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I'm working on DAMS!

The regular Avocet is comparable in performance to the Romany, but with less rocker, which makes the Avocet better in a beaming wind. It has a bit more room in it, which is great for long trips, but most of my paddling is for the day. Most of my paddling these days is just playing around, so my Avocet is a good match. I certainly don't feel big for the RM at 160. I haven’t had the occasion to try an Aquanaut LV, but I suspect that you should make sure that you give it a try with your size. If I were only going to own one boat though, I would have got the Aqunanaut LV. Mine is carbon kevlar so it's around 40lbs (insert sheepish grin here), Has to be quality made (It's by Valley - need I say more?).

I'm putting my much traveled and photographed kayak up for sale. Subscribe to our newsletter And stay up to date with our latest offers. same decisionIn October, I test paddled both Valley boats you mention with the goal of purchasing one. The only thing that bugged me a smidge on the Aquanaut was the minor peaked front deck.

The hulls design was build around the very slow but maneuverable Pintail with better tracking.

It edges WELL; and easily, too. It needs new hatch covers, but comes with a mounted compass and includes a spray skirt for $500. It's a 16 ft Avocet roto-molded plastic modle by Valley. 0 (Be the first to add a review!) As others have said above, that boat will happily carry more weight than Valley suggests, and you are enough larger than me that it's worth a look. Leaning into waves and bracing this boat is great. From the Lincoln Isle au Haut at 17' with a 22.5" beam. The article was originally published on Canoe & Kayak. That means an Avocet would be fine, still handle the conditions well, and carry my load when packed for extended trips. However, either the Aquanaut or Avocet would suit your purpose as a day boat, but they do have different handling characteristics. BIG PERFORMANCE, SMALL PACKAGE I’ve taken this boat out slicing through 8-10ft swells and surf only to end up airborne from the cockpit and behind. A upgrade to a back band is preferred to some paddlers. I’d like a boat that I can “wear”.

Before purchasing I need to take those two boats out and paddle again. I’d like to hear from someone who has paddled the two mentioned above to give me tips on which way to go. The Kayak Centre. I think it's good to mix boats up. Thank you for your comments! I think for a intermittent or advance paddler who is fit would adore this boat. What an absolutely fabulous play-boat for day paddles! In the past used the Poly Avocet to teach strokes and rescues in because of the resilience of plastic. I ended up with the more playful Avocet. Already having and keeping a verys traight tracking boat, the Impex OI, the dealer strongly suggested I round out my possessions with a different boat-the Avocet. I am 6', about 180lbs, 32" waist, 33" inseam and have gone on a 4-night camping trip in this boat comfortably. Yes it does. Already tagged .

I always felt that at 200 lbs, I was just a touch large for it, but it was a fun boat. Put it on an edge, and you can easily spin it like a top!

I've only demoed those two composite boats. Your wife sounds just a bit smaller build than myself. Already tagged. Now I've been paddling the Avocet for two years and am a guide. I'd have a tough choice today if I had to buy one of these three. If you want to learn to advance your skill and technique with ease and perfection then seek the Avocet LV, it will make any trip on the water a memorable one. in weight I can easily load and unload it from on top of a car or trailer. Valley Sea Kayaks has also set up shop in Rhode Island, U.S.A., so bringing them into our National Capital area of Canada will be a little more affordable. I figured once I packed up, I would all out of the ideal range…so maybe I should be looking at the next boat up. I have nothing but great things to say about this boat. They're all really fun. I'm also scratching my head on posts for winter blogs... maybe more favorite paddlng photos or some kayaking books or magazine reviews? A few paddlers have told me about hitting some scarey or difficult water in between dams on rivers on lazy summer and fall days.Just one of my ideas.

Thank youInteresting you gave it back…hadn’t heard of a Vela, either. ThanksFunny visual image–I did paddle the LV Avocet, but I think that boat is better suited for my smaller friends. BaffinPaddler - Oddly enough, the first time I saw this type of sign was on a super busy beach in. W: 20.5 in

It hit me at the Comerford Reservoir on the Connecticut River in New Hampshire, launching from a boat launch and "park-like atmosphere" with picnic tables and a parking lot for the public, right next to the dam and giant danger signs and people swimming in the water. Might be a good fit.

Paddling with dams is damned!BaffinPaddler is researching dams in Canada, and the U.S., and contacting organizations and government bodies, and looking for someone or several people to interview about dams. Hi Mike,I'm working on a bigger project over the fall and winter for the BaffinPaddler. I like the Escapade because it is VERY stable and the Liberty because it is VERY responsive! For access to exclusive gear videos, celebrity interviews, and more, subscribe on YouTube! Most are well outfitted for comfort. My 7th kayak and I actually believe this will be my last.

At 46lbs.

Carves and edges without a second thought. I think it will suit him better than myself.

"Hey, you look so cute in the bush.". Medium build. Valley taped the outside seams of the Kevlar hull with hard-wearing Diolen tape and contoured the bulkheads to flex with the hull, which lends hard-wearing strength. Read and submit reviews for the Avocet LV. At the recent symposium I tried out various Valley boats…including the Avocet LV–it felt really good but I was concerned about extended time in the boat–if I would feel cramped or not. Like the other’s said, try 'em, and the right one will pick you. Like the regular Avocet it was developed from the popular Pintail but improved to provide better tracking and more forgiveness yet retaining it's original lively handling.
I've been camping in the Avocet as well and it has plenty of space for an extensive camping trip and hatches that I will guarantee will keep your gear dry even if you decide to do some rolls and go play in the surf. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Behind the Front Lines With a Wildland Firefighting Hotshot Crew, Why Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Are on the Ballot This Year, How to Safely Camp and Recreate During Wildfire Season, Drew Smith on Chasing 'Cheap Thrills' and Becoming a Professional Adventure Photographer, The Hill Workout OCR Athlete Ryan Kempson Uses to Build Total-Body Strength, Watch: Luna The Trail Dog is Probably The World's Happiest Dog, This 12-Minute POV Video of Surfing and Hiking in Hawaii is Mesmerizing, We may use your e-mail address to send you the newsletter and offers that may interest you, on behalf of Men's Journal and its partners. 0 stars based on 0 reviews Add your review. This low profile is perfect for big waves, water splashing and crashing over your deck with little effect on the boat. ~wetzool. This is a wonderful boat that I would recommend to any sea kayaker. ThanksThank you for your insights. I paddled an Avocet for a couple of years guiding day trips. Length: 16’(488cm) Width: 22″ (56cm) Depth: 13”(33cm) Weight: 54lbs (24.5kg) Load Suitability: 85-175lbs/ 38-79kg. Ideally suited to small paddlers, the Avocet is compact without compromising performance. The Avocet was too small for my 6 foot, 200lb size while all the others seemed to fit fine. Must be nimble. The Avocet ideal load is 135 pounds, and it stays in the ideal range from about 85 to 185 pounds. You live in an area where it should be no problem to get a demo of the two boats. This leaves out all the other kayaks that are 50lbs plus including other Valleys, NDKs, P&Hs and the sexy Tideraces. Try 'emValley lists the ideal load for the Avocet as 135 pounds, and for the Aquanaut LV 150 pounds. Cheers, I tried the Aquanaut LV and while turning much easier than my OI, it did seem to want to be edged to turn. If I was actually going places the Aquanaut LV would be on my short list. A friend of mine allowed me to paddle his Avocet over the course of some time and taught me many useful techniques in it such as bracing high/ low, sculling, surfing and I did my first roll in it. I've been caught in some nasty weather in the Avocet and with the skeg and naturally a well tracking boat it can handle many conditions. It is a good expedition boat. Ideally suited to really small paddlers, especially women, the Avocet LV is one of the few genuinely small kayaks that makes a playful and fun day boat for paddlers below 120lbs. Valley Avocet LV $3,799 (Ultra Kevlar lay-up), L: 15 ft 11 in The boat rolls incredibly well done n all conditions. Plus I am pushing the weight limit on that boat. Fit was snug but seemed OK. I felt it. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. Not yet rated. Has to fit my frame (5'4, 125lbs). Must be fast enough to keep up with others (I use a greenland paddle and easily keep - sometimes having to slow down - although I do paddle with a quick cadence). The magic of camping and kayaking at Bon Echo Provincial Park, Mazinaw Rock, Ontario, Canada! I am a Chicago-land paddler with decades of flat-water paddling experience on rivers and inland lakes of native Lithuania in all kinds of craft. But that's me at 5'4" and ten pounds lighter. My wife is 5’11" and weights 135 pounds and absolutely loves her Ultra Avocet, as does every lady who has ever sat in it.

Back to top. Read reviews for the Avocet LV by Valley Sea Kayaks as submitted by your fellow paddlers.

I did not like the feel of the Romany on flat water. Let's blame it on a bulky belt on the jean shorts. The Avocet felt like my old playful friend, encouraging me to do silly things. Valley Avocet Sea Kayak: An amazingly versatile kayak, popular with paddlers who appreciate it smaller dimensions but also the weapon of choice for those who enjoy tidal races and surf were its predictability and size are also benefits. This kayak is nice and light weight and is an excellent kayak for a small to medium sized paddler. But it's a quite different personality than my expedition boat, which is why I like having it. When it sits on the ground both the bow and stern rise in the air. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest adventures, workouts, destinations, and more. Kevlar Valley Avocet Review. Though my goal was to have a great boat to handle in many conditions, and be able to easily load/unload myself. I'm 5'9', 160, owned an Avocet RM for several years. An amazingly versatile kayak, popular with paddlers who appreciate it smaller dimensions but also the weapon of choice for those who enjoy tidal races and surf were its predictability and size are also benefits. If you had a chance to paddle the boats with Sean, then you probably have the best advice you will get. Thank youWow–that is interesting.
It feels so light. This is a rare kayak and if you ever see one come up for sale, grab it because you'll not see it again for a very long time.

I enjoy that it’s form fitting which is very important in high surf.

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