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but I always pay attention to whether or not the non-leads/extras have any clue what they are doing. Love this. The SWAT teams in Die Hard are my favorite example of a bunch of extras being handed guns and just told to run around. It is great when someone threateningly works the slide of a gun that has just been in a gun fight. It completely kills the sense of wonder when you see "Experts" do things like leave their fingers inside the trigger guard, or that kind of bullshit where you see a group of "operators" ring a suspect, and if one of them fires, it would have shot the person on the other side. Steve Forsing 250px: Basic Information Status: Alive Age: 50 (at time of Day of the Soldado) Date of birth: May 11, 1968 Nationality: American: Family Information Portrayal Played by: Jeffrey Donovan: … It's not a decade known for attention to detail. They were reportedly living on welfare, had trouble paying electric bills, and often moved to a new residence. Jan 29, 2018 - Inspiration for Sicario character Steve Forsing IE Waking through a friendly area, gun pointed down and a finger on the trigger. I am ex army, and trigger discipline, and line of site awareness was hammered into us endlessly, so i also watch for the finger alongside the trigger guard, crossed lines of fire, range safety etc. Nancy raised him and two of his brothers, while having trouble financially supporting herself and her family. I do wish for my accuracy with grenades though. In Sicario (2015) one of the Delta Operators behind Steve Forsing lowers his M4 towards the ground before he makes a 90 degrees turn to his right displaying excellence in muzzle discipline, making sure that the barrel is not pointed on Steve Forsing or anyone else. In Lord of the Rings: Two Towers, when they ride out of Helmsdeep, I love watching the riders in the back swinging at the air. ". Looking for something to watch? The SWAT guys in Die Hard were comic relief.. No flame with grenades! around 1:55 on this video. Donovan estimated that they moved 10 ... Let Him Go Review: A Family Dispute as American as Kevin Costner, ‘Let Him Go’ Review: Diane Lane and Kevin Costner Head Up a Floridly Gripping Thriller, Everything Coming to Hulu in December 2017, James Bond Villains and Henchman in future, Fan-made cast and crew for DCEU's The Batman, Sweetest TV Friendships (2000-2015) Part 2, IMDb Poll Board: Best Team of Heroes - Part 2. Keanu Reeves in John Wick is sexy as fuck. Now, compare that to a more modern movie involving a SWAT team. Jeffrey Donovan, Actor: Burn Notice. I'm not a gun aficionado, but I always pay attention to whether or not the non-leads/extras have any clue what they are doing. They just point n shoot. The one guy poked his hand on a rose bush! Jeffrey Donovan was born in Amesbury, Massachusetts, son to single mother Nancy Matthews. Yeah, the lack of trigger discipline in Hollywood movies really triggers me. Good movie too. Or had a special forces consultant on set for this stuff. Also fun is counting all the times that guns are cocked/ have a round loaded into the chamber. I also watch for proper finger on/off the trigger technique. Oh yeah, the guys in the black jumpers knee-firing the M16s in Die Hard 2. For this it wouldn't surprise me if they had extras that were former military or police. They never go "boom" with a large billow of flame. Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, Jeffrey Donovan/Smokey Robinson/Jaymes Vaughan, Guest Co-Host Corbin Bleu/Jason Bateman/Jeffrey Donovan, Partners in Crime: Clint Eastwood and Angelina Jolie, The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. Way of the Gun has some great scenes you may like. The SWAT tams in Die Hard were a bunch of extras being handed guns and just told to run around. Like, in-universe. Maybe that's just how swats were in the 80s. They were all mall cops in over their heads. Sorry I didn't timestamp, on mobile. Its an explosive, not a fuel fire. The dude in the very back just keeps swinging his sword back and forth at nothing. Not specifically with guns or anything like that, but one of my favorite things to do with movies I've seen multiple times is trying to watch the extras. Every movie/tv I've ever worked on that has police or military scenes, usually they have a consultant on set. I love that in Saving Private Ryan the higher-ups have more shiny barrels than the lower rank soldiers because the higher-ups didn't really need to use them.

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