bring you all the news that’s relevant to you as a cyclist, independent reviews, impartial buying advice and more. I've done quite a few tubeless setups over the years, and have a pretty good eye for ballpark pressure. Compass Barlow Pass TC Extralight; Donnelly X’Plor MSO Tubeless Ready; MAXXIS Rambler Silk Shield TR; MAXXIS Ravager Silk Shield TR; Panaracer GravelKing SK TLC; Schwalbe G-One Bite Evo MicroSkin TLE; Schwalbe G-One Allround Evo V-Guard; WTB Resolute TCS Light/Fast Rolling; 2 Comments. These are fast tyres, period. With the Bon Jon Pass I opted for 35psi front and back at the outset based on my Thumb-O-Meter and 75kg weight, and on my first run I found at high cadences I got a wee bit of pedal-induced bounce. Yes, Use this box to explain your overall score. To my senses, accustomed to running 90-100 psi in 25 or 28 mm tires, the 38s felt a bit squirmy at first. Everything I noted in the Barlow Pass review applies to the BJPs, and they're lighter/more supple to boot. Compass has its handmade tyres manufactured in Japan by Panaracer, but the process and materials are unique to Compass. Maybe leaving them lying on each side for a day, a bit more shaking, a bit more air – that sort of thing. Back in February I reviewed the Compass 38mm Barlow Pass in the standard casing, and was blown away. What you're paying extra for with the Bon Jon Pass is considerably lower weight and, critically, a more supple sidewall. Rene Herse (Compass) tires are by many considered as the most comfortable out there. Dry, wet, muddy, bumpy or any other condition you can imagine and the tire will perform remarkably well. Compass's UK distributor replaced the tyres and on the second setup everything was fine. Part IV: Why Riding With A Cyclist Mentality Is Dangerous, Anti-Aging: Consistency, Specificity and Variety. I found myself thinking up tests for what I could and couldn't feel through the bike's contact points. The Compass tyre range is pretty simple to understand. The resultsUp to this point, Soma Cazadero was for me the benchmark tire in terms of comfort, but Barlow Pass, even with Endurance (less supple) casing exactly matched Cazadero on a bumpy forest route and significantly surpassed it on a fast gravel road (9,5% less vibration at front of the bike when riding on hoods). At the end of 2017, Germany's Tour magazine rated the Bon Jon Pass as one of the five fastest tyres in the world – but that was the 355g standard casing, not the more supple 300g extralight version reviewed here. Like this site? While testing tank-driver seats, the US Army found that the human body could absorb up to 2,000 Watts of vibration energy as your muscles, bones and organs rub against each other. So the grip could be better, but overall speed is something else entirely. Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the product? The last thing that I measured was tubed vs tubeless setup. Tell us what you particularly liked about the product, Tell us what you particularly disliked about the product. Though I believe they are worth every penny. Strange enough they mention 25c as an example of 'wider tyres'.... Fast-rolling, grippy tyre whose performance is unaffected by the impressive levels of puncture protection, Adds a little off road performance to road bikes, but can't cope with the low pressures to suit, Good value, impressively airtight and strong grip in any conditions, Extremely impressive high volume gravel tyre that copes with all terrain, Editorial, general: info [at] I only had enough Orange for the front tyre, so used Stan's on the back. Tires are crucial for a comfortable ride. Also, increasing numbers of even pure-road bikes now include some form of suspension in the head tube, seat tube or seatstays to reduce vibration. 6 Plattfüße nach nur ca. For the first time ever I needed not only an air compressor, a lot of soap bubbles but also a tube to make this tire work tubeless (I had to put and inflate the inner tube first to make the tire expand properly, then remove the tube and inflate the tire again, this time with compressor and soap bubbles). I'm looking around for something better for my touring/gravel bike, and I came across Rene Herse Snoqualmie Pass tire. World-beatingly fast. There are 700C, 650B and 26in diameters, widths from 26 to 55mm, and a mixture of either standard or extralight casings in black or tan sidewalls. The only real drawback I can think of is the rolling resistance, especially on asphalt. Experimentation is the key here, to dial in your preferred characteristics. Why do rides have to be non-stop? And yes, there were small differences…. Juni 2019 Imi Radfahren 7 Kommentare. Canyon Grail is sold with a Schwalbe G-One bite tires (40c) and since I have heard many good things about them I decided to include them in my comparison (as a reference tire).

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