temptress archetype strengths and weaknesses

Goal: being in a relationship with the people, work, and environment they love Fear: feeling unwanted or unloved Weakness: desire to please others at risk of losing own identity Talent: passion, appreciation, and diplomacy. However, the Nurturing Mother may run into issues when she continuously puts others’ needs before her own, loses her sense of self, allows others to easily abuse her giving nature, and may become too controlling of her loved ones, becoming what is known as the Devouring Mother. The Temptress Archetype October 31, 2013 by craigschmidt in Archetypes & Hero's Journey , The Movies and tagged Archetypes , Hero's Journey , Writing I wrote about “The Lover” archetype in June/July, but there is another type of lover who often pops up along the hero’s journey . Goal: to understand the fundamental laws of the universe Fear: unintended negative consequences Weakness: becoming manipulative or egotistical Talent: transforming people’s everyday experience of life by offering new ways of looking at things. Goal: to overturn what isn’t working Fear: to be powerless Weakness: taking their rebellion too far and becoming obsessed by it Talent: having big, outrageous ideas and inspiring others to join them. Learning Mind does not provide medical, psychological, or any other type of professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Based on Hera, the goddess of marriage, the Queen represents a woman’s strong allegiance to duty, propriety, and natural leadership. If you disagree that the purpose of this is self-discovery, then I’m afraid you are missing the point. The innocent always tries to see the good in the world and looks for the silver lining in every situation. This character may actually be on the hero’s side—also hoping for the best and honestly believing that what he/she proposes is the right answer. She is an obstacle he must avoid—he must “just say NO” and continue on his quest. Hestia, the goddess of the hearth, is the inspiration for the Mystic woman, an archetype that symbolizes a woman’s yearning to cultivate an inner peace, one that strives to find home within herself. Carl Jung defined 12 archetypes that symbolize basic human motivations, as well as drive our desires and goals. The sage values ideas above all else. The original purpose of this archetype was probably to convince younger generations of people to listen to their older, frailer tribe-mates. Harry Potter has a few girlfriends in the series before realizing who is “one true love is” and I’m not sure any of the other girlfriends could be considered temptresses as they are all “good” and fight on his side. What character does the temptress archetype fit in The Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens?Please include textual evidence and analysis In literature, the temptress is often described as an intelligent but unscrupulous woman with seductive charms who exploits men and … Some people might describe them as a little negative at times. The Queen represents a woman’s strong allegiance to duty, propriety, and natural leadership. This helps us understand who we are or might become, who we don’t want to be, and how we can use our intrinsic nature for good. Rebels like to do things differently. Goal: to use wisdom and intelligence to understand the world and teach others Fear: being ignorant, or being perceived as stupid Weakness: can be unable to make a decision as never believe they have enough information Talent: wisdom, intelligence and curiosity, The magician is often very charismatic. A charismatic, free-spirited, sensual woman, the Lover craves intimacy and thrilling relationships, thrives on creativity, and openly expresses her feelings. Contemporary examples: Snow White, Harriet Smith from Emma, Jane Eyre, Beth from Little Women, Bella Swan from Twilight. Which of the 12 archetypes dominates your personality and how has it helped or hindered your life? The Everyman archetype is embodied by a character who is sincere, empathic, and fits in with other people like himself. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Simply reading his work, such as this one, show that it is nonsense. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Those who identify with the innocent archetype are sometimes criticized for being naïve dreamers. Contemporary examples: Oracle from The Matrix, Phoebe from Friends, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Scarlet Witch from Avengers. © Learning Mind 2012-2020 | All Rights Reserved |, What Are the 12 Archetypes and Which One Dominates Your Personality. Learning Mind has over 50,000 email subscribers and more than 1,5 million followers on social media. Lets look at some Temptresses in my usual stories: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. She sees offering love and safety to others as her true calling, possesses a strong protective instinct, seeks to cultivate deep familiarity in her relationships, and always has kind words to soothe her loved ones. Now, Ron Weasley, on the other hand, is often distracted by other girls and therefore doesn’t recognize Hermione until late in the series (after Emma Watson grows up and then . Perhaps the most interesting temptations are more philosophical. Get free homework help on Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451: book summary, chapter summary and analysis, quotes, essays, and character analysis courtesy of CliffsNotes. Sages are good listeners and often have the ability to make complicated ideas easy for others to understand. Most people who read this have an understanding that their personality is a mixture of archetypes that have been molded through life experience, culture, upbringing, etc. They want to make others happy and can often use humor to change people’s perceptions. What does it mean to be a woman — to be feminine? The Lover is in touch with her desire to make an intense connection. Her idealization of commitment makes her feel incomplete without a man by her side, prone to jealousy, and often unable to bond closely with other women, seeing them as a threat to her throne. However, their positive outlook and happy-go-lucky personalities can uplift others. Moreover, they are featured in just about every blockbuster movie or best-selling novel. Being informed is sexy. Rebels can be charismatic and easily encourage others to follow them in their pursuit of rebellion. Look deeper within. Theory’s Weaknesses/Limitations Many critics are leery of the actual value of the archetypal approach; they seem to think it is reductionistic, formulaic. She is a lover of reading, writing, being in nature, fairy lights, candles, fireside, and afternoon tea. Jung defined twelve primary archetypes, each with its own set of values, meanings and personality traits. But if she’s not careful, the Lover might find that she allows her emotions to run wild, lacks focus, forges shallow relationships, and due to her fear of being alone, bases her self-esteem on what others think of her. Strengths: Wisdom, experience. Sometimes, however, the jester uses humor to cover his or her own pain. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The hero thrives on being strong and standing up for others. Unfortunately, others can exploit their good nature for their own ends. one who is not nearly as wholesome or helpful. When the rebel sees something in the world that isn’t working, they look to change it. I wrote about “The Lover” archetype in June/July, but there is another type of lover who often pops up along the hero’s journey . The dark side is tempting because it is easy and it feeds on selfishness. Goal: to be happy Fear: being punished for doing something wrong Weakness : being too trusting of others Talent: faith and open-mindedness Of course, the real temptation in the series is for Harry to either give up or give in to his darker side and seek vengeance. But the Queen has a dark side. My friend, people are a mix of archetypes, Jung has been discredited many many times but somehow coming back stronger, why? -Temptress begins as the serpent -Eve becomes a temptress -They both are lead to their downfall Adam amd Eve Why is the Temptress important? Goal: to create things of enduring value Fear: failing to create anything great Weakness: perfectionism and creative blocks caused by fear of not being exceptional Talent: creativity and imagination. It generally excludes other sources or criticisms. Get an unbiased news breakdown of everything you need to know in politics, pop-culture, and more in 60 seconds or less. If this advice is bad, then the character is a distraction/obstacle; if the hero shouldn’t listen, then the person giving the bad advice serves as a kind of Temptress. The orphan archetype represents those who are dependable, down to earth realists. Understanding which of the 12 archetypes dominates our personality can help up to realize what is really important to us. They are often able to see things in a completely different way to other personality types and can use these perceptions to bring transformative ideas and philosophies to the world. Everyone switches archetypes according to the situation or environment that they’re in. Goal: to help others Fear: being considered selfish Weakness: being exploited by others and feeling put upon Talent: compassion and generosity. Based on Persephone, the queen of the Underworld, the Innocent Maiden embodies youth, purity, and sensitivity. This offers us wonderful insight into the strengths and weaknesses of not only the women in our lives, but also ourselves — we each might be a mix of different archetypes or a clear-cut embodiment of one in particular. Goal: to help others and protect the weak Fear: being perceived as weak or frightened Weakness: arrogance, always needing another battle to fight Talent: competence and courage. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Bolen uses seven classic Greek goddesses to illustrate the intricacies, nature, and behavioral patterns of femininity, and the many ways it can be expressed, making up the seven female archetypes, as listed below. Though the Maiden has yet to claim her womanhood, she carries more inner strength that she knows. This archetype illustrates a woman’s innermost desire to act with independence and achieve great things. ( Log Out /  However, sometimes rebels can abandon perfectly good traditions just because they have a desire for reform. The Temptress could be a person presenting a differing opinion and offering advice. The creator is born to bring something into being that does not yet exist. Femininity is incredibly layered and complex. Beginning The Story: The 1st Sentence & Beyond. 2020; Archetype, Attachment, Analysis Jungian Psychology an She sees offering love and safety to others as her true calling. No one is saying that everyone only harbors one archetype. For much of history, to be feminine was synonymous with being tender, passive, and motherly. This helps us understand who we are or might become, who we don’t want to be, and how we can use our intrinsic nature for good. It doesn’t matter if Jung was discredited by modern psychology or not. The hero is therives on being strong for standing for others they feel they have destiny to accomplish with full of thrill and love challenges and that I agree on this as this expect matches to my personality I love to face challenges help others. However, they find it hard to settle down at one job or relationship for too long, unless the job or relationship lets them retain their freedom to explore. Others believe that literary individuality is ignored with so much emphasis on cycles and patterns. Goal: to experience as much of life as possible in one lifetime Fear: getting trapped or being forced to conform Weakness: aimless wandering and inability to stick at things Talent: being true to their own desires and a sense of wonder.

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