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He recalled later: ‘Against the yellow sand, they created exotic and arbitrary colour relationships so unique … I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life.’ 21. Throughout it all, he kept painting. There he was sensually connected to the body of European art. ‘The interesting thing about glass is it’s a wall you can see through. His work does not imply, as that of his contemporary Barnett Newman does, the end of the figure-ground relationship; rather a radical new way of exploiting it, without having to tell stories.7, Here Scully implies that his own application of blocks and stripes of colour is akin to Rothko’s use of coloured floating forms — Rothko called them ‘organisms with volition and a passion for self-assertion. Very faint crease bottom left corner below image. The vehicle employed by Scully to achieve his ends is paint. 24 Scully, cited Meanwhile, the sculptures are installed outside in the grounds, poetically echoing the linearity of the estate and its grooming beams (it is the first time that Scully’s sculptural work is shown in Latin America). vestments — for the Chapel of the Rosary at Vence in the south of France. just as his mother danced the tango with his father when they moved to Spain side of contemporary art, where there seems to be even less concern for art Yeats Ware, Hertfordshire: Wordsworth Editions 1994 p.61. 2003 n.p. in Maria Lluïsa Borràs ‘Sean Scully, immensely human’ stained-glass windows, ceramic tiles, murals, altar decorations and liturgical My idea is more human. Very pleased. Moving from London to New York in 1975, Scully helped lead the transition from Minimalism to Emotional abstraction in painting, abandoning the reduced … Estimate: the Spiritual in Art and Painting in Particular (1912) 1947 p.51. Scully’s ambivalence towards organised religion, he would love to make 1999 p.69. Anderson Guerra. It’s called narcissistic science,’ Scully quips. It’s early September and a plague of flies has just descended on a farm in Mooseurach, Germany where Sean Scully has a studio. You didn't find the perfect wallpaper to beautify your desktop or homescreen? Shoji, 1992, colour woodcut on paper, edition: 10/30, numbered, titled, signed and dated below image '10/30, Shoji, Sean Scully 1992', carved and printed by Keiji Shinohara Garner Tullis Workshop, NY © Sean Scully/Copyright Agency, 2018, Estimate: 26 Carrier Sean and the remainder lining each side wall. This is embodied in his current exhibition at Waldfrieden Sculpture Park in Wuppertal, Germany, an outdoor exhibition space founded by British artist and ‘old pal’ of Scully’s, Tony Cragg. Sean Scully London: Thames & Hudson 2004 p.42. More readily available and less burdened by the issue of interior content. SEAN SCULLY - This Way Up, 1993, Estimate: with R Eric Davis Journal of Contemporary Art 1999, online version, I have worked alone in the face of so many movements, against other forms of art. When he moved to New York, he knew not everyone would be waiting with open arms. The Abstract Expressionist THE ART OF SEAN SCULLY: A human spirituality, fig.1 Mark Rothko 1957#20 1957 oil on canvas 233.0 €1,800 - €2,340. His work fuses the cold, hard-edged rigidity of Minimalism with the warm fallibility of humanity, and has, in turn, reformed the very spirit of abstraction. exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, 1998, and added with Hans-Michael Herzog ‘The beauty of the real’ Sean Scully — one large and fourteen identically-sized, smaller canvases — run It’s not about having an idea [but] rather being able to express it in painting. Great condition, but please check painting before bidding, since there will be no refund issued, Estimate: Otherwise good original condition. It explores the capacity of colours to have effects on the emotions and the psyche. Installation view of ‘Sean Scully – San Cristóbal’. €2,000 - €3,000, Description: In his work he continues to refrain from telling stories, dictating truths or moralising. That, of course, is the contradiction with it because many people find it more exclusionary than [say] an icon painting.17. 33.86 x 48.82 in. Jewellery / 11 days ago. Aquatint on China paper; signed and numbered; Find over 100+ of the best free aesthetic images. Your email address or password is incorrect. There is nothing saintly in Scully’s endeavour. To achieve great ends indeed requires a great aim. p.84 cited in Sean Scully ‘Against the dying of his own light’ Times Henri Matisse and Louis-Bertrand Rayssiguier La Chapelle de Vence: Journal Photobooks / 16 Oct 2020. All Rights Reserved. It is as if the spirituality in art stepped off a pedestal, or from behind a sheet of glass, and has joined the world of the living. 16 David Carrier commented that ‘his paintings could make wonderful Stations of the Cross’.16. Heaven sent: introducing Sophie Bille Brahe’s celestial new jewellery, Notting Hill’s Sister Jane Townhouse is a theatre of whimsy, Introducing the November 2020 Issue of Wallpaper*, Snøhetta unveils ultra-sustainable workspace in Norway, Colour and texture combine in Sebastian Herkner’s ‘Let’ lounge chair for Fritz Hansen, Bulgari and David Chipperfield unite for Rome’s Torlonia Marbles exhibition, Jonathan Anderson’s self-isolation reading list, Enough of Trump billboard campaign gains traction ahead of US election, Shore thing: SMR Days designs resort wear for everywhere, Bosco Sodi on Minimalism, imperfection, and the emotive power of art, Natural high: escape to the Clark Art Institute’s first-ever outdoor exhibition, Photographing the defiance and opulence of Europe’s contemporary Ballroom scene, Wallpaper* presents a joyful collaboration between Veuve Clicquot and Yayoi Kusama, I do! 87 no.6 July 1999 pp.67–71, 25 Scully, letter ‘In my work, structure and emotion rage simultaneously, and that’s a very incongruous mixture,’ he says. works for a church. His paintings, watercolours, pastel drawings and photographs offer different ways to explore and come to an understanding of his art. Sign in to view your bids, favorites & more! The colours of Scully’s ‘Stations’, 5 See Kandinsky Concerning the Cross 1958–66 (National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC), but Scully Life cannot be negotiated in isolation. The painting humanised geometry with hand-rendered stripes and ‘broke a lot of the rules my colleagues were still obeying’. $10,000 - $15,000, Description: 13 Sean Scully, interview with Hans-Michael Herzog ‘The beauty of the real’ Sean Scully (exhibition catalogue) Milan: Charta 1996 pp.55–131 (p.71). Licensed by VISCOPY, Australia, fig.2 Willem de Kooning Woman V 1952–53 oil on Interviews / 11 days ago. Provenance: Elina Sazonov Variations in texture and colour, achieved with the artist’s five-inch brush, allow those who engage with his colour dialogue to become involved intensely with physical objects. The abstract artist taking on Luis Barragán’s famed modernist estate. He went to New York as a young man as did I. I’m very attracted to his relationship with abstract art. 11 Willem de Kooning, Sean Scully (1945- ), Irish/AmericanTEN TOWERS #10, 1999; Original colour sugarlift; spitbite and aquatint on somerset paper; signed, titled, dated 99 and numbered 10 2/40 in pencil to marginPlate 10" x 4" - 25.4 x 10.2 cm. Not cleaned up. 103–108 (folio 107). statutory VAT and plus 2,5% (+VAT) shipping insurance. SEAN SCULLY - Pueblo Dzibalchen, 2002. Gouache sur papier 76.5 x 60cm (30 1/2 x 23 5/8 in) sheet; 24 x 10.5cm (9 1/2 x 4 1/8 in) image ‘A fucking fly bit the middle of my tattoo out’, says the artist over FaceTime, pointing at his forearm towards the now-dismembered Celtic symbol for fertility. also Wassily Kandinsky Concerning the Spiritual in Art and Painting in Particular Would you like to download screen photo, up for evil days or really somber afternoons and download a set of mood replacing wallpaper drawings to have for your smart phone screen? revised edition, London: Penguin 1989 p.1. So I was pulled out of convent school, and put into a state school and these two breaks marred my sense of reality permanently. © TI Media Limited. Ahead of a major retrospective at the Hungarian National Gallery, Irish abstract artist Sean Scully reflects on six decades of redefining abstraction and doing ‘the biggest stretch in the history of the art world’, Installation views of Sean Scully’s current exhibition, ‘Insideoutside’ at Waldfrieden Sculpture Park. Matisse’s chapel, unlike those of Rothko and Scully, has always been a Untitled limited edition print 53/60 etching signed and dated '96 lower right, bears 'Ross Fine Art' and 'Nicholas Gallery' labels verso (26 x 17.75 cm) (10.25 x 7 in), Description: Alongside his Waldfrieden exhibition, he’s just signed with Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, and will have a show of new work in their space in Marais, Paris in Spring 2021. Photography Sean Scully, ’Insideoutside’, until 3 January 2021, Skulpturenpark Waldfrieden. to Brian Kennedy 20 May 2004 National Gallery of Australia file 03/0511 folios Description: image that carries the unmistakable character of the woman figure. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.By submitting your information, you agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy & Cookies Policy. All Rights Reserved. And he doesn’t do creative block, apart from one ‘dreadful’ year after he graduated from university. Holly 2004 is Scully’s memorial to his mother. Any statement in relation to the lot is merely an expression of opinion of the seller or Lyon & Turnbull and should not be relied upon as an inducement to bid on the lot. The work of Sean Scully affirms our need and capacity as human beings to have spiritual affiliation with each other. to Kennedy 20 May 2004 file 03/0511 folio 104. An iteration of Boxes of Air, an airy lattice steel-structure, will continue to grow throughout the duration of the show, eventually tripling in size. London: Studio Vista 1971. ‘For Hillary [Clinton], I thought she was going to win so easily I didn’t bother, but she lost. Scully, cited in Sam Hunter‘Sean Scully’s absolute paintings’Artforum Sean Scully New York: Hudson Hills Press 1990 p.16. Igor Starkov. clear and limpid as a maiden.’15 MTH Sadleir, revised by Francis Golfing et al. Framed - print floating in white box frame. Provenance: Private Collection Sean Scully is an Irish-born American-based painter and printmaker who's work is represented in the permanent collections of many major museums and public galleries around the world. I make something that accompanies what we already are, humanistic and complex. Ferdinand Studio. ‘I’ve married into that country [Scully’s wife, artist Liliane Tomasko is of Hungarian descent], so it has a special significance for them and me,’ he says. My painting, however, is a compression. 6 Mark Rothko ‘The 2 The Spiritual Lot 5: Roland Garros Lot de deux affiches: Lot 13: SEAN SCULLY (b.1945)Red FoldLithograph, 23 x 17cmSigned, inscribed and dated (20)'06Edition 33/50, Lot 16W: "Lucia" Print By Sean Scully (137M), Lot 19: Sean Scully R.A. (Irish, born 1945) #2 76.5 x 60cm (30 1/2 x 23 5/8 in) sheet; 24 x 10.5cm (9 1/2 x 4 1/8 in) image, Lot 20: Sean Scully (b.1945) Block (1986). Scully’s understanding of life as an abstraction identifies with Plato’s philosophical underpinning of abstract art in Philebus: ‘I do not now intend by beauty of shapes what most people would expect, such as that of living creatures or pictures, but … straight lines and curves and the surfaces or solid forms produced out of these by lathes and rulers and squares … These things are not beautiful relatively, like other things, but always and naturally and absolutely.’9 It is in this sense that Scully can make his case for abstract art as the universal art. He’s also just unveiled a major retrospective at the Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest, his first in Central Europe.

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