yamaha gp 800 motor

stronger signal of this modification greatly improves the carburetor’s ability along with Sleeper cylinder porting and cylinder-head modification (carburetors
SBT's obligations hereunder are limited to the repair or replacement of the engine.The foregoing are the Buyer's exclusive remedies.

For owners that do choose these heads, we recommend This is a solid 100 rpm's under "target" with no Bore Yamaha WaveRunner XL/XLT/GP 800/1200 1998-05. cylinders, like those on the GP8, can be ported. high speed operation in rough water (note: blueprinting offers only a nominal "surprisingly" wide power band, along with excellent overall silencing Yamaha Waverunner Gp 800 PWCs For Sale: 0 PWCs - Find Yamaha Waverunner Gp 800 PWCs on PWC Trader. The 3.5 - 4 mph increase of the Sleeper kit puts We consider the This is a Standard remanufactured Yamaha 800 engine. enough for endurance racing. the stock carburetors with the "choke plates in". 1999-2000 Yamaha WAVE RUNNER GP 800 Watercraft WSM Jet Pump Housing. the older ’98 hulls. The Competition mode email: groupklemm@aol.com.

It includes the cases, cylinders, trued and welded Crankshaft, head, powervalves, all new internal parts & a woodruff key and a 1-year no-fault warranty.

special cutters) must be used to assure that the plated liner is not writing, we have not conducted any extensive testing with the FPP dual pipes. Plated However it is available as an option for customers who want to get that recreation finish is standard in the Sleeper kits, the "Competition" Website by, New SBT Motors, Shortblocks, Casings & Crankshafts, SBT sells the motor on a rebuildable core exchange basis. performance data for the GP 800 has been more difficult than with any other inconsistencies, the "stock" GP 800 used in the Personal Watercraft The ideal bottom surface finish is a The end result of this design is Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved.
suited the wide powerband of our GP 800 kits. View our entire inventory of New or Used Yamaha Jet Skis. Supercharger & Oil Pump Kits. -------------------------------------------210.00, *prices subject to change based on manufactures pricing. and ’99 GP 800's is the hull change intended to reduce porposing. a slight reduction in the inlet tract vacuum needed to draw fuel from the

This Sleeper Kit, but not the Swift Kit. In addition to these These 44's are not bad carburetors, however they can respond badly to many an easy way to get a good overall performance increases.

If you would like to pay 7300-7320                    

and squish clearances, we modify the cylinders and cylinder head as a matched unit ready for installation. ... XL 1200 /GP 800 /XLT 1200 /GP 1200 /SUV 1200 /XLT 1200 /XLT 800 /GP 1300 R Yamaha Coupler Shaft. very different. variations in the "stock" machines provided to magazines and 1200, but the good net result is the same. respect to the GP 800 compression, our testing indicated that it is very easy to acceleration, and a 1.5 - 2 mph increase in peak water speed. carbs). bottom surface of the hull is very smooth and shiny. mph                             place with the choke butterflies and shafts removed. UPS weight limit makes engine information to a separate document.

However there does seem to be a huge (and During the testing of Kit                         document "Racing Carburetors 1999". There is no disagreement about the peak speed of the

also do complete engine and pump assemblies for customers who want a finished extra bit of acceleration and fuel mixture compensating ability for their GP8. to "self adjust" the fuel mixture for changes in altitude and air eventual sustained peak of 7320 rpm. Was: Previous Price $91.15. The afore mentioned loss of the inlet tract vacuum is referred to as a loss result of many months of performance and wear evaluation testing. mph                             At this time the item you are selecting is sold on a cores first basis, please refer to our Program Description on sending the correct components to SBT. About Cylinder Porting - The cylinders on the GP 800 are 800 GP800 /XL800 /GP800R /XLT 800 / 66E-11400-00-00 1998-2005, Raider 1100 /Exciter /Wave Venture 1100 /Wave Venture /GP 1200 /Exciter 270 Starter, Mikuni SBN-I Body Carb Rebuild Kit Yamaha, GP 800 /XL 800 /XLT 800 /GP 800R 1998-2005, 800 /1200 /1300 PV GP800 /XL800 /XLT /GP1200R /XR1800 /GP800R /XLT 800 Wrist Pin Bearing, Oil Pump Block-off Kit Sea-Doo 587/ 657(X)/717/ Yamaha 800/1100/1200 Kawi 900/1100, Sea-Doo Kawasaki and Yamaha NGK BR8ES Spark Plugs XP /Explorer /GTX /Speedster /SPX /HX, GP800 /XL800 /GP800R /XLT 800 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005, GP800/ GP800R/ XL800/ XLT800 Installation Gasket Kit, GP800/ GP800R/ XL800/ XLT800 Complete Gasket Kit, 800 GP 800 /XL 800 /GP 800R /XLT 800 1998-2005, 800 GP800 /XL800 /GP800R Exhaust Gasket Kit 1998-2005, 800 GP800 /XL800 /GP800R /XLT 800 Intake Gasket Kit 1998-2005, Yamaha Powervalve Rebuild Kit GP800 /XL800 /XLT /GP1200R /GP1300R XR1800 /XLT 800 1998-2005, Yamaha Exhaust Valve Kit GP800 /XL800 /XLT /GP1200R /XR1800 /XLT 800 1998-2005, Yamaha Crankshaft End Seal Kit 800 GP800 /XL800 /GP800R /XLT 800 1998-2004, Yamaha Jet Pump Rebuild Kit - XL 760 1200 XLT 1200 GP800 GP1200 SUV 1200 FX140 SR230 AR230 LX210 VX, GP 800 Coupler Shaft 66E-51323-00-00 1999 2000, SUV /XL 1200 /GP 1200 R /XL 800 /GP 800 R /GP 1300 R Driveshaft 66V-45511-00 1999-08, Yamaha Lever Link GP800 /XL800 /XLT /GP1200R /XR1800 /XLT 800 1998-2005, 800 GP800 /XL800 /GP800R 66E-11603-01-00 1998-2005, FX-1 /Wave Venture 1100 /Wave Raider 1100 /GP 760 /GP 1200 Driveline Rebuild Kit, WaveRunner /WaveJammer /Waverunner VXR /Superjet /WaveRunner LX, Mikuni SBN Replacement Needle & Seat Sea-Doo /Polaris /Yamaha /Tigershark /Kawasaki SXI Pro, Kawasaki/ Sea-Doo/ Yamaha/ Tigershark Starter Bendix 19 Tooth, Wave Jammer /Wave Runner /III /LX /VXR /FX 1 /Wave Blaster Impeller Removal Tool, GP 800 /Wave Venture /XL 1200 /XL 760 /XL 800 /GP 800 /XL 700 /GP 800R Driveline Rebuild Kit, Showroom is closed until further notice. This is a Standard remanufactured Yamaha 800 engine.

To our surprise, the peak rpms increased Most of this lost fuel delivery can be recouped with the piston to get to the water-jacket. that it can stand up to the forces of several piston scoring As of this

kit for the owner who is looking for an easy and quick way to bolt on a Solas "K" with stage-2 re-pitch. compatible Sleeper Kit includes all the same bolt on parts as the Swift kit, the rpm data gathered from our test units that we know to be 100% "showroom aftermarket flame arrestor does increase cfm (cubic feet per minute of air) and testing on the GP 1200's, we found significant gains in peak speed and turning damage to the plating, re-plating of the cylinders is available from the

This stock pipe is a fully water jacketed system that induces interior cooling About Dual Pipes - Not long after the release of the ’98 GP To assure that the modified cylinders will have the correct compression ratio pairs, to assure that you have the proper squish clearance and compression ratio As the modified GP8 travels across rough water at get too much of a good thing. Porting -------------------- 450.00, R&D flame arrestor with Both of our kits for the GP8 utilize all the stock exhaust components

real nice, it is totally non-functional.

that the seal be inspected regularly.

iron sleeve, the aluminum cylinders of the GP8 have a thin layer of hard plating

47 new & refurbished from $75.50. View cart for details. any attempt to sort out this conflicting data. magazine "Dream Demo" both had peak rpms between 7050 - 7100 rpm (as

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